Tuesday, 29 July 2014

SACBA Week 11 Results

Not much to report this week ... other than the reports.

Here are some great sports moments ... surprised our Intercol clean sweep isn't in there.

To the reports:
A's v Knightsbridge A - With no Orks (Melbourne), Tauny (knee) and Phil (shopping), Dangerous Stu was called into the A's lineup. The A's went up 17-0 - Knightsbridge are well over matched. Foo, Jack and Corey were scoring at ease. Reds up 29-7. Second half was a training drill Knightsbridge were getting a few crafty baskets but they would struggle in the B Grade. Foo and Jack were getting to the basket time and time again, Stu hit a 3 and Liam was just getting behind the D and getting layups. Reds win 71-25. Jack 22, Foo had his career high with 21 and Liam 13.

B's v Gateway A - At halftime the 2 teams had played out a close contest - Reds down 17-21. Kartik came off the bench and scored in the lane and hit a 3, Gus kept up his good from from Intercol and was everywhere around the basket and Jono hit a runner and couple of FTs. The B's were not getting to the 3's and Gateway/Somerton were getting open-ish jumpers (and they will kill you if you allow that). 2nd half - Horskins arrived and killed it - nailing tough jumpers and 3's, Kerwin hit a stupid 3 and this good shooting allowed Smith to get open low and he made teh B's pay. Reds kept it close - Jono was out on the break, Mike banked a short j and Manners hit a 3 but Gateway had too many weapons. Lost 34-47. Jono 15, Gus 8, Kartik 5.  

C's v Southwest A - Written by G - Round 11 we were up against cellar dwellers Southwest Baptist A. We’ve played against them twice and beaten the both times but neither were overly convincing, one being the second game of the double weekend. Having only 5 we decided to go with a 2-1-2 zone and extend out to the shooters. The first half with some good ball movement, inside outside and around the perimeter, we were able to get good looks and keep the score ticking over. So good defence also allowed us to get on the fast break a few times. We went in at half time up 23-13. With Southwest scoring 9/13 points from 3 we made it our objective to not let them have any more. We kept the good ball movement going in the second half and kept running the fast break. Our defence held them to only 10 for the second half, and scoreless for the first 9 minutes. Brad had a great game with some phenomenal finishes around the basket and on fast breaks. We went 5/10 from the FT line for our 2nd 50% game of the year.

D's v Taperoo A - The D's welcomed back Ned ... they have yet to welcome Palky's jumpshot as it has yet to play a game. Taperoo started in a man ... it might have been the worst man I have ever seen - they took it off when we got up 12-3 and we were getting any shot we wanted. Stu and Ned were getting the basket with ease and either finishing or getting the foul - Reds up 22-8 at halftime with Ned and Stu having 20. 2nd half became the Frangers Show - Frangs was getting out on the break, crashing the O boards and getting putbacks, cutting to the basket and finishing. Reds D was amazing - anchored by Road Train and Kobe. We won 45-18 - Ned had 17, Stu 11 and Brendon 12 (all the 2nd half).

E's v Spicer - Written by Rough Justice - After a few weeks playing the better teams in the grade coupled with absences and injuries meant the E's went out looking to rebuild the momentum started early in the season.  One can only describe Spicer (bottom of the ladder) as the hapless victims in the healing process for the E's. It was a free for all - most of the game they didn't get the ball more than a metre within the 3-point line.  The guards were working hard on their "ball carriers", with plenty of transition opportunities.  A quiet 18 from B-Rad and 17 from Bubs*, just short of Max at 20pts, who having discovered his shooting arm nailed** x6 triples... he was heard muttering his disgust at the lack of respect his shot was getting. Good moral game for the team, though evidently without the satisfaction of a tough fought win.  If anything it was a little like a catching a baby deer in your headlights and running it over (in a tank). Win 70 - 9.

* - not bad given how seedy he was looking post Old Scholars dinner and his catching % for the game...
** - includes x1 bollocks bank

F's v St Casmir A - F's won on forfeit.

G's v Northgate A - NO REPORT. Lost 23-60. Reid 7, Troy and Charlie 6. 

Lady Reds v Taperoo A - NO REPORT. Win 31-26. Claire 9, Georgie 8, Alicia 7. 

Palky's Super Tops Trio - Week 11
3rd - Jon Foo
2nd - Ned Young
1st - Mark Powell

Game Times - Week 12 - 2nd August

A's v Oakden A - 3.30pm *potential forfeit imminent
B's v Knightsbridge A - 5.10pm
C's v Unley Park A - 1.00pm *Massive game - winner will likely be guaranteed a Top 2 finish
D's v Southwest A - 5.10pm
E's v St Casmir A - 2.40pm *potential forfeit imminent
F's v SPOC C - 3.30pm *big game
G's v East All Stars @ 1.50pm
Lady Reds v Unley Park A - 1.50pm

Free Throw Percentage - After 11 Weeks (last update from Week 7)
A's - 55.6% - down 3%
D's - 47.4% - up 1.7%
B's - 45.2% - down 1.3%
Lady Reds - 44.4% - up 1.2%
F's - 40.9% - down 4.9%
G's - 39.7% - up 3%
E's - 39.6% - up 3.1%
C's - 35.7% - up 5.8%

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

2014 Intercol Results

The 2014 Intercol has been run ... and won! We won all 3 games this year, it is only the 3rd time in 21 years that we have won all 3 and the first time since 2010.

The C's won their 5th in a row and 9th in the last 10 years, the B's won their 6th in a row not bad considering they lost 11 out of 12 before this streak and the A's finally won after losing the last 3.

The Intercol record's since 1993 are now - Old Reds 31 wins, Saints 32 wins. In 2006 it was Old Reds 12 wins, Saints 27 wins. We have gone 19 and 5 since 2006.

I was in the club when we got clean swept 4 times ... it wasn't fun. At times we were happy when we came away with just one trophy for the night. For 7 years, between 1998-2004 we only won 4 games (2 C's and 2 A's). We are in the golden age - and I know a lot of you guys weren't around for those dark days, but those times shaped our hunger and the importance of Intercol for our club. It is why we all show up on game night, why when you get selected to play it is a priveldge not a right. Winning the A's was great because as was explained to me by a Saints person, and I quote "that is the only one [we] care about*" but I think they are all equally important. Those years when we only game away with one - we would celebrate it harder, becuase we knew how hard they are to get.

Someone said on Monday after Angus got a tough O Board and put back "he just wanted it more". He wanted it more cos we all wanted it more. I felt bad for Saints at one point ... but then I remember those 4 times that we left with nothing and I then I stop feeling bad for them - we went through it, they just need to learn to want it more. 

Thanks heaps to Brendon for scoring the B's and C's games and to Lenny for scoring the A's. Thanks to Megan for the photos (up on my Facebook if you want to check them all out) and thanks to those who filmed the games. We will delight re-watching my 3's at the Club Lunch.

To the Reports:
PAOC C's v SPOC C's - Saints C's are pretty good - they have some good players, they play super tough D and hustle hard. The Reds started slow down 0-8 before G hit a 3 and were down 5-12 after 8 minutes. Insert "Big J" Jay! Before in the warm ups - Jay said to me "I can't shoot 3's anymore since they moved the line out". SPLASH! SPLASH! SPLASH! Jay proved himself wrong. C's up 3 (18-15) at halftime. The 2nd half was dour. With 3 minutes to go the Reds had scored 2 points in the half and Saints were grinding (they get so many lucky rolls) - C's down 20-26. BB made a FT, 21-26. Goody made a FT to make it 22-26. Madman made a baseline jumper, 24-26. Reds had to foul to stop the clock. Saints went to the line - made the 1st (up 3) missed the 2nd and we got the board with 20 seconds left. The C's passed the ball around and found G wide open ... G had been ice cold all game ... for THREEEE! BANG! Game tied - we are going to overtime. G made an early 3 and Hendo made 2 of 4 FTs. Saints could only manage 1 point in the OT and the C's won 33-28. G had 12, Jay 11 and Goody 3. Great win. Goody dominated the boards and got 7 blocks.

(sorry the scoresheet is on the side - it won't let me rotate it).

PAOC B's v SPOC B's - Saints jumped early with "Saint Jon" getting a couple of quick buckets. We settled with Davey, Jono and Gus all scoring inside. We got some scoring from the bench - Palky came on and made a 3, Brad Daniel scored inside off a nice pass from Mike and Palky made another 3. Gus and Jono were active around the basket - Reds were up 8 (21-13) at halftime. The 2nd half, Gus was everywhere - making short jumpers, crashing the O glass, getting on the end of penetration. Up 13 we knew Saints would come and they made a 7-0 run, Palky made his third 3 and we clamped on defensively again. Play of the game - Manners chased down a break and blocked a Saints player from behind. On the inbounds - there was a semi loose ball and Manners dived on it, ripped it away from the Saints player and stole the ball. Reds win 39-26. Angus 15, Palky 9 and Jono 8. Manners D was the most important part of the game with Davey, Gus, Mike and Brad owning the defensive glass.

PAOC A's v SPOC A's - With the last 3 losses ringing in their ears - the A's knew they had to win. Saints were missing Hautop and Charles from last year's team but they play incredible D and they move the ball well. Jack made a couple of early 3's and a nice pull up j, Corey and Tauny were active around the basket. The A's D held Saints to only 3 made field goals in the 1st half, as Corey and Ork patrolled the paint down low - stopping Kong from being effective. Reds up 3 (18-15) at halftime. The 2nd half the Reds started to break Saints down - Corey and Orks were too much inside and when the score got to 32-22 with 8 to go we knew we broke them. Phil, Jack and Liam all scored on the break. McMichael made some tough shots and Bobo made their only 3 for the game. The A's won 39-29. Jack 12, Corey 10 and Orks 9.

Thanks again all - it was a fun night. Always great drinking Saints' beer and hearing them not sing their stupid song. The Sean Heylen Medal voting will be interesting.

*I paraphrased ... so it is a semi quote.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Week 10 Results - Ejected and Dejected

Intercol Tonight - Wooooooooooo! Man I love Intercol (woo) - so much so I dreamt about it last night. I dreamt I went to shoot at the PAC gym but I couldn't leave (much like the Hotel California) and when I did leave there was no one would give me a lift. I kept thinking - I could walk there cos it is so close. Then BB gave me a lift but couldn't find a park. I arrived for the end of the B's game and we lost. I said "how did we lose" and someone said "they hit 100 3's" I looked at the scoreboard and it said 300-0. The A's game was forfeited because the Church league heard we were playing and they said we can't play basketball unless it is their league. So we all went to the pub ... but I couldn't find BB to take me to the pub. I then woke up - it was a nightmare.

Intercol (woo) @ Saint Peters Gym (enter off Hackney Road and carpark 100m on the right)

*Can usually get there from around 5.30
C’s at 6.30
B’s at 7.30
A’s at 8.30.

Maid and Magpie after for a couple of drinks.

*Need volunteers – we have people to score the A’s and C’s but need someone to score the B’s – if we get a couple of people they can do a half each. Also – we will be filming the games – so if can get people to work a camera that would be sweet.

Reds Teams:
- Jack Harford, Corey Gaard, Josh Orken, Liam Golding, Tauny Schmidt, Jon Foo, Phil Harford, Ryan Williams
B’s - Ryan Williams, Mike Hill, Jono Self, Angus Crawford, Ben Palk, Mark Powell, James Davey, Brad Daniel
C’s - Nathan Graham, Matt Williams, Mark Henderson, Andrew Good, Tim Wong, Alex Bubner (injured), Chris Woodrow, Jay Nguyen, Simon Miller

Saints Teams:
A's - Proctor, Rogerson, McMillan, Good, Sainsbury, McMichael, Gibbons, Gilmartin
B’ -  Ness, Rogerson, Adzanku, Horan, Bishop, Artaro, Cobain, Sedsman, Whittaker
C's - Mansfield, McArthur, Pellew, Jeffries, Minarelli, Thomson, Bedi, Iles , Stanes, Tegan-Andersen

To the reports: 
A's (9-1) v Gateway A (7-3) - Written by Phil - Coming off the bye weekend we found ourselves facing Gateway, an occurrence that seems to come around frequently (we have played Gateway 3 times and Knightsbridge once for those keeping score at home). We had only 5, with Tauny MIA,
Foo nursing a sore ankle (too many foo-euro steps obviously) and Hobbs done for the season with a back injury forcing an early end to 2014. Horrible news for Tom, but we know that he will recover and return to being one of the best players in the club. Gateway came out of the blocks aggressive, with another new recruit getting a few layups and Jo hitting tough contested 3s early. We started flat, but got moving and started force feeding Orken the ball with everyone playing good team basketball. Gateway were in foul trouble for the last 7 minutes, and the clock bleed down ever slowly to halftime with the A's facing from memory a 22-19 deficit. An unfamiliar position for us, but we felt good how we were playing and looked to keep doing what we were doing and we would be right in the game at the end. The second half we started to punish Gateway inside, with spread scoring all around. Corey was playing awesome, getting plenty of assists and looking dangerous inside. Jack led the team well, Phil started hitting a few shots, Liam playing his usual do it-all role and Orken asserting his dominance. The game went back and forth, and we pulled away with a few minutes left. My recollection from here is hazy, but it was back and forth for the last 5 minutes with the biggest lead being 3 for us. They switched to man, which in the end was their downfall with Phil getting on the ring for an and 1 and some free throws. With Gateway in the bonus, we bled the clock down and when Campbell fouled out (he was called for a foul, he questioned  itvery calmly and was teched for his trouble. Horrible tech foul, but both teams had warnings so it was justifiable). Phil made 3 of 4 free throws (2 for being in the penalty and 2 for the techs). On the inbound - Jack got fouled and went to the line for a 2 of 2 giving us the lead by 2 with 45 seconds left. Gateway then came down looking to tie, and Phil somehow blocked Jo inside on their last possession (taking his illustrious season total to 3). Clock ran out with a 2 point win for the good guys. Win 49-47. Orks had 17, Phil 13. Orken will get lion share of votes, dominated the boards and played great D second half despite being on 4 fouls.

B's (6-4) v SPOC A (8-2) - Written by Mike

Some games we're bad sports
Others hungry for food
The only thing we're waiting for
Is a game we all play goooooooood!

Seeeeeee SPOC's best, See SPOC's best
Making three's when shot from chests.
Feel our pressure? they're much better
When left open, with time to set(ter).
Show a hand or change to man,
Won't work if we can't follow plan.
Making shots were rare albino
African endangered rhino.
Call more fouls, Steve and Pete,
Try and run space out on the sheet.
Twas not luck, or 4 leaf clovers,
Just Mike's passes were turnovers.
Free throws shot, not free throws made,
Would not go in even if were paid.
We started well, out of the gate,
But screen calls were far too late.
30 points the overall difference it shall rest,
Try and break it back,
Or give their head's a crack*
See SPOC's Best, see SPOC's Best, See SPOC's best.

We really didn't have the heart in the game at all... Defence (our best part of the game) was dialed in on all counts. We barely showed hands to shots, people didn't talk up the screens. We looked like a bunch of lost puppies at times. Things MUST sharpen before Intercol Monday or we will embarrass ourselves and the club. Reds lost 27-57. Jono had 9, Kartik 6, Mike and Phill 5.

*Tomo accidentally gave McMillan a bit of an elbow in the dying second. I believe he's fine.

C's (8-2) v SPOC B - The C's were up against the rejuvenated  SPOC B who took care of business against the D's in the last game. This is a typical Saints squad - loads of 3's, attack the O glass and solid defence. 1st half was an arm wrestle - Saints hit an early 3 and #41 Cobain (how many Nirvana puns can I squeeze in ... I am giving All Apologies now) was "In Bloom" around the basket, he was being a "Negative Creep" and a "Downer" trying to rip out the C's "Heart Shaped Box" by making crafty layups*. G made a 3, Good was big inside - getting to the line** and scored on a couple of layups going to the hoop. Jay and Madman made some jumpers and Reds up 18-15 at halftime. In the 2nd half the Reds shut Saints down and a frustrated St John (remember - this is Saints version of Jon Hanzalik - does some really athletic things and some really silly things) got ejected for kicking the ball after fouling Jay going to the basket. Jay had a great 2nd half - highlight was getting to the front of the rim and making a tough layup. Brad hit a runner and Goody inside and Reds were up 28-21 with 2 minutes left and it was all over - so much so Palk had a hearty laugh at Bill's expense. Or so we thought. Brad got a tech for saying "that was a push off" ... the ref said that he thought he said "that was a piss off". I have been advised his "syntax is exemplary and I would never of said such a thing". He then got another tech for dropping the ball after he fouled someone and the ball ended up in his hands. Brad was ejected. Saints hit a 3 and got 2 and it was 28-26. Jay went to the basket and hit 2 clutch free throws - proving once again Jay is clutch ... and the score was 30-26. Reds held on just ... proving never switch off against Saints - they are robots - it is not in their programming to give up. Reds win 30-28. Jay 11, Goody 7, Madman 4.  This shows that the C's can get scoring from other areas when G is not shooting well.

**Goody shot 3 airball free throws - a new record

D's (7-3) v Unley Park A (8-2) - Written by Simon - On a dark side court of Adelaide Arena an epic duel was scheduled between Baptists of Unley Park (the A variety) and the Reds of Princes (D-style).  Unley are tough, we saw our C’s fight against them last year and although we beat them last match-up, we needed a good effort to take home the chocolates again.  Unley came out on fire - they hit their first 6 shots against good D and with hands in their face.  But with G providing the sage advice on the bench that it’s how they always start off, we dug in and stuck to a simple plan of 2-1-2 and scrambling to get out to the shooters.  The best thing Reggie did all game was to sub himself off after 5 minutes and unleash Stu ‘Even more Dangerous than normal’ MacDonald on the game.  Never mind Denzel Washington, Stu was the man on fire.  He hit 17 for the half (bettering 13 from Unley’s #32) including 3 of 4 treys, great driving that led to foul shots and a 3 point play.  Half time it was a slim 22-21.  Defence was ok, but Unley were still hitting their shots when they needed.  Then like Pamela Anderson, Tyra Banks and Dolly Parton, it was DD time – the D’s defence busted out and went to a whole new level, holding Unley scoreless for the first 15 minutes of the 2nd half.  Unley went up a gear too with a man D.  But at the same time Stu went nuts again, adding another 13 to his tally for an incredible 30 point game – including 6 from 8 long bombs.  While Stu was by far the standout, I felt we played a great team game with our energetic D, getting out to every shot – sure it added to the foul count and we only had 4 for the last minute with Kobe & Reg fouled off, but it was what needed to happen.  The whole team contributed – Palky & Reggie screening and drawing players to help Stu get looks, Jon & Kobe hitting the boards hard against Unley’s youth and giving 2nd chances, Frangars active with some good finishes & a trey for a 10 point game, Kobe with 2 x 3-point plays and Jon taking 2 big charges – who needs teeth anyway.  We outscored them 26-10 in the second to finish for a 48-31 win.  Great work!

Really appreciate JT’s efforts on the scorebench again; he has certainly been bringing sexy back to the scorer’s role these last few weeks.

E's (7-3) v SPOC C - With a number of players coming back from injury (Bubner a last minute inclusion after being sick all week) and other absences we were down by 10 points within the first 5 minutes of the game. We were hardly recognisable as the seemingly unbeatable team in the league just a few games ago, now looking flat and very quiet. To be fair Saints were getting lucky rolls on everything they put up and knocked down a couple of contested 3 pointers. On the defensive end they were exposing us by adopting a ‘Hack-a-Shaq’ strategy, making us earn all of our points from the free throw line. With 11 of their 16 fouls for the game being shooting fouls we responded with a miserable 7 of 22 free throw shooting. In hindsight we would have been better to look to our outside shooters more often to try to spread the defence, rather than to keep getting fouled on inside contested shots. In the second half we dropped back to a zone defence which slowed down their scoring a little and put us in a better position to force some transition opportunities. Even then we could rarely outnumber them on the break and so were often forced into low percentage shots. Rough Justice was showing the rest of us up with his intensity and willingness to put his body on the line. He took a couple of big charging fouls and was going after the loose balls like a maniac. We pulled to within 6 points with 5 minutes remaining but a couple of very costly turnovers at critical moments put any chance of a win out of reach. Saints got a couple of steadying baskets to run out 10 point winners, even though we outscored them in the second half. Thanks to BB for scoring, G-man for running the subs, and Flair for filling in again. In closing I was going to take a ‘Palk-esque’ swipe at the hyphenated double-barrelled surname in Saints team but I think his profile here says it all; http://cirillohooper.com/People_Sebastian_Tegen-Anderson. Everyone hates an over-achiever right?
 E's lost 24-34 - Bubner 9, B. Daniel 4.

F's (6-3) v Golden Grove A - Written by Toma - Our grade is not unlike the NBA Eastern Conference, with two teams (our own E's and an admittedly good Saints) leading the pack, and three teams rounding out the contenders. This week was a matchup of the contenders to the contenders, as our gelling F's took on a heartfully short-manned Golden Grove 5. Golden Grove were helped in the first half by [heavily edited] some interesting interpretations of the rules by the referees. This allowed Golden Grove, who are a strong free-throw shooting team, to fixate on a double-digit lead almost exclusively off-of free throws. So frustrating was [heavily edited] some of the referring decisions our captain was T'd up for swearing, and immediately thereafter for staring (aka 'dissent', [heavily edited] as is a referee's ability to make such decisions'). The Captain's ejection from the game actually hurt Golden Grove more than it helped them, as a very angry F's squad spent a ronin-like halftime break swearing vengeance for their master. And take vengeance they did! The 2nd half was an example to all of the kids watching in how to play with heart, as we owned the boards, allowed only the ass-iest of shots to go in, got out and ran, made the right passes at the right times (Charlie Baker, here's looking at you!), and hit the baskets that mattered most. It took nearly 20 minutes to do it, but after being down by 8 at the half, we had a foul-troubled 3-player GG squad nearing seppuku, taking the lead with about 2 minutes to play, and never relinquished it. Tim showed that when his 3's aren't dropping he can score in many other ways, top scoring with 11 points on great transition plays. After a shaky start that saw him pulled early, Orken did everything that he should, getting in position for passes, grabbing rebounds, and straight-up hustling. Somewhere out there, an already departed Josh was quietly shedding a tear. Mad D from Tone created mad points. Hanzolo shot a couple of GG storm troopers on his way to 7 points. And I spent the entire 2nd half trash-talking the whole GG team for cheering themselves every time we let them do something good. All said, we overcame ourselves, and some [heavily edited] tough calls, to beat GG by 4. Win 35-31 - Tim 11, Tom 10, Zolo and Bjorks 7. [Statement deleted]. The F's are finding their groove. Watch this space.

G's (3-5) V Knightsbridge B - Written by Hitman - After a two-week hiatus, G-Force returned to the court to face the White Knights of Knightsbridge, who fielded five players even more youthful than our own starting five.  Pre-game we planned to continue our solid play from before the break, and to use our numbers advantage to wear down the opposition.  During the early going we held up the first part of the plan, moving the ball well for wide-open looks, and for a change we knocked down our opportunities to keep the score board moving.  At the other end the energetic Whites matched us and the scores remained tight.  At the mid-way point of the half the Reds had a short dry spell but the Whites scored with a flurry of threes and frees to push the margin out to double-figures.  Scoring equilibrium was restored in the latter part of the half and at the interval  the score was 30-18, the Reds whistled for 11 fouls (of which maybe half were actually committed) and the Whites cashing in with 8 from 11 free throws to provide the bulk of the margin.  The first half of the second half was dominated by the Reds, with Dillon finding an open lane on the baseline time and again, and with others chipping in, the hefty margin was trimmed to a single long-range bucket.  It was at this point the refs decided they needed to use their whistles more, whether or not a foul was committed, and foul-outs quickly ensued, which coupled with an injury to Hux combined to reduce the Reds’ numerical advantage.  On top of this, the Whites started hitting ridiculous circus shots (a reverse layup that went in off the top of the backboard was allowed to stand), and were awarded free throws for a shooting foul when the player was clearly passing, a fact which he clearly admitted to, but the ref insisted he was shooting.  The margin blew out again and it became clear our pre-game plan to wear down the Whites was a forlorn one, the Energizer Bunnies running out the game and then hanging around for ten minutes more to practice their circus shots.  Ultimately the final scoreline read 56-37, the large margin not a true reflection of how close the teams were.  The poor refereeing padded the margin slightly but the Whites were still the better team and worthy winners, their two top scorers finishing with 21 and 19 points each.  For the Redmen the scoring contribution was more even, James leading the way with 10 and Dillon with 8.

Lady Reds (6-4) v Trinity A - Lady Reds started fast getting out to a 10-1 start - Jordy getting out on the break time after time. The Reds took the foot of the gas and Trinity were scoring. Georgie before the game informed us of her hangover - it worked in her favour. Not known as the most efficeint FT shooter - she hit 5/6. Alicia got and and 1, Tracey and Megan on the break - Reds up 24-9 at halftime. The 2nd half was scrappy - Trinity allowed the Reds to shoot long jumpers that just weren't falling - Tracey and Georgie were scoring inside and Megan and Alicia hit a jumper each. the Reds didn't get out of 1st gear and Trinity were able to score - the 2nd half was 17-17. Reds win after a good start 41-26. Georgie 15, Jordy 9 and Tracey 8.

Super Top Trio - Week 10
3rd - Stu MacDonald
2nd - Stu MacDonald
1st - Stu MacDonald

Week 11 Game Times - 26 July
*All games at Adelaide Arena
A's v Knightsbridge A - 1.50pm
B's v Gateway A - 1.00pm
C's v Southwest A - 1.50pm
D's v Taperoo A - 3.30pm
E's v Spicer A - 4.20pm
F's v St Casmir A - 4.20pm
G's v Northgate A - 1.00pm
Lady Reds v Taperoo A - 1.00pm

Monday, 14 July 2014

Week 10 Game Times and Intercol Teams

Hope everyone enjoyed their bye week off - was good to have a weekend off to recover from the little niggles and then we will be ready for the rest of the Saturday season. Hope you didn't drink too much ... like this lady.

Intercol is next Monday July 21st @ Saints. Below are the teams - if you can't play can you please let Palky or G know ASAP.

A - 8.30pm
 Jack Harford
 Corey Gaard
 Josh Orken
 Liam Golding
 Tauny Schmidt
 Jon Foo
 Phil Harford
 Tom Hobbs

B - 7.30pm
 Ryan Williams
 Mike Hill
 Jono Self
 Angus Crawford
 Ben Palk
 Mark Powell
 James Davey
 Brad Daniel

C - 6.30pm

 Nathan Graham
 Matt Williams
 Mark Henderson
 Andrew Good
 Tim Wong
 Alex Bubner
 Chris Woodrow
 Jay Nguyen
 Simon Miller

Picking Intercol teams is always tough - with the A's, B's and C's guys getting picked first and then then Captains and Committee picking from the guys from the other teams. There are some great players who we couldn't slot in - we picked for team balance and needs based (shooting, defence, rebounding etc) with some of the veteran guys getting seniority. Also sucks that we can only pick one non-Old Scholar per team - I feel that we are all in this together representing one club but the schools have a different take on that and we are bound by those rules.

We still need people to help sit on the bench, coach and score - so if you are keen please let me know. We want a large crowd to come out and support - come along - bring your partners, friends and family.

Let's crush those hyphenated offensive rebounding robots ... [read in robot voice] "my programming says take a shot no matter how poor or well defended I am .... CRASH GLASS, CRASH GLASS, CRASH GLASS".

After the games we are going to The Maid and Magpie - to drink their beer, eat their food, watch Mike steal their women ... and listen to the silence as they don't sing "When the Saints Go Marching In". We need a song ... Raspberry Beret by Prince?

Bubs suggested "I See Red" by Split Endz ... I used the Art vs Science version in a highlight video here - pretty good one.

A few more are: 
Power ballad - I Saw Red by Warrant
Country song - Ol' Red by Blake Shelton
Red Nation by The Game (feat Lil Wayne) ... as Little Wayne puts it ... we are gonna f the world till the b busts nuts. Ok maybe not
Seeing Red by Unwritten Law -
Red Right Hand by Nick Cave

There really are no good Red songs ... I have said Two Princes by Spin Doctors before. Can't think of much else.

Game Times - Week 10 (All games at Adelaide Arena):
A's v Gateway A @ 1.00pm
B's v SPOC A @ 2.40pm
C's v SPOC B @ 5.10pm
D's v Unley Park A @ 2.40pm
E's v Saint Peters A @ 3.30pm
F's v Golden Grove A @ 2.40pm
G's v Knightsbridge B @ 5.10pm
Lady Reds v Trinity A @ 1.00pm

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Week 9.5 - Lots of games, lots of losses

So many big club milestones were reached this week. If you are on Facebook you might have seen them - if not I thought I would post them again below.

MILESTONE: With a long 2 in the dying minutes of the A's v B's derby - Liam Golding became the 3rd player in the PAOCBC stat keeping era (1999-2014) to score 3000 points for Old Reds. Liam joined in 1999 - he is one of the first players to have records kept for his whole time in the club. He started in the B's and in 2000 moved into the A's - where he has been the 2nd longest serving A Grade player behind Big A. He has won 8 titles in the A's 2001-2002 and 2008-2013 as well as a Monday and Thursday title. He is the 2nd most winning-est player in the club. Liam won a Club Champion in 2004 and 2011, Saturday A MVP in 2005 and Sean Heylen Medal in 2007. He became a Life Member in 2009 and was unanimously voted into the Old Reds Team of the 20 Years. Liam has scored most of his points in the A's but also had some successful scoring seasons in the Monday team in the early 2000s and with the Thursday team in the late 2000s. He has averaged 9.1 ppg over 333 games. He is 6th all time in games played, 3rd in scoring, 4th in 3's and #1 in our hearts.

MILESTONE: With a tidy "and 1" in his first ever game for the A's, Tim Wong scored his 2000th point for the Old Reds. BB is only the 8th player to score 2000+ points and with a couple of other baskets for the C's later in the day he moved into 7th place in the all time scoring list (over taking one Nic Blair). In a week or 2 he will move into 6th overtaking Guy Collins. BB joined the club in 2000 and become a Life Member in 2009. It will not surprise anyone when I say that BB has been on more Championship winning teams that anyone (other than A, Liam and Palk). He won in 2004 with the B's, was the leading scorer in the 2002 C's title team, was an integral member of the mighty C's train in 2008, was a key member in the 2013 C's team and was the heart and soul of the 2007 E team (where he came up with an important steal and scored and a vital 2 and the foul in the dying minutes of the Grand Final). He has also won 3 titles with the Thursday team. BB has won the Thursday night MVP 5 times and the Best Team Man 3 times - no one has ever won more MVPs for a single team. BB is 4th all time in games played, 7th in scoring, 6th in Free Throws attempted, 8th in Free Throws made and 3rd in Fouls. He is an incredibly selfless player - does what the team needs to win, he is an amazing defender, consummate point guard ... he is all hustle and heart. Everyone loves when BB is on their team.

Tonight or this Saturday - Chris Woodrow AKA Kobe will play his 200th game for the club. Kobe will be the 18th player in the club to reach this milestone. This is Kobe's 11th year in the club (I just worked out he is actually a Life Member ... a fact I didn't know until just now ... he will be named later this year). Kobe joined the club in 1997 and played until he went overseas in 2002. He spent 8 years in Japan and re-joined in 2010. Kobe was one of the key members of the mighty "Crazy Wednesdays" and won 2 titles for them in 1999 and 2001. He was awarded an MVP, Best Team Man and 2 Matt Trim Awards for Crazies during this time. In 2013 Kobe was one of the key members of the awesome C's that was the title. In 2011 Kobe won the C's Players Player in one of the closest counts ever. Kobe averages 6.1 ppg,, has hit three 3's, 9th worst FT shooter in Club History and #1 in reverse layups.

Last Saturday Phil Harford scored his 1000th point for the basketball club and this Saturday he will play his 100th game. Phil joined the club in 2011 and only 5 other guys in the club reached 1000 points quicker (Blair, Dan Garrett, Stu, G and Caffeine Jimmy) ... all of whom are members of the Team of the 20 Years and/or Club Champions, so he is in great company. Phil won A Grade titles in 2012 and 2013 and the 2013 Saturday A's MVP. In my opinion Phil was the best player in last year's A Grade Grand Final win. Phil is one of the key guys in keeping this club strong and moving it into the future.

We will be announcing Intercol teams later this week. It is Monday July 21st @ Saints.

C's - 6.30pm
B's - 7.30pm
A's - 8.30pm

We will be going to the Maid and Magpie after the game for a drink and to celebrate our victories.

No games this week. There is still practice.

To the reports:
A's (7-1) v SPOC A - Written by Phil - The first of our two games pitted us against Saints, and with us missing Jack, Hobbs and Tauny and Saints missing several usual suspects we thought the matchup would be even. In the opening minutes the game was free flowing and high scoring; Phil getting an early 3 and runner, Foo, Orks and Liam getting on the ring and our O looked quite dangerous. Saints were matching our pace, getting early shots and really putting the pressure on us. This lasted for roughly 5 minutes, and from here the game travelled downhill very quickly. I could insert a thinly veiled snipe and the umpiring, however in full disclosure I decided honestly was the best policy. The game was ruined by an inadequacy to umpire high quality basketball, and to say we were not good enough would only be part of the story. Corey and Orks both battled hard against Kong, but there was only so much you can do when a 6'8 man who weighs at a guess 110kg stands under the ring and is allowed to do this for periods of time lasting much longer than the oft allowed 3 seconds. Credit goes to Kong however, he was using this to his advantage and getting and 1 layups more than Mick Hill in a blowout win and converting free throws. We had our moments, but with Kong playing well and both Corey and Orks on 3 fouls 10 minutes into the game it was always going to be tough. Second half we decided guards would double down on Kong to save fouls for the bigs, but wouldn't you know it their role players started drilling 3s. Final score 51-36, and with that the undefeated season ends. Highlight of the game goes to BB, who not only played great stepping for us but scored an awesome and 1 on Kong down low off a great up fake. Credit to Saints for adapting to the game situation, but they were not unassisted in their efforts. While we lost, there are positives to take out of the game: 1. We have found our weaknesses and can learn from the loss 2. Liam still is and will probably always be the anti will good, and while he is too modest to admit this I have a video clip to give you an idea of what their relationship is like (hint: will good is Ben Rothlisburger). Some things to work on, but no reason for us to get too worried at this stage. Stay thirsty my friends.

A's (8-1) v Knightsbridge A - The A's suited up again for their 2nd game against old foes Knightsbridge who were sporting non of their old foes. The Reds started well with Foo and Orks getting many buckets ... it was a veritable smorgasbord. Liam hit a 3 and the Reds were up by double digits. They took the foot of the or they were out of gas because they started playing like they were passing gas ... what a gas! Knighstbridge got it back to 14 all before the Reds went on a run before halftime up 24-14. The Second half eased up a bit - the A's stopped turning the ball over and Foo, Phil and Orks were getting to the front rim easily. The only excitement came when Phil said he had to score 2 more points to keep him 10 point game streak alive - he forced a couple of shots to Foo's dismay. He finally go to the line and made 2 of 2 free throws ... only thing was - he already had 10 points before that. Reds win 52-29. Foo had 17, Orks 14 and Phil 13. Side note - Stu filled in for the A's. It was his first run in the A's since he did his knee when he had 21 in the 1st half ... against Knightsbridge. 

B's (5-3) v Oakden A - In my reports over the years - I have tried to reduce my passing of judgement on the state of the refereeing - especially now our reports are publicly available. So I will just state facts. This was a must win game for the B's to stay in the top 4. Oakden were still missing Garfoot (he is back in 2 weeks) so only had 5. Just as the game was about to tip off, the ref asked an Oakden player about the strapping on his wrist - he said he had taped up a bracelet - the ref told him to take it off. He refused. We all said we didn't care. The ref said he didn't care - he was told he couldn't play unless he took it off. The player once again refused. He put a writsband over it and the ref again said no. Oakden had 4 - B's won by forfeit. The game was played out - there were 4 techs called ... one for Mike asking "how long" when Oakden had the ball for much longer than 30 seconds - Mike was "being intimidating". Big A always said if you don't like a call just say "bad luck" and move on. We all said "bad luck" a lot. Oakden, to their credit, made a lot of tough shots and it was close all the way to the end. Kartik hit a 3 to put Reds up 4 in the last minute. Reds won 40-37. Lachie 11, Angus 9, Jono 8.  

B's (5-4) v Gateway A - Here is the Gateway report - it is a decent summary. The Reds played a 2-1-2 and were making a concerted effort to get to all of Gateway's shooters. The Reds put Lachie at the foul-line against Gateway's 3-2 - both tactics worked very well. Kartik hit an early 3, Lachie and Mike were scoring inside and Jono finished on the break. Gateway only stayed in it when Jo hit 2 tough 3's. Gateway got a tech for yelling "how long" - they should have known better. Reds down 15-17 at halftime. Second half - Lachie was playing out of his skin - working his butt off. Big Phill played Smith to a draw - scoring inside and then getting an "and 1". Lachie scored an awesome coast to coast and Mike hit a big 3 when the Reds were struggling. Jono scored a couple of times on the break and Angus got inside for 2. The Reds were struggling to stop some guy who is on the 36ers bench I have been told*. He scored 13 in the 2nd half and hit 4 of 4 free throws thanks to Jono's ill-discipline (2 techs and he was ejected). Late in the game, Gateway went ahead when the one guy we weren't guarding hit a 3 that put them ahead. Down 3 with 8 seconds left - Gateway had the ball - Mike got a steal went up the court, shot from 30 feet - was fouled across both arms, no foul. Lachie got the ball, lay up. Game over - Reds lost 37-38. Lachie 13, Mike 7, Jono 6. Reds played so well - couldn't be prouder of their intent and effort - just a couple of lapses of judgement cost them. They showed how to play Gateway - I still think that the B's have some genuine underdog cred. FT count ... Gateway 10-14 Reds 4-8 (hmmmm) 

*I have been informed that he is not in fact on the 36ers squad ... so what I was told was not correct. 

C's (7-2) Taperoo A - C's were up against the hard hitting Taperoo. C's started in a man and got out to an early lead with G hitting a couple of 3's and Madman hitting his trademark corner j. Taperoo do this thing where they can see someone shooting a long jumper and they yell "shot" as they shoot ... they should probably use that energy to try and actually get to the shot. "Big J" Jay has joined the C's and scored a couple of layups. Taperoo kept it close with some good shooting - 22-15 at halftime. The 2nd half the C's ran away with it The ball pressure was too much for Taperoo - Brad and BB were getting out on the break and Goody was too big inside. Reds win 40-26. G, 13, Brad 9, Jay 5.

D's (6-3) v SPOC B - Let's start with - Jon "Road Train" Read got his 2 front teeth smashed out, he didn't sub out - he played on ... dude is what tough is.

With 3 D's away (Sime, Ned, Moorfoot) - Palky got in a ring-in - Tim Moors ... he plays keyboards! Reds started slow down 0-9 - Tim hit a jumper, Palky for 3, Frangs inside and Tim on the break - 9-9. Palky and Stu hit a couple more 3's and Frangers scored again - 18-18 at halftime. The 2nd half a guy for Saints who we did even bother to guard in the first half started making shots from all over the place and the Reds went cold - Frangers hit a long j and a layup ... but Free Throws and missed layups cost us. Jon (who I can't praise enough ... he got his frickin teeth smashed in and played on) went 0-10 from the line and Stu went 2-5. With 1 minute to go down 3 - Reds timeout. Palky gave an empassioned plea "not to put to fine of a point on it boys - this could be our season - this one minute. We need to get a good shot, not a quick shot". Stu brings the ball up, pass to Palky, straight through his hands and out of bounds. We lost by 7. Stu and Frangers 9, Palky 6.  

E's (7-2) v Hope A - Written by Rough - Injury and absentee-ism really hurt the E's this week - with 6 of 8 players unavailable; Max and an injured Bubs being all that managed to get on court from our regular line up.  Many thanks to DMT, Sam Kara and Reidy for filling in to make 5. A low scoring affair, the E's went into the half with a 10-3 lead, with Hope struggling to get a basket to drop and some solid rebounding by DMT to prevent second attempts.  We could have had a bigger lead, but we too struggled to finish.  Typical of a thrown together team, turn-overs kept Hope in the game.  After the break, Hope recognised the fragility of our ball control and passing and got themselves in the  game through some increased pressure.  They went on a 10-point run in just a few minutes.  The E's battled through to the end, at points appearing like they could take back the lead - but we ran out of legs, and even a 4-man Hope team held on for the win.  In a offensively slow game, defensive presence of DMT and pressure on the ball by Reidy and Max were the standouts.20 v 25

F's (5-4) v St Peters A - Written by Phwalker - This week the Fs had a point to prove in our rematch with St Peters Anglican who claimed the moral victory in our 4 point win earlier in the year in which their disorganization cost them the game. Nothing changed though as this time round they fronted up with 5 players, one of whom needed assistance to stand at the tip off. After 3 sweet early jumpers from Tim and with Toma dominating the boards St Peters were on their knees and begging for it. No. Really. They wanted to call the game off, use our subs and have a fun little game of social ball. Fortunately Reds don’t wear blue and certainly not for any side named St Peters, so as the coach eyed percentage, Bjork eyed the cash and the trouncing began. Their big fella wasn’t up for standing in defense so we took on 4 with glee. Half time saw the scores at 32.11 with Bjork on his way to the 1096 point game required to get the average up. Trimmy hit from long range in there somewhere too. The start of the second half sucked. They fired up as we put our foot on the brake giving up 8-zip and 12-4 in our regular 10 minute fade out. Tone had a steal and a nice little lay up shot type thing and we got the ball rolling again. Bjork was hitting his straps at both ends, Tim was killing them in transition, #9 for them fouled out leaving 3 and Zolo hit one of those floating baseline jump shots he does. With Bjork on 21 and needing 4 for a payday he lost his touch, missed 3 in a row, blamed the refs and was duly benched. He got back on though and got the well deserved 25 he craved.  A celebratory dunk was called for but unsuccessfully and that was pretty much it. A good win v terrible opposition. The percentage will help in a close tussle for the middle ranked spots. Reds 50 St Peters Anglican 25. Bjork 25, Tim 16 Thanks Phil for scoring. And teaching the other guy how to score.

The Bjork Report
What once was a jolly little column in the Fs report doesn’t seem as fun now that Ben has had some success. Full credit to him though, he earned the point through hard work at both ends of the court and by finding the composure under pressure to put the ball through the hoop. Well done mate!

Quote of the week
“NUP! We’re not doing that.” Phil’s response to a beg for mercy 10 minutes into the game when St Peters Anglican had had enough.

Play Of The Day

Hard one to split this week, with Tim’s sweet shooting early (3 long range bombs) or Bjork’s late game dunk. Attempt. Unsuccessful. Yeah, Tim gets it.

Lady Reds (4-4) v Unley Park A - NO REPORT. Lost 20-23.  Megan 8, Alicia 6, Jordy 4

Lady Reds (5-4) v Dunn A - NO REPORT. Win 23-21.  Alicia 9, Jordy 5

Palky's Super Top Trio - Week 9.5
3rd - Angus Crawford
2nd - Lachie Campbell
1st - Ben Orken ... straight husslin'

Enjoy the weekend off