Wednesday, 17 July 2019

2019 #10 Round 8 & 9 Recaps - Double Dues

Key Dates

·      Intercol – Monday 22nd July *NEXT WEEK!!!
·      Quiz Night – Saturday 27th July
·      Players Player – Saturday 24th August
·      Club Lunch – Saturday 12th October

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SACBA Central Men 3

G's (Rookie Reds) v Hubitians C by Martin

Going into this week’s game, the rookies felt like they were cruising smoothly towards finals, sitting on top of the ladder with only one loss. However, Friday night’s ‘Lefty Righty’ driving game took a turn for the worst, with Steve and Noah ending up in different parts of Australia…

So we had to make do with only five in a very tough match up against the Hubitians. With our mean age being around a fifth of theirs, we decided to bravely use a tactic used by many NBA teams in high stress situations- shoot and hope for the best. Liam Rippon used this to his advantage, placing three 3’s on the scorecard, and with quite a lot of attempts made. If the scorecard included shots taken, we would have most defiantly won.

We kept a very strong defence, with especially Lachlan Crawford crashing back at substantial pace, and using his uni study on the rules of basketball, he managed to sadly receive zero fouls. However, Connor Cragie, clearly jealous of Lachlan Crawford’s 16 fouls for the season, tried his best to get up on the ladder, with some success. Some in the suburb of Wayville may have heard or felt the presence of Connor Cragie in defence, like Godzilla, terminating all their attacks faster than the Crows to choke by 10 goals in a quarter.

With some very good counter attack attempts by Liam Rippon and Martins Lidums, we were able to maximise our ball time and passing efficiency. However, throughout the match, it became quite clear which team was stronger on the day, giving us a result leaving much to be desired.

With the spot for the top overall position of the ladder, as well as the top personal fouls in close contention, it will be very interesting to see how the next few games unfold leading into the finals.

Score: Hubtitans C 62 defeat Rookie Reds 29

Points: Ottanelli 12, Rippon 9

SAABL Division 1

A’s v SPOC Saints White by Liam

Round 8 saw the A’s return to our round one opponent looking to avenge the tight round one defeat. Both teams looked different to the previous match up with Scott and Josh replaced by by Liam and Craig, while Mike was missing as he had jetted off to New York so he could say this. Saints were down Proctor, Peev, and both the Daniel boys. It was six on five, briefly. 

After one up and down, Craig had injured his calf that he was feeling at training on Tuesday. We were down to five for the match with a solid 39 min to go. 

Responding to the loss to The Franchise a couple of weeks ago, the Reds ran their sets against Saints man to good effect. A couple of decent early looks didn’t roll in but Phill was a giant on the glass (like this?) keeping us level with a couple of put backs. Our D then started to slow down Saints who were really looking to drive and dish and work the ball mainly through Nick and Stu. We started to execute quite effectively and got some shots to roll, Brendon making a couple of midrange and an early lead established 11-4. Saints then picked up their scoring, but this was matched by the Reds. The far better Stu on the court hit a catch and shoot three followed by one from Liam. Up 21-12 when Lachy then took a finger to the eye drawing blood and leading to a time out. 

Brief fears of being down to four allayed, we returned to the court where Saints had switched to zone coming out the TO so Liam and Stu continued hitting shots and quickly pushed it to 28-12 (this would prove to be the biggest margin of the game). Saints hit a couple of threes as the Reds got a bit tired with just five, and the early game, and the weather, and stuff. A quick timeout to recharge for the last couple of minutes of the half. 

Phill and Lachy were immense inside while Stu, B, and Liam rotated through the other forward spot in the zone to grab some rest. Back and forth to finish the half Reds up 32-20. 

The second half started with Stu continuing to prove himself as the best Stu on court, while amazing D continued to restrict Saints opportunities – just six points in the first seven minutes. Saints then called a timeout down 15 and with the game slipping away. To their credit they came out with far better intensity, changing to a man and getting out on the break. Eight straight in short order mainly off the break saw Lachy call a timeout just three minutes later. Very much the right call there. A slower tempo now but with better intensity saw scoring dry up except for Lachy getting to the line and converting both – very important foul shots there. 

Phill then found Liam for an and-one which was converted, but cheatin’ Bill on the score-bench missed the one (not bitter). Then came a rather consequential 10 seconds. Liam copped a no-call on a drive and landed on someone’s foot. Annoyed, he tried to foul Nick from behind as he started a 3-2 break. No call. B also tried to foul mid court to stop Stu being one out against three. Ref tried to play advantage, but Nick took exception and voiced his displeasure. Tech. More chat. More chat. Nick says f*ck. Tech two. Gone. Maybe not quite this level of ejection quality, but not heaps far off. 5-4 for the rest of the game, up seven with 4 min to go. We played clock – probably should have gone for percentage. 

A good win all up. Post game Liam complained he’d rolled his ankle in the pre-tech no call but was fine. It blew up large. Outs for next week are now five of the nine man roster. Big game coming up, danger game against Adelaide Uni.

Score: Reds 57 defeat Saints 46

Points: Liam 18, Lachy 11, Phil 10, Stuart 10

*Actual footage* of Craig’s calf.

SAABL Division 2

B’s (Red 2) v SHOC Hearts by Charlie

The stage was set - back’s against the wall, a losing 3-4 record and facing an undefeated Sacred Heart team with an average winning margin of 13ish a game. Risk of going out of touch with the competitive Div 2 top 4 but bolstered by the return of our absentee captain Self.

We started in man and immediately fell down 0-6 after a few tough makes and opportunistic rebounds however we quickly got our shit together. We realised across the board we had them over matched for size and moved the ball well through their zone, isolating Selfy in the low or high post, where he did plenty of damage. Combined with some physical warming man defence and a couple of B triples we went on 21 point run. Hearts called a time out and made a few triples to stem the damage. At the half Reds up 36-23.

It was a closely contested second half. The Hearts got within 1 point, but every time we needed a bucket Selfy stepped up. Absolutely monstering the defensive with his strength as well as hitting a few jumpers to keep them honest. It was definitely our best game of the season. Everyone played a role: B hit some triples and orchestrated the offence, Gus got to the rack and FT line, Krantz dominated the boards, Baker played physical defence and hit a few mid-range jumpers and Kara had few post scores when they went to man … oh and Jon had 36.

The end got a bit testy as they tried to foul to extend the game, even more after a couple of technical. Regardless we held on to win by 8, with Selfy finishing the game at the FT line. Post game beers drank in high moral!

Score: Reds 62 defeat Hearts 54

Points: Jon 36, Gus 11, Brandon 6

C’s (White 2) v Old Ignatius Wolves by Foo

C’s jumped out to a quick lead with a couple free throws from Dillon after being fouled in the first play. Iggies played in a man which was a bit of a surprise but the Cs managed to penetrate and get decent looks. Overall the first half was low scoring with the Cs missing a lot of decent looks ending the half with a 19-11 lead.

In the second half the scoring flowed more. Iggies had to change to a zone as we got a lot of inside buckets from Cam who was dominating the glass. Jon scored inside and got a couple steals for fast break layups. Isaac hit a late 3 and Morgan got some points in the paint to close out the game. Overall Cs had a comfortable 50-38 win despite only making 1 3pt shot

Score: Reds 50 defeat Wolves 38

Points: Jon 16, Cam 12, Issac 7

SAABL Division 3

All Stars v East Adelaide Newbie by Manners

After a thrashing at the hands of the newly relegated Saints outfit last week the Stars entered the game needing a win and came up against a bit of a rabble of an outfit in East Adelaide Newbie. They had one good player and another serviceable guard but that's about where it got a bit thin for them. Enter Stu, who, according to the score sheet had 25 when in reality, the rest of us were assisted by some inexperienced scorekeepers from East Adelaide allocating many of Stu's points to the rest of us - his tally would have easily have been 30. Not much to wrap up here as they struggled defensively, shifted to a man on man and the Stars were able to remain patient and pick them apart by hitting cutters in the land.

Score: All Stars 62 defeat Newbies 3

Points: Stu 25, Max Power 10, BB 8, Lunny 8

E’s (Red 3) v  Top Heavy by Ollie

This week the E’s faced Top Heavy who were second on the ladder. With the late addition of Josh Orken the E’s thought they were a fighting chance against possibly the best team in the competition. However we were mistaken. With missed shots and a few foul calls not going out way we couldn’t get it done. Even with Tim and Josh getting some good looks at the basket. All in all we went down by 30 and we hope that we can come back next week with a win to brighten up our last few games.

Score: Top Heavy 63 defeats Reds 34

Points: Orken 14, Ollie 10

F’s (White 3) v SPOC Saints Blue 3 by RT

From a squad of 8 we were whittled down to 5 before the game even started. In fact 4, because Captain Caldy was running late, having misjudged Showdown traffic on his way to the stadium. The opposition had youth on their side (once again) and a bit of height as well. We came away with the ball after the jump (not because RT won it, it must be said) and we were off. Or we would be, if anyone could manage to get the ball in the basket. I think it must have been fully 5 minutes into the game before the scoring started with an RT foul shot actually going in.

By this stage Caldy had arrived and we were back to a full strength team. Not that the scoring rate rose dramatically. It was a battle from start to finish, with neither team able to get a stranglehold on the game.

Probably 10 or so minutes to go and we were half a dozen or so points down until B-Rad turned it up a notch or two with 3x3 pointers in the space of a few minutes. That was enough to give us a slender lead, which we managed to hold onto until the final whistle.  

B-Rad our top scorer (and savior?) with 16. RT with a solid 8, 2/4 from the line. One under arm shot and one single handed shot going in. Caldy and Nele with 5 each. Hendo with 3, but loads of rebounds. We had a pretty solid defensive game and were happy with the end result. Beers, shiny meat and chips by RT.

Score: Reds 38 defeat Saints 36!!!


SAABL Division 1

A’s v SPOC Saints White by Lachy

Last week, the A's had a couple of injuries. Combined with our fearless leader flying north for the winter, we were looking a little short of bodies on the court. Luckily, I Noah guy. In his A's debut, Mr Miles himself slotted in well with the three of us who bothered to rock up on time. Oh yes, that's right - Stuart "Little" Brennan apparently didn't pass first grade cause he can't tell the difference between 3 and 4. A last minute, only mildly panicked message from Lachie meant that Squirt Brenton eventually made it to the game.

For those ten or so minutes, the Good Ol' Reds managed to run with the Friffs. Big Phill was, pardon my French, a fucking animal inside. Scoring from inside at a higher percentage than usual managed to keep his energy levels up for much longer, and he rode that high to the free throw line to shot 6 from 9. Noah had a couple of great drives to split defence and get to the hole for buckets.

Brendon also had one of his best games for the season, starting out strong and stretching the defence out while missing a teammate. Around this point, Ollie Fox(y) arrived early for his game and suited up to give the A's an extra defender for a few minutes while Smirk Brannana got his shoes on.

Eventually, we get the 5 players on the court that we were meant to have. Huzzah! (Apologies to SAABL - while Noah plays for the Old Reds, we forgot that he hasn't played in this league and may have neglected to register him prior to the game. Our bad!)

Shrek Broaden comes on to run some of the point, but at this point the Beast has been enjoying running point and throwing lazy allez-hops to Phill (who continued to read the defence all game and make some frankly amazing backcuts). Eventually Stank Brynner did get to run his point, and Lachie did some regular inside stuff. J's, dimes, boards. Clinical. President Noah has started to push the tempo with running mate B-Frangalangalang to tire the defence some more and get some layups.

We had a few mistakes, threw a lot of turnovers. Let them get back to 5 points. But, we didn't drop our heads and blew them back out. Struang Brammlesnatch made some nice shots from range, and a couple noice drives to get himself on the board too.

Overall, a fantastic team performance to hold on with only 4 players at the start and then really solidify with our 5th to bring the win home. Big shout out to Noah Miles for coming up to the A's, we look forward to having him again. Thanks as well to Ollie for those few minutes of hustle of defence he brought for us

Likely votes: Phill, Brendon for the big votes. Noah probs snaked one or two as well. Stepup Braindeaden played well, but likely loses votes for not being able to read a clock.

Score: Reds 58 defeat Blacks 47

Points: Brendon 21, Phil 19

SAABL Division 2

B’s (Red 2) v C’s (White 2) by Jon Foo

The B’s and C’s were up against each other in what was going to be the only derby of the regular season. The B’s were missing Self, Krantz and Baker and had Palk and Ollie filling in. C’s were short Dylan and Morgan and played with 6.

The game started with a classic Palk 3 off good perimeter ball movement. Dillon responded with consecutive baseline jumpers and Jon got out and scored in transition as the C’s looked to push the pace. Kara got open for an inbounds pass under the rim for an easy layup. Isaac got another transition bucket to put the C’s up 9-8. Consecutive baskets from Brandon and free throws from Gus gave the B’s the lead. The C’s responded with back to back triples from Alex and Jon. After another 3 from Dan and a nice transition layup from Cam the Cs pushed ahead finishing the half with a 31-19 lead.

The second half opened with an own goal from Kara after deflecting an entry pass from Dillon which rolled into the hoop. Tim and Cam traded baskets and the B’s switched to a man defence. Brandon started to hit  shots late and brought the game to within 7 at 40-33. The C’s ended up running away with it with Isaac and Jon scoring inside to end the game.

Score: C’s win 50-36

C’s Points: Jon 16, Isaac 13, Dillion Haydon 8

B’s Points: Brandon 12, Gus 7

SAABL Division 3

E’s (Reds 3) v F’s (White 3) by Ollie

Our Derby this week was against the PAOCBC White 3 boys who were a much.... much older group of boys. The wisdom of the our opposition proved to be tough in the first half with the scores staying relatively even. Zac Weigold (fill in) hit some tough inside shots and the ever reliable Tim Sibly hit a couple of good mid range ones as always.

Going into the second half we knew we had to shut down their inside game to stay on top. With Lachlan Crawford putting a body on their big men inside we were able to go on a small run led by Ollie fox with a couple of threes. This kept up and the Es were able to get their first win in 4 weeks. All in all the derby was a tough contest and I believe a few of the younger ones came out a bit sore the next day. Hopefully it made us more of a physical team.

Score: E’s 49 defeat F’s 43

E’s Points: Zac Weigold 16, Ollie Fox 13, Tim Sibly 13

F’s Points: B-rad 19, Mark Henderson 13

All Stars v Saints Blue 3 by Palky

The All Stars started slow against Saints Blue – down 2-10 in the early stages. Enter Palk – he hit back to back 3’s and then Bish started to take over, scoring 8 straight points making some short jumpers and a big 3. Saints stayed in the game by making improbable jumpers and failing to stop a moustachioed Saints guard who pulled the Draymond flex a couple of times (most amusing) – half time, All Stars up 20-17.

The second half the All Stars controlled the game Stu got an “And-1”, layup and a 3, Bish kept scoring from the high post and Manners and BB were shutting down the Flex-Mo. With 7 minutes to go All Stars were up by 14, a few careless turnovers and bad shots allowed Saints back into the game and they cut the lead by 6. Max then hit a long jumper and Bish hit a short jumper and A/S got the lead back out to 8 with a minute to go. Saints hit some free throws late but it was all over A/S win 40-35 in a scrappy but fun game where the ball moved well. Bish best with 16, Dangerous had 10 and BB was great in D and running the show.

Score: All Stars 42 defeat Saints 35.

Points: Jarrod Bishop 15, Stu 10, Max Power 6, Palk 6

SACBA Central Men 3

G’s (Rookie Reds) - BYE