Tuesday, 19 April 2016

2016 SACBA Week 3 Results

The blog is back. It is like the time Backstreet was back .. alright. (see photo below of said Backstreet Boys)

Wait that is not that Backstreet Boys that is Jack and Phil (The Wholeford Brothers) and Orken (half of the Orken brothers ... or one third if you count "Dan" who exists but doesn't play basketball).

To the reports:
A's (2-1-0) v B's (0-3) - The A's were missing Wholeford and Corey, so Jamie B and Dangerous took the court to fill in. Orken was late. It was up and down early - Foo and Jamie were getting to the basket for layups for the A's and Jamie hit a couple of 3's getting 10 early points. The B's were getting good looks in the half court but not making their open j's, Jono hit Gus with a nice pass inside for 2 and Brendon and Jono were scoring on the break. Halftime A's up 25-16. The 2nd half opened with the A's going on a 10-0 run with Orks and Foo scoring inside - when Jamie hit a 3 the A's went up 21. The B's switched to man and started to get stops and get out on the break - they showed some good fight but it was too little too late and Orks proved too much inside. A's won 53-38 - For the A's, Jamie had 15, Orks 13, Foo 10, the B's Jono 12, Phill 6 and Brendon 5.

C's (2-1) v SPOC B (1-2) - We have 2 reports: Written by Jay: The 1st half was a back and forth struggle. PAC got some good looks but didn't covert and Saints hit a couple of jumpers and scored from offensive rebounds. Jamie hit a 3 and a tough layup for the and-1, but in a CJ McCollum-Portland-esque kerfuffle, he wasn’t on the score sheet and so was ruled out for the rest of the game. After being tied at 12-12, the 2nd half saw PAC jump out on a 10-0 run after picking up the defensive pressure and forcing turnovers. Goody, Lachy, and Krantz were controlling things from the high post, and Jay and Ned were hitting from 3. PAC ran away with it, outscoring Saints 24-7 in the 2nd half, winning 36-19. Jay 19, Lachy 8.

Written by Lachie: After initially leading 7-0, Reds seemed to slow down. A couple of unconvincing looking shots (read: lucky) got the Saints back in, and even up for a short time. Some controversy regarding a player not being on the scoresheet correctly occurred with a minute remaining in the first (you are the WORST, Lachie) sent Jamie Banks to the bench for the remainder of the game. Manners subbed in to complete the and-1 play (Jamie's lay up was discounted but Manners got to take the foul shot), and with Reds making two free throws after the siren ties it up at 12 all at the half. Coming into the 2nd nice and irritated, Ned nails a three on the first possession of the half, and to rub salt in the wound, Jay stole the inbound for a lay up and one. Another two quick baskets saw the reds up 10 five minutes in. A time out from Saints and back into the game. Trying to focus on swinging and reversing the ball before getting it to Goody in the high post, the reds tore the saints defense apart. Good baseline cuts from Krantz saw him get a couple easy baskets, at one point resulting in Mike screaming from the sideline "PE play, that's a three point lay up!". Everyone played well, votes should be split between all players.

D's (2-1) v Unley Park A (1-2) - Palk was back for his first run and Coach Purge was back to coach ... hence the name. Unley beat the C's last week so they were weary of the dangerous line up. The D's D was Delightful. The guards were pressuring the Unley guards and the bigs were keeping the Un-ley-gainly bigs off the glass and forcing them to take tough shots. Madman made some early jumpers (from a certain position on the court) and A and Thommo scored inside. Palk came off the bench and made two 3's, missed 2 3's, made a layup off a great Roughie steal and went back to the bench. Unley kept it close for a while but the Reds constant pressure saw them go into the half up 23-12. The 2nd half started much the same with Madman making back to back jumpers, and with the Unley D now spread to the shooters, Stu was able to get to the basket time and time again - highlighted by an awesome behind the back pass from Rough to Stu inside for 2. The pressure D was causing lots of turnovers and Palk, Stu and Fooey were able to get fastbreak layups. Palk came off the bench and made four straight 3's and had seven for the game. The Reds D and ball movement showed that the D's will be tough to deal with this season. Win 59-24 - Palk 25, Stu 15, Mad 8.

E's (1-2) v Blackwood A (0-3) - NO REPORT. Win 40-28. Morgan 12, Max 11, Sime 10.

F's (3-0) v Taperoo A (1-1-1) - NO REPORT - other than Cam hit a clutch layup off a missed FT at the end to put the game out of reach. Win 29-25. Cam 10, G 6, Moorfoot 4.

G's (3-0) v Big Sunday B (1-1-1) - NO REPORT. Win 51-27. Reid 16, Rhys 14, Lawson 11.

Lady Reds (2-1) v Unley Park A (2-1) - Rachel and Megan returned to the team after injury and holiday. The Reds started well against a feisty Unley team, O'Buckets was scoring inside and Clare, Megan and Rachel all getting a couple of jumpers, and Alicia hitting a 3 - up 22-9 at halftime. When Alicia hit a 3 with 6 minutes to go the Reds were up 12. Unley then turned up the pressure and Reds didn't score again. Unley started making shots they were missing earlier in the game or were getting to the glass for putbacks. The Reds missed 4 open layups in the closing minutes and with 3 seconds left Unley scored to put them up 1. With a timeout called the Reds advanced the ball to halfcourt, they executed their out of bounds play and Megan got the basket and was fouled. If she made both Reds would win. After being shaken up after a hard foul she missed both. Unley win 32-31. Will get em next time. Rachel 8, Megan and Alicia 6.

Palky's Player of the Week - Week 3: For his 19 points and leadership on court, Jay Nguyen. 

No games this week.