Saturday, 21 April 2018

2018 SACBA Weeks 1 & 2

HELLO, HELLO, HELLO! Welcome to Last Week Sometime, I'm your Hostus with the Boastus, Lachie!

To start, apologies for the delay in starting the blog, I'm sure you all know how life can be.
BUT! We've had a good start to the year so far, nominating 3 Mens and 1 Womens team in the SA Church competition, and 4 teams for the SAABL comp which starts soon.
We've been getting some games recorded and will be uploading them to YouTube once I figure out how the hell to do it, I swear I've tried like 4 times and nothing! Much sadness.

Onto reports!

Let's start with the Grand Final reports from the end of the Summer Social season

Thursday Night GF In the Thursday A reserve GF we came up against Mean St Posse who got through to the GF on a forfeit.

The game was tight all the way through, with the reffing seeming to dictate who was leading.We went on a run at the start of the 2nd half going up by 8, with MSP focussing more on the refs than the game.
As with the trend of the game, the reffing starting going more there way, and unfortunately we were unable to keep our heads in the game and they pulled back the lead and got ahead by 8.
We tried to pull it back in the dying minutes but the damage was already done.

Monday Night GF
In the Monday B Grade GF we were up against the footy players called Cats.
We got out to an early lead 6-1 which probably should be bigger as our shooting percentage was quite low.
On the court we were clearly out playing them but their #6 kept them in the game. Halftime the score was 18-17.

The second half we hit our stide getting some good ball movement and pushing it up the floor quickly. However a series of BS shots from #11 and great play by #6 kept them right in the game.

We controlled the game perfectly in the last few minutes and came away with the win 44-41.

Week 1 SACBA

PAOCBC Gold (...fine, Yellow. I prefer to call you Gold, because you're precious to me) 35-34 Spicer Uniting A
It looked to be an interesting start to the season for the Gold / G team this year. The first opposition team lining up against us seemed to be composed of a selection of retirees, children and fat guys. We should perhaps not be complacent when viewing the opposition as such, as they very nearly had our measure.

It should be noted that a quick glance at the scoresheet tells a tale of uneven scoring.

While the opposition team all got a chance to touch the ball, with lots of passing around the three point line, only one of their players actually made a difference to the scoreboard worth mentioning. 24 of 34 points scored going to the young number 13. Clearly he is a great shooter and useful ball handler, worthy of extra attention when they are in offence.

Our team acquitted itself reasonably well. Scoring divided amongst 5 of the 6 players, Flair being the only one to remain scoreless, although he did get 4 fouls for his efforts (and others uncalled, as seen by me).

B-Rad high scored with 13 (although he robbed himself by missing 7 or so foul shots). Road Train scored 11 (1 of 2 at the line) with the remaining points shared amongst Hendo, Caldy and Mike Evans.

The final score ran out to 34-35 in our favour, with some late minute fouls giving Spicer a good shot to win it. Fortunately the ball was with us on the day, and we prevailed.

Insert report writers overly cynical comment here

Special thanks to the assembled crowd of vocal supporters and also to Jordy for scoring. Nele came along too, purely in a support capacity owing to an ankle injury. Troy was absent with other commitments, I am sure he will bring some welcome three point attempts (and possibly baskets) in coming weeks.

PAOCBC White 30-37 Our Saviour Hubitans D
The only video I've managed to upload properly, for some reason the Gold vid doesn't land :/

Saturday White (Fs) squared off against Hubtitans Ds. The team was a similar look to last year with the addition of Tim Silby and a filling in Hahnz Sullivan.

We got out to a slow start with too many one pass offenses getting us poor shots. We took a time out and started looking a lot better in offence getting good looks, but unfortunately couldn't get many of them to drop.

Whilst we were looking like the better team on the floor, the other team were having more luck getting the ball in the hole, going into the half 13-17.

The second half we played much better and were able to find Tim on the fast break a few times to bring ourselves almost even. In the last 3 minutes the other team couldn't miss and coupled with a few easy baskets from risks we needed to take to win, they pulled ahead again and ended up winning 30-37.

It was a good starting point for the season which will only see us build on this effort, getting all players involved, not talking to the refs, and ultimately having fun playing basketball.

Scorers: Tim Silby with 14, Hahnz Sullivan with 4, Henry Milic

PAOCBC Red 20-0 Taperoo A
Unfortunately the opposition forfeited on the morning of the game!

Lady Reds
No game for the ladies this week

Week 2 SACBA

BYE week! 2 ladder points?

PAOCBC Red 58-25 Our Saviour Hubitans C report?

Lady Reds 14-28 Unley Park Baptist
First hit out for the new look Lady Reds - back for 2018 are Tracey, Megan and Hannah, joined by Melissa W, Kate and Elese.
After a slow start the Reds scored a couple of fast break baskets from Tracey and Megan and an Elese jumper. Unley had the athletic Moon sister who as always proved a tough cover. Reds down 6-10 at half time.
Reds continued to play feisty D - but struggled to score - Kate got a nice lefty, Elese with board and putback and Hannah with a nice basket in the lane.
Unley just did enough - getting out on the break and hitting open jumpers. Reds lost 14-24.
D was good - Hannah and Mel played well low. Good signs!

PAOCBC Gold 32-13 Holdfast Heat C

Once again we suited up to face what appeared to be an interesting opposition.
At least one known good player faced us, with a raft of unknowns.

Our game plan was simple, get the orange ball through the red hoop more than they did. While we finally succeeded, basketball was clearly not the winner on the day. Timeout and half time discussions gave us a better game plan, but it was a bit hard to tell if we actually executed the plan. 
At least holding them to a low score showed that our defence wasn’t too bad.

B-Rad high scored with 14, which was more than the opposition could amass as a total.
Hendo with 8 and Mike with 6 (all scored late in the game).

Our shooting was appalling, RT went 2/2 at the line, but missed everything from the deck, mostly from right under the ring. Old age definitely setting in there.

Flair had a few looks, but nothing dropped. His passing was also interesting to watch, if not successful in execution.
Troy bought 25 years of club experience to the game, then left it all at the door. A few good steals and almost steals, but no points to trouble the scorers.
Caldy with 2 to round out the scoring.
Nele was a no show, although our esteemed team captain thought he would be there.

Hopefully we can improve as the season progresses. The display we put on was nothing short of embarrassing for most of the game. The opposition made us look better than we were, discussion post game labeled them as probably the worst team in the entire Saturday competition. We need to do much better, particularly with finishing what should be simple shots.

Perhaps the week off will allow us to regroup and recover to come back as a stronger and more accurate shooting team.

In the end, another win, 32-13 keeping us undefeated for the season (only two games played, but we have to cling to whatever glory we can find).

Also, in late news Phil Walker gets a mention in this report, as requested by himself. Thanks Phil.

Formatting is going to be horrendous until I have time this afternoon to update it after the trial games!