Monday, 14 October 2013

2013 Club Lunch

Hey all,

Thanks for attending the Club Lunch this year - was an incredible day (weatherwise as well as the frivolity). It was one of the most enjoyable Club Lunches in recent memory and it was because of the great group we had there - I had so much fun. I would like to go into specifics but due to potential employers having something known as "Google" I will let those stories become mythology and folklore ... count yourself lucky "you know who".

Thanks to Sean for taking great photos of the day which you can view here.

Congrats to all the players that won MVPs and Best Team Players for their teams, Sean Heylen Medals, Best Club Men and Club Champions.

Nathan Graham had a big day picking up the biggest personal award - he was a well deserved Club Champ. He has finished 2nd three times now and it great to see his name on the trophy. I overheard some heartfelt congratulations to G - a worthy winner. G also became a life member of the club and gave a great speech.

Mike Hill also had a solid haul with the Sean Heylen Medal for best player in the Intercol and MVP of the B's. Below are all the award winners.

PAOCBC Awards 2013
Club Champion Nathan Graham
 MVP Best Team Man
Saturday APhil Harford and Jack Harford-
Saturday BMike HillLachlan Campbell
Saturday CTom Oliphant Phill Farrer
Saturday DJonathon SelfNick Krantz
Saturday EAlex BubnerMatt Just
Saturday FJon Read Phil Walker
Saturday GBrendon FrancescaSam Karamoshos
Lady RedsJordan RobertsAlicia Woodrow
Monday Darcy Aistrope Tom Lunn
WednesdayJosh Orken-
Thursday Mark PowellTim Wong
Sean Heylen MedalMike Hill
Best Club ManStu MacDonald

It has been proposed we might do some fitness stuff in November and December - just to stave of the Xmas Pie gut, but will let you know.

Not going to wax lyrical about the great season we had - it has been done enough. Great season and hope you like the blog and stats. Palky