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SACBA Week 15 - Palky's getting pointy about the pointy end of the season

Of course you knew Palky would be getting excited, he’s been emailing me from a far away land…
Well we’ve just had the penultimate game of the minor round (the ‘word of the day’ email rocks all you recalcitrants!).  A few teams were short on players this week for a variety of reasons, let’s all get our respective sh*t together and get out for the last game – and help out another team with scoring if you can - and then let’s get onto the Players’ Player at the Seven Stars.
If you haven’t RSVP’d to me yet, it’s not too late – click here smiller@cliftonhall.net.au and simply tell me that you’re coming and whether you want a delicious pub meal.  You know that a schnitty and chips will make a good base for a night of beer fuelled fun.  And don’t worry; someone will eat your side salad.  Thanks to everyone who has RSVP’d so far, numbers are looking good - will be fun.  Count will start from 7.00, but come earlier & to get your meal sorted if you like.
The finals schedule will be put up in a blog, the 1st week games for each team are set out in the sections below. Those finals games are for 7 September (election day), make sure you refer to master table at the bottom for this week's game time.


A’s – yet to receive a full report or scoresheet - didn’t get a full report last week either. The reports must be so awesome they've been whisked off to receive a Pulitzer.

I think Jack delivered his report to me last night at training, all I remember is ‘we fell over the line’.  Thankfully Gateway’s blog has a little more of what we like to call in the blogging game ‘details’. 

Reds up 21-18 on Gateway at the half.  The second half opened with a ‘maroon onslaught’ before a Gateway comeback, drawing to within six points.  Final score a 50 – 39 win
B’s - Brighton forfeited on Saturday.  Mike probably had an extra cheeseburger as a result.
A/B GRADE (Split Grade for Finals)

 Prince Alfred Old Collegians A ~ 39pts 59.83%
 Prince Alfred Old Collegians B ~ 37pts 55.64%
 Gateway Baptist A ~ 37pts 51.53%
 St Peters Old Collegians A ~ 36pts 58.92%
 The Corner Uniting (Yates) B ~ 29pts 53.64%
 Knightsbridge Baptist A ~ 28pts 48.00%
 Happy Valley C of C 'A' ~ 23pts 44.55%
 Brighton C of C 'A' ~ 21pts 42.37%

As Palky wrote tonight on the SACBA Facebook page - 'what a beautiful sight'.

So our A's play Brighton A and just need to field a team to take the minor premiership (as they have superior percentage even if they lost).  First final will be 6pm at Adelaide Arena on 7 September.

The B's play Gateway - massive game - winner gets the double chance and will play the A's in the 1st Semi-Final at 6pm on 7 September. (If the B's lose, they will finish 3rd or 4th depending on whether Saints beat Knightsbridge, and play an Elimination Final at 7pm at Adelaide Arena for the chance to play in the Preliminary Final on 14 Sept for a spot in the GF).

C’s – written by Shooter McGavin
This week the C’s were up against our old nemesis, The Corner A. The C’s had the chance of pushing them out of the C’s finals and down into the D’s finals. Whilst the C’s can only finish top, this was a game we really wanted to win. We started off well. G hitting a few 3s and Phill and Hendo active on the o-boards and our defence was causing them to take tough shots. 10 minutes in they called a timeout and we were up 11-7. After the timeout they let G get open, another 3 3s and a jumper to Manners. Halftime up 28-16 but they got an extra 2 for no scorer, 28-18. The second half was more great D by us and not so great D by them. We were getting open looks from wherever we wanted. Phill made use of the multitude of holes in the key with 12 for the half and 2 converted “and ones”. With the game no longer in doubt, The Corner A gave up with a few minutes to go and garbage time ended the game. Another great team win, with everyone doing what was needed on the day to secure the W.
It should be noted we were 100% from the line. 6/6. Get out and practice them…IT WORKS!!!
G had 27, Phill 16, Hendo 4

C/D GRADE (Split Grade for Finals)

 Prince Alfred Old Collegians C ~ 43pts 61.92%
 Unley Park Baptist A ~ 37pts 55.43%
 Holdfast Baptist A ~ 31pts 50.68%
 Southwest Baptist A ~ 29pts 50.33%
 The Corner Uniting (Cotterill) A ~ 29pts 47.29%
 Cherry Saints A ~ 25pts 45.00%
 Holdfast Baptist B ~ 19pts 35.35%
 Coromandel Baptist A ~ 17pts 37.30%

So the C's have locked up at the minor premiership - well done lads and gives you the double chance.  Good hit out this week against Unley, who you'll face again in the 1st Semi-Final at 5.00pm at Adelaide Arena the week after on 7 Sept. 
D’s – written by the Enforcer
The D's were hit by exams, travelling and injuries this week, to only have 3 of the usual roster available to play Taperoo. Ably filling the empty spots were DMT, Dangerous Stu, James Townsend and Sam Karamoshos. The first half saw Taperoo throw plenty of elbows and whinge to the umpires just for something different, and the umpires obliged them by calling a ridiculous 11 fouls on the Reds in the first half (33 fouls called for the game - basketball is never the winner with Taperoo). Their big guy dropped his shoulder and charged his way in for 10 points, while Mitch Kirkham added 7 and James banked in a 3 to keep us in the contest at 17-21 at the main break. After sorting ourselves out early in a zone we switched to a man D and decided to run at all opportunities to expose Taperoo's serious lack of athleticism. This worked a treat in the second half and the Reds piled on 27 points to just 3 from Taperoo, with Mitch Wildman getting steals and attacking the rim for 11 points in the second half, supported by some nice shooting from Kirkham, and cuts through the key from Stu. Kirkham finished with 13, Wildy tore this one up for 12, and Stu and Lunny had 6 apiece. Thanks to the guys who helped out to get us a 44-24 victory.
E’s – written by Rough Justice
The E's plan for this week was to finally convince Knightsbridge to quit basketball and take up their destiny as Australia's answer to One Direction and the score reflected that. Diamond was out with a case of 'blouse-itis' and Max was playing with his toy cars interstate, so Caldy answered the call.  Story of the game was B-Rad down low.  The teenage popstars had no size and seemed convinced that leaving Brad unattended within several feet of the basket was a winning strategy.  That and 3-pointer attempts from 75 feet... reminiscent of Max Power in his school days.  Somewhat redundant here, as he has told everyone already *, but Bubs recorded the E's block of the season.  Other notable moments were Cam's feet-fixed, hip-shot, bank 3-pointer off an inbound, made to the sounds of gasps from his team mates and RJ's threading a bullet pass through the entire key to find Josh on the way to an easy 2.
Final score 51-24. Brad 17, Bubs 9, Moorfoot 8
* Editor's note - I heard about the block last night at training - although it was kind of 3rd person - 'someone got a big block on the weekend' - I assumed he meant on the court as I doubt Bubs would have been telling me he got c*ckblocked - that just doesn't happen my friends

NE1 GRADE (Split Grade for Finals)

 Oakden Baptist A ~ 41pts 62.41%
 Dunn Memorial Uniting A ~ 38pts 55.88%
 Prince Alfred Old Collegians D ~ 34pts 53.39%
 Prince Alfred Old Collegians E ~ 33pts 52.85%
 St Peters Old Collegians B ~ 31pts 51.03%
 St Peters Old Collegians C ~ 23pts 43.19%
 Knightsbridge Baptist B ~ 22pts 39.49%
 Taperoo Uniting A ~ 18pts 41.56%

So Bill's decision to play C players in the B team in the same grade has reversed the D's loss, putting the D's & E's into the NE1/A final, barring any blowouts - and SPOC B vs Taperoo is a chance of that.  The E's just need to beat Saints C to secure 3rd or 4th, and the D's & E's will face off in an Elimination Final at 3.00pm at Adelaide Arena on 7 Sept.

F’s – written by Downtown Chris Browne
With no Phil, Udit or Brad this week we were down to five for our clash against Golden Grove. After our disastrous, horrible and quite frankly shithouse performance of last week, we knew we would have to lift our game considerably to remain undefeated.
We started out strong with a couple of early buckets and some slick offensive play complemented by excellent defence and good talk from all players. Even though our vocal D allowed us to cover their options inside, they were shooting pretty well and keeping pace on the scoreboard.
Our ball movement in offence was like nothing we've seen this year so far - fast around the top until an opportunity for a shot, drive or dish to the Road Train (who couldn't miss) opened up. When Road Train didn't have it everyone was finishing consistently well and Stu started busting some unprecedented (and very effective) drives against the defence, exposing them inside giving Jay and Hanzolo opportunities to finish.
Our half time lead of 9 didn't grow much in the first minute or two as a result of their defensive shift to a 3-2, making movement a little harder around the top in offence. Despite that, everyone continued scoring early on in the half and we used our 'tactical timeouts' to steady up the game as it suited us. We got the lead out to about 15 but slowed down for the last couple of minutes to win by 9 against a very good team. Everyone played well in probably our best game of the year with a well spread scorecard - god only knows where the players player votes went. It's also worth noting that we had a pretty high score considering we didn't get many buckets off the break like we usually do. Jay got 12, Browne and Road Train 9 each, Hanzolo 8 and Stu 7. Reds won 45-36.
G’s – written by Hitman
This week G-Force faced bottom-of-the-table Spicer, who had not previously presented a challenge this season, but who had a few incoming players who were expected to improve their performance.  They indeed proved sterner opponents than previously, both teams forced to graft buckets against active defence, with Spicer edging into a slight lead that was trimmed to one point at the main break, 13-12.  The second half was a repeat of the first, G-Force taking the lead first but Spicer responding, with the margin never more than a single basket.  With slightly over a minute to go and scores tied, Brendan drove to the hoop and was fouled.  He coolly stepped to the line and made both baskets.  With the seconds ticking down, Spicer rushed forward, jacked up a shot – missed – but grabbed the offensive board and made the putback.  Without barely enough time left to inbound, the result was a draw, 26-26.  As always G-Force scoring was even, Brendan, James and Sam scoring 6 apiece and Reid 5.

NE2 GRADE (Split Grade for Finals)
 Prince Alfred Old Collegians F ~ 45pts 67.02%
 Golden Grove Baptist A ~ 35pts 60.55%
 Northgate A ~ 35pts 51.69%
 East All Stars A ~ 34pts 55.15%
 Prince Alfred Old Collegians G ~ 28pts 41.52%
 St Peters Old Collegians E ~ 23pts 47.57%
 St Peters Old Collegians D ~ 22pts 39.50%
 Spicer Uniting A ~ 18pts 30.15%

So the F's have sewn up the Minor Premiership of NE2/A and secured the double-chance, well done boys. Your Semi-Final will be at 1.00pm at Adelaide Arena against the winner of this week's Golden Grove vs Northgate game. The G's have sewn up the Minor Premiership of NE2/B and also secured the double-chance, good stuff.  If you beat Saints E this weekend, you will play either Saints E or D the following week (Saints D's if they get up on Spicer).  If you lose to Saints E, you'll have the chance to redeem yourself in on the big stage, 8.00pm at Adelaide Arena on 7 September.

Lady Reds – written by Purge
In a preview of a potential Finals matchup the LRs had to take on the powerful Adelaide missing their entire starting backcourt (Megan – Europe / Palk Tapas & Beer Defense + Jordie – Flu / Potential Hangover??). The girls started ok down by a few before Loz started doing a Matt Bonner impersonation and suddenly it was 9 all – all 3 baskets from downtown 2 from Loz 1 from Alicia. Wans & Georgie were holding the fort inside against an intimidating Adelaide frontline. Georgie continually getting to the line enough to keep the defense honest 20-15 Adelaide at the half. In the second it was more Loz hitting 2 more 3s and a layin. Emma & Tracy got a few steals and it was a Lady Reds lead 30-26. Wans hit a 18 footer the first long jumper in her short, loud but illustrious career and Tracy/Loz started penetrating and hitting Georgie under the bucket where she hit some shots & got to the line for 6 of 11 makes for the game. Loz hit her 5th triple and it was a 37-36 Lady Reds. Adelaide scored a couple of times to make it 40-37 coach Purge called a timeout to stop the clock with 45 secs to play (my sole contribution to the game) and Georgie on the line for 2. She made the 2nd and the girls got a big stop, Tracy then got out on the break and hit a tough layup in traffic to tie the game 40 all. The girls got another stop and got the ball back with 5 to play but couldn’t get the ball in in time. Regardless a huge result given the outs and the competition Loz leading the girls off and on the court with 17, Georgie 10, Wans 6 (2/2 from line – clutch)

 WA/B GRADE (Split Grade for Finals)
 Unley Park Baptist A ~ 41pts 68.81%
 Adelaide Christian Centre A ~ 40pts 62.96%
 Prince Alfred Old Collegians A ~ 33pts 57.00%
 Dunn Memorial Uniting B ~ 31pts 52.20%
 Edwardstown Catholic A ~ 31pts 51.05%
 Unley Park Baptist B ~ 23pts 34.80%
 Cherry Saints A ~ 22pts 39.90%
 Trinity Baptist (Rule) B ~ 19pts 30.94%

So the Lady Reds will finish in the A Grade Finals again - fantastic.  With a superior percentage you'll finish 3rd, regardless of results this week.  You've got Trinity this week, and will probably play Dunn next week in an Elimination Final (assuming that Dunn beat Cherry and Unley beat Edwardstown).  Your 1st Final on 7 Sept will be 4.00pm at Adelaide Arena.

Sime’s Super Selections - Week 15

3rd – B-Rad Daniel – E’s

2nd - Mitch Wildman – D’s / Loz Fear – LR’s

1st – Nathan Graham - C's

Week 16 - 31 August 2013 (last minor round game)
Brighton A
Gateway A
Unley Park A
Dunn A
Saints C
East All Stars A
Saints E
Trinity A

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

SACBA Week 14 – How does this blog thing work?

Hi all

So here we go, an attempt to keep the wonderful blog running while Palk tells all of Europe how awesome our Club is.

We have just 2 minor round games to go.  Don’t forget about the Players’ Player event Saturday week, 31 August.  Love to see you all there - please RSVP!  It’s at The Seven Stars from 6.30, voting to start at 7.00pm.  As Palk says “This is always the best event of the year so make sure to make it out”

I am not going to try to recreate the ladders into this thing, they’re on Facebook - they get updated every Monday night. Just add yourself to the group. https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/142686532586762/

If you’re not on FB or can’t join the group, then email me & I’ll send them to you. 

In brief though, the divisions are as follows:

A/B Grade - Exciting news that the A’s have leapfrogged Gateway with a superior percentage, & the B’s jumping Saints A into 3rd by beating them on Saturday.  Oops, gave away the game report…

C/D Grade – The C’s are still top

NE1 Grade – Would appear the D’s are in 3rd & E’s in 5th as part of a SPOC B sandwich, but think this is the wrong way around based on results.

NE2 Grade – No change, F’s top, G’s in 5th

Lady Reds – No change, Lady Reds still in 3rd

To the reports:

A’s – Reader’s Digest version written by Reggie – awaiting full report

Apparently this was potentially a danger game if the boys didn’t approach the game with the right attitude.  Down on numbers and losing Phil to a nasty ankle injury, but the Reds started strongly against the Corner and blew the game out early, up 47-13 (or so) at the half.  They missed a lot of shots they should have finished but still won 70-30(ish).

B’s – by Hillusion *

The B's turned up coachless and in a state of disarray with no scorer to be seen. The first half is one the B's would rather forget only managing to score effectively once they changed from man to zone D, down 14-28 at the break. Second half the B's hit the "shooting end" and everyone raised up to the challenge of the coach's role. The players stated talking, rebounding had never been more one sided and reds starting hitting their shots. Hillusion with 4/5 threes in quick succession, Darcy hitting shots inside and out and everyone scrambling on any loose ball. Reds hit the lead at 33-31 a 17-3 run. After that reds got as much as a 10 point lead and held off for a 6 point win. Ace 18, Hillusion 15, Beast with 9 for a 51-45 win 37-17 second half.

Editor’s note – Bill kept interrupting me on Saturday at Cedar to tell me that his A’s lost to our B’s.  Bill was pissed.  Reggie was happy.

C’s – written by G

This week the C’s were up against Holdfast B. These guys are as good as they are groomed. Not very. Last time we struggled early on, playing down to their level before blowing them out in the second half. This time we wanted to get out to a good start. We managed to do that and take control early and maintain throughout. We were up 24-11 at half-time and ran away winners 56-19.  G had 30, Tom 13, Hendo 6.

D’s – written by Reggie

The Reds went out for the grudge match against Saints B knowing that a win would go a long way to helping their quest for a Top 4 finish.  It was a good first half, a tough contest early, the teams trading baskets en route to a small deficit, 21-19.  Kirkham hit a couple of treys & had 8 for the half, Jono with 5.  Our D wasn’t too bad, but we let them get a few easy cuts inside & cheap buckets.  We didn’t get the ball inside as often as we should (again), relying on a lot of outside shots which unfortunately weren’t dropping this week.  It was much the same in the second, although we gave off too many looping passes and didn’t hold on to the ball – SPOC picking our pockets & passes for easy layups.  In the 2nd half there were some good highlights, Pritch hitting a nice floater, Wildy active (but picked up 4 fouls for his troubles), Lunny finished a nice feed from Jono, Krantz continued to fight inside; but the margin got too much in the end and we went down 45-35.  Kirkham finished with 11, Jono 9, Krantz 7.

E’s – written by Reggie

According to text messages on Saturday**, Bubner held Garfoot to 0 points.  Without wanting to spoil a good story with facts, Oakden had in fact advised they couldn’t field a team & forfeited.

F’s – written by Bad Bad Leroy Browne

The F's were without Udit this week and shortly into the game we lost Phil to a calf injury. We're hoping Phil has a speedy recovery and he's back on deck for finals.

We got off to a slow start against the Ballers and it didn't get any better from there. Missed shots, poor passing, stupid turnovers and general bad basketball were the order of the day as we went about playing our worst half of basketball for the season. Good shots weren't dropping and we were put off by the slow pace of the Ballers' offence while doing everything wrong in our own offensive half. We were slow and ball movement was terrible and even good shots were missing. I have nothing nice to say about the first half. Also we hit 1/8 from the free throw line.

We lost the first half by three points and went straight into the second playing the same useless basketball we did in the first. It took Stu hitting a sweet triple to get us fired up and back into it. After a timeout we moved to a man and removed their ability to hold up the game in offence. The faster paced game suited us better and the shots started dropping. Stupid passes and other dumb shit still threatened our chances of an undefeated season as did number 23 on their team who got 10 for the half. Both teams got into foul trouble and luckily their best player only hit one of his two attempts then they lost a player for the last minute, leaving them with four. Jay got fouled near the end and dropped one to give us the lead by one point. All in all some terrible basketball with bugger all good things to say about the game apart from some good intensity from Road Train running 40 minutes and some effective man defence in the second half. Brad got 9, Jay 7 for a 22-21 victory. We are going to need to play much better than we did if we are going to take the flag.

G’s – written by Hitman

After a tough month of games, the six-man G-Force looked to get their season back on track against SPOC  D, who had 13 surnames on the scoresheet, but only seven players who suited up.   The game was tight from the opening tip-off, SPOC playing their usual shoot-and-crash-the-boards offence, slowly accumulating baskets, but at the other end Reid continued to find gaps in the SPOC defence to answer. Some strong running in the middle of the first half gave the Reds a small lead, and only a SPOC bucket on the buzzer cut the Reds’ half-time margin to one, 14-13.  It was clear from the first half that SPOC only had two reliable shooters, and we planned to shut them down in the second half.  A good start by to the half by G-Force, with some excellent ball movement for clean looks resulting in buckets, pushed the lead out to 5.  The defensive pressure on SPOC made it difficult for them to get up a shot let alone score, although it only took a momentary lapse for their best shooter to hit a 3 late in the game to give them a slight chance.  However the range of offensive options available to G-Force soon pushed the lead back out to 5, and some steady play late in the game against SPOC’s desperate pressure preserved the margin, G-Force winning 30-25.  Reid lead all scorers with 14 points, Brendan added 8 and Sam had 6.

Lady Reds – sorry I don’t have a game report for this – unfortunately can see from the ladder was a loss to Unley A, but based on % looks close.

* sounds like a new fragrance – I’ll bet it has a girly looking bottle though

** with one Alex Bubner


Sime’s Super Selections - Week 14

 3rd - Nathan Graham - D's

 2nd - Reid Amos – G’s

 1st - Darcy Aistrope - B's

 Sorry Bubs, couldn’t squeeze you in for your defensive effort
Week 15
AAug 24Gateway A3.30Powerhouse2
BAug 24Brighton A1.50Powerhouse1
CAug 24The Corner A5.10Powerhouse2
DAug 24Taperoo A2.40Cedar1
EAug 24Knightsbridge B3.30Cedar1
FAug 24Golden Grove A1.50Cedar2
GAug 24Spicer A4.20Cedar2
LRAug 24Adelaide A1.50Powerhouse2

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

SACBA Week 13 - Records Are Made To Broken ... especially Bakers

So just over a week ago the B's own rookie sensation, Darcy Aistrope, set an Old Reds single game club record in the Monday team when he scored ... wait for it ... 53 points. Darcy also set a single game three point record with 11. He broke James Baker's record of 43 - Baker is not happy and trying to dispute the record. Darcy, Baker and Blair are the only players to ever score 40+ in a game for the Old Reds, Darcy is obviously the first to score 50+. Wow! 

You should have all received an email from Simon (and a Facebook message from me) about Players Player on Saturday August 31st @ The Seven Stars. Please get there from 6.30 with the counts to start at 7.00pm. This is always the best event of the year so make sure to make it out. You have to RSVP to Simon - it will take 3 seconds so please make sure to do it. You may have time to eat Nandos and play X-Box all day but Sime works 60 hours and week and has a kid ... he needs to follow you up like he need a hole in the head.

Just to let you know that the blog could be on hiatus for a few weeks - for the rest of the season and first week of finals. Simon is going to try and do the blog updates so you will need to text, email, facebook him the reports but it may not happen depending on his schedule. The stats page (which is up to date here) may also not be maintaned for the next 4 weeks. You will still need to send me the photos of all the scoresheets - please email them to benpalk@yahoo.com. 

Also to let you know - the ladders are on Facebook - they get updated every Monday night. Just add yourself to the group. https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/142686532586762/

To the reports:
A's v Knightsbridge A - The Reds won by 20+, I can only say 20+ because we lost access to our own scoresheet. Orks and Corey dominated early (had the first 18 points), Orks got 2 dunks, Jack and Phil both hit two 3's in the 2nd half and Foo chipped in late with some sweet layups. Orks 16, Jack 14, Phil, Corey and Foo 10.

B's V Happy Valley A - The B's fell over the line against the bottom team. Mike broke a guys ankles on the first play (SWEEET) but Happy Valley hung around. Lachy was a beast, he hit two 3's and had 14 points. Davey and Goody were solid down low and had 10 and 8. The guards scored 7 points, bigs 32. B's by 7.

A Grade Ladder

Team Played Wins Draw Loss Points % Move
Gateway A 13 10 0 3 33 59.48 -
PAOC A 13 10 0 3 33 52.12 -
SPOC A 13 9 1 3 32 59.30 -
PAOC B 13 9 0 4 31 54.95 -
Corner B 13 7 0 6 27 56.50 -
Knightsbridge A 13 4 1 8 22 47.24 -
Happy Valley A 13 4 0 9 21 45.14 -
Brighton A 13 3 0 10 19 42.61 -

Games Remaining

Week 14 Week 15 Week 16
Gateway ABright APAOC APAOC B
PAOC ACornerGate ABright A
Corner BPAOC AKnight AHV A
Knightsbridge AHV ACornerSPOC A
Happy Valley AKnight ASPOC ACorner
Brighton AGate APAOC BPAOC A

C's v Cherry Saints A - C by 7. G and Tomo had 14 each.

C Grade Ladder
Team Played Wins Draw Loss Points % Move
PAOC C 13 12 0 1 37 61.04 -
Unley Park A 13 9 0 4 31 54.39 -
Corner A 13 7 0 6 27 50.00 +1
Holdfast A 13 7 0 6 27 49.91 -1
Southwest A 13 5 0 8 23 48.12 -
Cherry Saints A 13 4 0 9 21 44.83 -
Holdfast B 13 2 0 11 17 35.94 -
Coromandel A 13 1 0 12 15 37.09 -

Games Remaining
Week 14 Week 15 Week 16
PAOC CHold BCorner AUnley A
Unley Park ACorner AHold APAOC C
Corner AUnley APAOC CHold A
Holdfast ACV AUnley ACorner A
Southwest ACS ACV AHold B
Cherry Saints ASouth AHold BCV A
Holdfast BPAOC CCS ASouth A
Coromandel AHold ASouth ACS A

D's v Saints C - Written by Simon - The game report this week could probably be summed up in just three little letters – WTF.  After a great offensive display last week, perhaps I made a mistake by promising the team I’d take them out for pizza & ice cream after, because we came out & played like the Under 10s.  We were scrappy, clumsy, threw the ball away constantly and just could not find the hoop.  At half time we were down to SPOC C 10-5.  You read correctly.  Our D wasn’t too bad, obviously as we held Saints to a low score as well, but offensively we just weren’t clicking, & the better shots we were taking just wouldn’t drop.  Jono got an absolute howler of a call on the break, he put the ball on the floor before he’d even taken a step and still got a travel call.  STTTTEEEEEEEEVE!!!!  We knew that given the low scores, it would only take a few minutes of quality to get back into the game.  We began better in the 2nd, Kirkham dropping a couple of deuces before Jono grabbed the game by the scruff of the neck, hitting 3 treys (one an uncalled bank it has to be said) to snatch the lead from SPOC with only 4 minutes to go.  The Reds held on and stopped Saints from any last minute heroics, we fell over the line 19-17.  Only 3 players scored, Jono with 12, Kirkham with 5 & Lunny with 2.  Let’s put that one down as a blip on the way to the finals & be glad we got the win.

E's v Dunn A - Written by Max - Dunn are at the business end of the ladder and were always going to be a challenge particularly with a couple of regulars out this week. However, the Es have been playing solid basketball of late and showed from the outset we are more than capable of matching it with Dunn. Bubner again led the charge, ably supported by B-Rad and Cam (before he found himself deep in foul trouble). We started making out shots from the field in the second half, unfortunately Dunn started making more and we ended up going down 26-36, a score line which looks worse than it deserves to. The difference for the Es again was foul shooting, it is difficult to win making 3 from 15 from the charity strike. Many thanks to Nellie for lending a hand to our depleted team.
Palky note - Bubs you might need hypnotherapy - 0 of 5 ... 9 of 57 for the season ... come on man!

NE1 Ladder
Team Played Wins Draw Loss Points % Move
Oakden A 13 12 0 1 37 62.91 -
Dunn A 13 9 1 3 32 53.40 -
SPOC B 13 8 0 5 29 53.22 -
PAOC D 13 7 1 5 28 51.44 +1
PAOC E 13 7 0 6 27 50.13 -1
Knightsbridge B 13 3 1 9 20 40.98 -
SPOC C 13 3 0 10 19 43.31 -
Taperoo A 13 1 1 11 16 43.04 -

Games Remaining
Week 14 Week 15 Week 16
Oakden APAOC ESPOC CKnight A
PAOC EOakden AKnight BSPOC C
Knightsbridge BDunn APAOC EOakden A

F's v SPOC D - Written by Udit - This week the F’s came up against SPOC D who appears to field a different team each time we play them. With Captain Chris Browne unavailable I stepped up to take the lead as captain/coach/team manager and awesome 3 point air-baller. For the first time this year the F’s were being outscored (2-0 in the opening 3 minutes of the game). Eventually we worked out what we were doing and went into half time up 25-7 thanks to a combination of 9 points from Jay and 8 from Road Train (who had an amazing diving save near the baseline). In the second half Brad put up 12 points to finish with 18 comprising some nice floaters, and Jay added another 10 to finish with 19 including some nice lay ups. Mid-way through the second half I got tech fouled for saying to the ref (‘off his knee my ass’) as the ball was clearly kicked by a Saints player. Luckily we were up by 40 points at the time and nobody really cared, including the ref. We ended up winning 59-18. Jay had 19 and Brad 18.

G's v Golden Grove A - Written by Hitman - For the fourth time in four weeks, G-Force faced a top-four team, the five-man Golden Grove outfit. Pre-game we wanted to get back to our core values of low turnovers, high rebounds, and tight defence, which turned out to be easier said than done in this game.  This is probably the worst team for us to play against, as their defence is based around jumping into passing lanes gambling  for steals, and G-Force’s unselfish pass-first mentality played right into their eager hands.  They are also very active on the boards in spite of their lack of size, and we* gave up too many points from offensive boards.  However, G-Force did play good defence, limiting the Grovers’ fast-break points and forcing plenty of turnovers in return, and got good looks when we were able to keep the ball in offence.  Unfortunately, sheer weight of possessions led to a hefty final margin on the scoreboard, 40-16, although G-Force played much better than the margin suggests.  Brendan led the way with 7 points and Sam added 4.

* that’s the royal ‘we’

NE2 Ladder
Team Played Wins Draw Loss Points % Move
PAOC F 13 13 0 0 39 69.00 -
Golden Grove A 13 9 0 4 31 61.02 -
Northgate A 13 9 0 4 31 51.41 +1
East All Star A 13 8 0 5 29 54.64 -1
PAOC G 13 5 0 8 23 40.46 -
SPOC E 13 4 0 9 21 46.92 -
SPOC D 13 3 0 10 19 40.00 -
Spicer A 13 1 0 12 15 29.34 -

Games Remaining

Week 14 Week 15 Week 16
Golden Grove ASpice APAOC FNorth A

Lady Reds v Cherry Saints - Reds got back on track after a couple of off weeks. Reds won 47-15 and shared the scoring. Wans has 8, Megan, Georgie, Alicia had 7 and Emma 6.

SACBA Women's A Grade
Team Played Wins Draw Loss Points % Move
Unley Park A 13 11 0 2 35 70.03 -
Adelaide A 13 11 0 2 35 63.37 -
PAOC WA 13 8 1 4 30 59.44 -
Edwardstown A 13 7 0 6 27 50.71 -
Dunn A 13 6 0 7 25 49.70 -
Cherry Saints A 13 3 1 9 20 40.17 -
Unley Park B 13 2 2 9 19 33.97 -
Trinity B 13 2 0 11 17 32.10 -

Games Remaining
Week 14 Week 15 Week 16
Unley Park APAOC WACS AEdward A
Adelaide ATrinity BPAOC WAUnley B
PAOC WAUnley AAdel ATrinity B
Edwardstown ACS ADunn AUnley A
Dunn AUnley BEdward ACS A
Cherry Saints AEdward AUnley ADunn A
Unley Park BDunn ATrinity BAdel A
Trinity BAdel AUnley BPAOC WA

Palky's Super Top Trio - Week 13
3rd - Jay Nguyen - F's
2nd - Lachlan Campbell - B's
1st - Josh Orken - A's

Game Times
Week 14

Team Date Opposition Time Stadium Court 
A Aug 17 The Corner A 5.10 Powerhouse 1
B Aug 17 Saints A 1.00 Powerhouse 1
C Aug 17 Holdfast B 1.00 Powerhouse 2
D Aug 17 Saints B 2.40 Cedar 1
E Aug 17 Oakden A 1.50 Cedar 1
F Aug 17 Northgate A 3.30 Cedar 2
G Aug 17 Saints D 1.50 Cedar 2
LR Aug 17 Unley Park A 3.30 Powerhouse 1

Week 15

Team Date Opposition Time Stadium Court 
A Aug 24 Gateway A 3.30 Powerhouse 2
B Aug 24 Brighton A 1.50 Powerhouse 1
C Aug 24 The Corner A 5.10 Powerhouse 2
D Aug 24 Taperoo A 2.40 Cedar 1
E Aug 24 Knightsbridge B 3.30 Cedar 1
F Aug 24 Golden Grove A 1.50 Cedar 2
G Aug 24 Spicer A 4.20 Cedar 2
LR Aug 24 Adelaide A 1.50 Powerhouse 2

Week 16

Team Date Opposition Time Stadium Court 
A Aug 31 Brighton A 5.10 Saints 1
B Aug 31 Gateway A 1.50 Saints 2
C Aug 31 Unley Park A 1.50 Saints 2
D Aug 31 Dunn A 1.00 Cedar 1
E Aug 31 Saints C 1.50 Cedar 1
F Aug 31 East All Stars A 4.20 Cedar 1
G Aug 31 Saints E 2.40 Cedar 1
LR Aug 31 Trinity A 3.30 Saints 2