Wednesday, 29 June 2016

2016 SACBA Week 11 Results

Everyone needs to pay their subs - Roughie has contacted you if you haven't. After Saturday - if subs remain unpaid then stats will be disabled for those players on the web and those members will not get any subsidy if they are coming on the brewery tour. This is not up for debate - seemingly like this trial in the US. (if you are offended by NFSW words ... don't read it)

Talking of stats - they are up to date - click here.

Short reports this week:
A's (10-1-0) v Gateway A (6-1-4) - Written by Mike - The A's have only struggled this year if they were slow to come out of the block. Often relying on their youth and speed, Liam proved to be an un-aging freak, knocking down some big 3s and scoring inside going for 11 early points. Things didn't slow down offensively either, Phil and Jack making shots, Foo scoring on drives and Orken playing 2 feet above everyone else, cleared up some boards and got to the bucket. It really got relentless in the second half when the As ball movement was at its peak for the season even finding some easy walk in lay ups as Mike skied down hill. Highlight for the game, James Smith didn't get an opportunity to hit anyone so he walked over to the scoreboard wall switch and turned it off. Literally giving up on the game. The final 4 minutes really felt like gateway had been invited to a PAC training to perform the task of "being a cone". Big win for the A's 70-30. Liam 20, Phil 14, Mike 10.

B's (2-9) v SPOC A (3-8) - SPOC came out of the gates hard and the B's had no answers. I left at half time but it was all over by the then. Phill was duelling hard with the Saints bigs. Lost 38-73. Phill 13, Jono 12, Kirkham 7.

C's (8-3) v Unley A (3-8) - NO REPORT. Win 34-31. Lachie 13, Krantz 8, Goody 6.

D's (6-5) v SPOC A (5-6) - Saints finally worked out that the D's like to shoot 3's and are old, so man is a good option. It was a back and forth game - Stu and Thommo were able to get to the basket time and time again and between them were 12 of 18 from the line. Stu and Palky hit a couple of 3's and A had a nice couple of  baskets inside. Saints had a new bloke (who as it turns out works with Big A - so that is now 2 dudes from oppostion teams he gets to see on a daily basis) that was very handy and scored 12 points in the first half. The game was close but St. John hit two 3's and a couple of FTs to ice the game for SPOC. D's lost 33-38. Stu 13, Thommo 8, Palk 6.  

E's (5-5) BYE

F's (6-3) v Taperoo A (5-1-4) - NO REPORT. Lost 25-29. G 12, Cam 11.  

G's (5-5) v Burnside A (7-3) - Written by Nige - Travel travel travel foul travel travel double dribble travel foul travel travel travel foul foul travel foul oh wait I don’t know who committed that foul so cross it off travel foul three seconds foul foul foul travel travel foul.  In a game dominated by the grey team, the black team started well to take an 8-0 lead early, then the Red team clawed back the rest of the way but fell short, Lost 21-18. Reid 8, Cale 6

Lady Reds (7-4) v Trinity A (2-9) - With no centres the Lady Reds played with 5 guards. They were able to run and run and run - getting a bunch of layups, there was not a lot of half court offense played by the Reds. At times they allowed themselves to play down to the opposition. Some positive signs with Tracey having a big game but there were a few too many missed layups. Win 44-19.Tracey 20, Megan 8, Rachel & Alicia 6.

Palky's Player of the Week - Week 11: With only a handful of wins this week it is an easy one. The ageless wonder who has been in the A's for 16 seasons, had his best shooting game for quite some time - hit four 3's in the first half and finishing with 20 - his highest points total since 2011, Liam Golding. He's kind of like Tony Hawk.

Week 12 Game Times:
A's v B's @ 2.40 - Saints Court 1
C's v SPOC B @ 1.50 - Saints Court 1
D's v Unley A @ 1.50 - Saints Court 2 *Palky's Game of the Week
E's v SPOC C @ 2.40 - Saints Court 2
F's v Blackwood A @ 4.20 - Saints Court 1
G's v Spicer A @ 4.20 - Saints Court 2
Lady Reds v Happy Valley A @ 4.20 - Wayville Court 1

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

2016 SACBA Week 10 Results

MILESTONE: Last Wednesday, Lachlan Campbell played his 200th game for the Old Reds. Lachie joined the club in 2011 - endearing himself to everyone by asking a lot of questions. Highlights of his time in the club - He won an A Grade title in the A's in 2015 and a Thursday A Grade title in 2011. He was named Best Team Man in the B's in 2011 and 2013, and MVP for Monday in 2012. He was also awarded he Best Club Man in 2012, which is also the year he has the record for most games in a season with 59. A great team mate - he plays hard D and rebounds, he is a great passer from the high post and his unorthodox driving/post up game combined with his consistent outside jumper makes him tough to stop. He has been one of the top 10 players in the club for the last 5 years. Lachie is in the top 20 of all time scorers, the top 25 in games played, top 10 in FTs attempted and made and top 20 in fouls. Good work Lach.

FROM THE SOCIAL COORDINATOR: A reminder of our upcoming Adelaide craft-beer tour. Please advise if you are attending as we are finalising numbers to book the bus, would be good to get a few more along.

The PAOCBC will be engaging in a craft brewery bus tour around metropolitan Adelaide on the 16th of July twenty sixteen. We have done this a couple of times with great success and hereby invite expressions of interest for the upcoming tour.

The itinerary, larger than previous years, is approximately as follows:
1130 Meet at 7 Stars
 1200 Wheaty Brewing Corps
 1300 Pirate Life
 1400 Big Shed Brewing
 1500 Brew Boys
 1600 Little Bang
 1700 Lady Burra
 ???? HQ, Red Square, The Firm, The Palace, Pole Position, Crazy Horse, Chianti Classico

Please advise either below or via some other means of your intention to attend.

Regards, J. J. Orken, Esq.

Post Script: There will be a cost associated with hiring the bus, ranging between $20-50 per person, depending on the number of people we get

To the reports:
A's (9-1-0) v SPOC A (2-8) - Written by Mike - Mike* scored the first basket of the game and had 5 of the first 9... If you are letting him score, then your defence sucks. Phil, Jack and Orken had no issue making it to the rack. And Foo and Liam ... Well no one can stop them at the best of time... And now was the best of time! A's win against an [ed change] an opposition that is struggling at the moment. Orken with a dunk followed by a tech. "Which was totally worth it."

*Ed note - I like that the first word of a report by Mike is Mike

B's (2-8) v Gateway A (6-1-3) - Written by Lenny - I thought that it was one of the greatest “character” wins of the club. Almost going alongside the A’s win against Saints when only having 5 and needing a win to keep going in the finals. Jono grew a leg and kept his head and “generalled” everything – he started out of the blocks like he meant to play and never stopped – and his belief was enormous. Phill just kept banging away inside against huge opposition – often 3 against 1 – and the way the B’s played against those 3 guys much bigger than them was awesome. Tim was always an offensive and defensive threat. Brendon started to take it to the hole and always had good free inside looks – it was almost like Gateway refused to rate him and so didn’t guard him. And Manners, buttering up from the earlier disappointing game and making up the 5 just ran his heart out and defensively was on to everything – even when he started to stack up the fouls to get to 3. Once he switched to #9, that guy’s influence went out of the game (he had scored 11 of their 16 points – 3 X 3, one little running 2) and Gateway were beaten. Coming down into the last 5, the B’s just kept playing disciplined ball and controlled their tempo perfectly. And Gateway were almost full strength – and they were the ones who lost their cool and got snippy with the umps – we never did. I can’t quite remember but I think that at one point we led by 20 – we certainly were in front by 17 for long minutes – and that got even more into Gateway’s heads. I told the boys at the end that I couldn’t have been more proud of them and I meant it. Win 45-28. Jono 19, Brendon 12 Phill 8.

C's (7-3) v D's (6-4) - In the previous contests, the C's have owned the D's much like the Johnny Lawrence owns Daniel LaRusso* on the beach in sunny California. The game started well for the D's with Purge setting the tone hitting 3 straight mid range jumpers - Palky then hit a 3, Stu hit a crafty runner off a nice pass from Purge, Thommo finished inside and then Stu hit a crazy layup. D's up 2-16 after 10 minutes (which was pretty good considering they only scored 17 in the whole game last time they played them). Krantz scored inside, Jamie hit a tough runner and Lachie made 2 FTs - D's up 19-7 at halftime. The C's then closed the gap to 2 (21-23) - the D's had good looks but were not making their shots. Ned hit a wide open 3 because Palk made a stupid defensive error, Jay got out on the break and made a couple of layups, Jamie made another tough shot and Lachie scored inside and 1. The D's settled when Foo was fouled on a 3 and he made all 3 free throws and Stu hit back to back 3's late. D's D held up all game and they won by 10 - 21-31. Jamie, Lachie and Jay 4 points for the C's and Stu 10, Purge 6 and Thommo 5 for the D's.

*My monthly Karate Kid reference

E's (5-5) v F's (6-3) - Written by Sime - With schedule changes we’d waited a while for the Central 2/3 derby between Max’s E’s & G’s F’s (confused much?). The game almost failed to launch with a scheduling issue keeping Charlie ‘Pony’ Baker stuck in the gate – big thanks to Ned for running a 2nd game to ensure the G’s had 5. The G’s were therefore without a sub and started with 4 while a complicated deal was negotiated with Ned, and they were also missing JT and B-Rad (and the E’s were still missing Kobe). After a couple of trots up & down the court, G zeroed in on the ring and fired at will, dropping 3 treys for the half and a deuce, while Cam was lively under the ring, getting to the line a couple of times including an and-one. For the E’s, Max also found range downtown while the Silver Fox settled in around midtown, hitting 3 nice shots. Reggie chipped in from Mike’s place and one under the hoop. It was overall a close battle, the E’s eking out a 2 point half time lead, 18-16, with G leading all scorers with 11. The lack of a sub took its toll in the 2nd, with the E’s rotating fresh legs, turning up the D at one end & finding their shooters at the other. The D was set up by The Road Train, who built an impressive wall to make the F’s inside game a lot more difficult and Hendo who threw another block party (all invited), including 3 in one play. Kara went Hulk style and ripped open his singlet on the way to the bucket and a 10 point half. Ned had asked Reggie in the 1st half why he didn’t shoot any more – perhaps it was old age that he forgot how much he liked a 3 and went for 3 of them in the 2nd (appreciate the encouragement Ned). The Silver Fox also stepped it up with another 9 in the 2nd, while Morgan was active under the ring and rewarded by trips to the line. For the F’s 2nd half, Ned also got going on the offence with 8 of his own, and Tone became a livewire, looking from inside and outside, eating up a couple of tasty dishes from G for his own 8 point half. But it was the E’s day, their shooting came at a (guessed) decent percentage by finding the guy with the best look for much of the day and they outlasted the F’s to build a lead through the second half. Final score was 54-38, Mike and Simon with 15 for the E’s, Kara 10, while G had 11 and Ned 9 for the F’s. Big thanks to Sean & Lenny for dutifully manning the scoresheet and scoreboard, your efforts are really appreciated.

G's (5-5) v Big Sunday B (5-1-4) - NO REPORT. Loss 36-42, Reid 13, Caldy and Matt 6.

Lady Reds (6-4) v CityReach A (8-2) - The Lady Reds will miss the height and scoring of O'Buckets - so Rachel recruited Karen English*. Hannah scored the first basket off a great pass and cut from Karen. It was a back and forth contest - Alicia and Rachel hit 3s and City Reach hit 2 of their own, Karen scored 8 points from foul line jumpers and City Reach did the same through #7. Tied at 18 at half time. The 2nd half Karen kept the Reds in it - making 4 shots - she has some crafty post moves, soft touch around the basket and mid range jumpers - I am calling it now - she is the best player in the league. Alicia scored on the break and hit a 3 - but CityReach just kept making inprobable shot after inprobable shot - they made 6 shots in the 2nd half and 5 of them had no right to go in. Down 2 with 45 seconds left - Megan missed a 3, CityReach got the ball, they turned it over with 10 seconds to go and Alicia had a great look for 3 for the win but missed it. Lost 35-37. Karen had 17, Alicia 8, Rachel 6. The Lady Reds are struggling a bit at the moment but they have 9 weeks to get Karen into the mix and start clicking. I still think they have a great chance to win the title but it won't be easy.

*When I heard of her last name I thought of this clip. D'oh-eth

Palk's Player of the Week - Week 10: Some great performance this week, but for his inside, outside game and his leadership, Jono Self, for leading the B's to their first win in atleast 4 years over Gateway. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come from Jono - talent to burn, just need to get that effort every week.

Week 11 Game Times:
A's v Gateway A - 5.10 @ Saints Crt 1
B's v SPOC A - 3.30 @ Saints Crt 1 *Palky's Game of the Week
C's v Unley - 4.20 @ Saints Crt 1
D's v SPOC B - 2.40 @ Saints Crt 1
F's v Taperoo A - 3.30 @ Mars Crt 1
G's v Burnside A - 2.40 @ Saints Crt 2
Lady Reds v Trinity A - 1.00 @ Wayville Crt 1

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

2016 SACBA Week 9 Results


Game 4 of the NBA Finals is this Saturday June 11 starting at 10.30am. So we are going to move the $2 beers from 7pm to 10.30am. Come down, watch the game, settle in for some lunch and cheap drinks. Port v Bulldogs will be on TV at 1pm (Go Dogs!) If you are keen please let me know ASAP - I need to know by tomorrow. Just like the post or comment below - we have to let 7 Stars know.

Now we are at the halfway mark - unlike the last few seasons we are not at the top of all the ladders and there are clearly some non-PAOC favourites in each league.
  • The A's are looking good in A Grade but Gateway A are very good - if they have their full team they will be strong.
  • You would think that the C's and D's should take out Central 1 but Unley Park have beaten both of these teams.
  • Central 2/3 is crazy close 4 points is separating 4th through 8th - and all teams below the E's and F's have beaten one of them. Taperoo are looking solid this year and Knightsbridge are super balanced ... even SPOC are pretty decent on their day.
  • The G's are 3rd and 1 point away from being 7th. Golden Grove and Burnside are strong - the G's will need their full team come finals if they are a hope.  
  • Lady Reds are a tier below the top 2 teams - Unley are looking strong ... but I don't worry about the Reds - when it is time to win ... they know how to get it done.
I haven't had any cool videos this year in the blog (other than the Nicholas Cage one) - if there is anything funny that you want me to add in, email me a link and I will try and add them in.

I'll start with an interesting one. Read this morning  that one of my favourite songs ever, Antichrist Television Blues by Arcade Fire is about Jessica's Simpsons' Dad being a maniac. "An exploitative father begs God to make his 13-year-old daughter famous so he can spread the Good Lord's word and also, total coincidence here, make the dad filthy rich so he'll never have to work again". Anyway - I thought it was interesting - listen to the song and read the lyrics ... amazing.

As always - the stats are up to date. 

To the reports:
A's (8-1-0) v B's (1-8) - Written by Mick - Last time these teams met the game was kept close by some early shooting, tight passing and strong defence of the B's. The A's had no intention of letting this be the case this week. The A's came out hard and fast, making the most of their size, speed and strength cutting off passes, attacking with numbers and scoring on the break. Before anyone noticed the score had blown out to double digits before the first sub of the game. The rest of the game played out as could be expected, with the joke of refereeing only bested by Jono's attempt at coaching that morning*. A's runaway winners. A's won 85-35 - Foo and Orks 19, Jack 16 (all 6 in double figures), for the B's Phill 14, Gus 12, Jono 7.

Both teams then headed to the Hackney for a social chat some nibbles and beverages. Personally these interactions are why I am so fond of the basketball club, and we should all take ownership of the social interactions we take part in. Though I'm away this long weekend I suggest you all make it to $2 beer night even if you don't drink. These occasions are what spectate us from other basketball clubs, and makes us great. Get around it.

*Jono's coaching role starts at 11:00am with a game at 11:30. He woke up at 12:30.

C's (7-2) v SPOC C  (3-6) - Written by Jay - Saints trotted out a lineup essentially of 5 guards. We were still missing Jamie and Ned, but knew we had a distinct size advantage with Goody, Krantz and Lachy. It took a few minutes to get rolling, but soon Lachy was driving through their D, both scoring himself and hitting Krantz for some good finishes. On the other end, they couldn’t get much going against us, while Jay was getting to the rim and the foul line and at the half it was 22-6. The game opened up in the 2nd with Saints hitting a few more shots and PAC turning it over a few too many times. We kept up our effort though, and everybody hit the scoresheet in the half - Lachy pushing the pace with some nice moves, Krantz and Goody scoring inside, Manners and Jay finishing on the break, and Alex nailing a couple of threes. Final score 44-20. Jay 15, Lachy 10, Krantz 7.

D's (5-4) v Unley Park A (3-6) - With no Stu and Foo - it was just the injured old men vs the very plucky Unley. Unley got off to a good start with their 2 guards causing all sorts of problems. Palk hit a couple of 3's and Thommo was having his best scoring game inside. Madman hit a couple of jumpers and Rough scored a couple of baskets and got to the line - Reds down 1 at halftime. The 2nd half was a grind - Palk was not shooting well and Thommo was keeping the Reds in it. Unley were making all their open j's with #40 making 2 tough jumpers and two 3's. Down 7 with a minute to go - Unley's centre fouled out leaving them with 4. Thommo scored inside, got a stop, Palk hit a 3, got a stop down 2 with 20 seconds left. The D's chose not to get the ball inside and go for the 3 - two dudes jumped out on Palk, kicked the ball to Purge, back to Palk, back to Purge ... could not get a shot off and the D's lost - to a team they have been by an average of 35 the other 2 times they have played them. Shows me the Cavs aren't out of it. Loss 36-38. Thommo and Palk 12, Rough 6.

E's (4-5) v Knightsbridge A (7-1) - NO REPORT. Loss 26-38. Hendo and Max 7, Sime 5.

F's (6-2) v SPOC C (3-1-5) - NO REPORT. G 7, Charlie 6, JT 5.

G's (5-4) v SPOC D (4-1-4) - The G's were a bit short handed with no Rhys, Reid, Cale and Nelly. SPOC D have a decent player and he was on fire early - and didn't we all know about it ... everytime he hit a shot he did a little dance, gun fingers into holsters, 3 symbols, that's 2, "I'm not subbing ... I'm on fire", lots of wooing. Reds got off to a slow start down 13-2 before they started to get into the contest. Todd was getting out on the break and Matt was scoring down low. 15-26 at halftime. The 2nd half the G's came back with Caldy able to get in the lane time and time again - either making little jumpers or hitting Matt inside. Reds got back to 6 before they let Mr On Fire hit another couple of 3's and scored a couple of very nice drives*. Trev and Nige hit a couple of late 3's to keep some
respectability in the game. Save a bad start and a 5 minute patch in the 2nd half the G's showed some good fight. G's lost 37-49. Matt with 18, Todd 6 and Caldy 4.

*He is a quite a good player - he should at least be in their C's if not their main scorer in the B's. 

Lady Reds (6-3) v St Casmir A (4-5) - Lady Reds were down Rachel and then quickly went down O'Buckets as she copped a ball in the face and broke her nose*. With a smaller lineup against the feisty St Casmir it would be a hard contest. Alicia hit an early 3, Randall banked a 3 and Tracey scored on the break - Reds up 2 at halftime. The 2nd half the Reds talked about getting Hannah the ball in the high post, when that happened the ball moved more and they were able to get good shots. Hannah was scoring inside and Alicia got hot from the outside with four 2nd half 3's. The D (which has always been the girl's strength) tightened up, getting to the outside shots and battling super hard on the glass. Reds ran away with it 39-17. Alicia 15, Hannah 10, Tracey 5.

*It is with a heavy heart that the Lady Reds have lost O'Buckets - she is calling it a day. She was an intergral part for the team winning the title last year and she will be missed by all. 

Palky's Player of the Week - Week 9: For his fighting spirit in a losing battle with 18 points, Matt Lawson.

No Games this Week.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

2016 SACBA Week 8 Reults

The stats are up to date

Training turnout was very poor last night - come on guys ... get to training!

G's - note you are at PAC this week.

After the week off next week - there will be changes to the schedule with some games either moving times or moving to Mars. We will let you know.

To the reports: A's v Gateway A - With only 5 players, PAC faced up against a large and full Gateway. We came out of the gates strongly with Orken scoring 6 straight points inside and our team D held fast, holding Gateway at bay. Everyone worked well together inside but we missed a bunch of close shots. The refs were really making their mark on the game, slowing  the tempo down drastically with constant calls. The game was a grind in the first half, with PAC leading 19-14 at the break. In the second half, Jack displayed some of his former vigour with athletic defence and great ball distribution.  Liam and Phil both hit 3s to give PAC a strong second half start Gateway regrouped with a time out and came out  firing (the ball) and brought the game back within a few points. Mike stepped up to keep us together through this period and was great inside, both scoring and distributing. The remaining minutes of the game were a tight back and forth between the two teams, with Gateway hitting a number of 3's to tighten the margin. Liam hit a crucial 3 to push out the score and combined with PAC's bulldog like resolve, proving too much in the end as we held on for a 4 point victory. A well-earned victory. Win 40-35 – Orken and Liam 12, Jack 8

B's v SPOC A - B's v SPOC A - Written by Jono - This week the B's came out aggressive and we held our aggression against Saints the whole game, saints got a few baskets early but we were right behind them with Angus hitting a couple shots and Phill being a big presents in side and getting some easy shots in the basket and Mitch drained a 3 to keep up close at the half 26-32. BB filled in for us on the weekend as we only had 5, he brought good tempo into the court when playing the point, creating great scoring opportunities from his movement around the three. The second half was still just as aggressive in both offence and defence for us and we were playing good basketball, we kept scoring and getting stops on D but unfortunately for us Saints just weren't missing. The game was still fairly close until the last few minutes where Saints big guys even decided to hit a couple 3s and the final score was 46-59. Unfortunately for us Saints had a better day shooting then us, but we are starting to play really good basketball as a team and we are only getting stronger, the scoresheet didn't accurately depict the game on Saturday. Loss 46-59. Phill 12, Gus 10, Jono 8.

C's v Unley Park A - Written by Jay -  Without Lachy, Jamie and Ned we got off to a terrible start against Unley, falling behind by 10 or so after a couple of minutes. Some bad calls didn’t help, but we were flat and turning the ball over too much. We righted the ship late in the first half to cut most of their lead down, but Unley responded and was back up by 11 at halftime. In the second half we were mostly back to playing to our usual standard with Goody and Krantz scoring well down low, and we tied the game going into the final minutes. Some open looks didn’t drop, a few more interesting calls went against us, and it was still tied within 30 seconds to go. Unley was in possession and so we played solid D to force the draw. But wait! Following a scoresheet review it was discovered that the scoreboard was wrong, and Unley was 1 point up for the final minute or so, and so we actually lost by 1… 38-37  Goody 13, Krantz 7, Jay 6.

D's v SPOC B - With Foo out and Stu a late withdrawal - The D's were up against Unley without a significant scoring punch. No matter - Palk was on fire - hitting 4 threes and a weird one handed j scoring 14 of our first 16. After 17 minutes SPOC decided to what Palky thought was man ... but was actually a box and 1. The shortest, second oldest, unfittest, begoggled misfit on the court surely does not need a box and 1. D's up 21-10 at half time. The 2nd half was closer with Saints odd D confusing the Reds - without Dan or Stu it was hard to take advantage - SPOC were hitting their mid range and Reds were struggling to get good looks. A hit a jumper and then scored inside off a great pass, Purge found Roughie and Madman with a couple of great passes and hit his second three. Rough then got to the basket a couple of times and Purge hit a pull up 3 - COLD BLOODED! The Reds won by their halftime margin 39-28. Palk with 17, Purge and Rough 7.

E's v Big Sunday A - Written by Max - The E’s looked nothing like the team they were a week ago, with a dismal performance against Big Sunday A. Impatient offences, lackluster passing and poor defensive rotation meant we were never really in the game. Highlights for the E’s included some sharp early shooting from Miller and a strong rebounding performance by Hendo. In the end we went down 40-28. Miller had 8 and Max had 6. 


G's v Golden Grove A - NO REPORT. Loss 10-45. Late Player 3, Troy 3

Lady Reds v Unley Park A - NO REPORT. Loss 23-31. Alicia 9, Rachel 7.

Palky's Player of the Week - Week 8. For his four big 3's in what was a fiery affair, Liam Golding.

Week 9 Game Times:
A's v B's - 2.40pm @ Saints Court 1
C's v SPOC B - 1.50pm @ Saints Court 1
D's v Unley A - 1.00pm @ PAC
E's v Knightsbridge A - 4.20pm @ Saints Court 1 *Palky's Game of the Week
F's SPOC C - 3.30pm @ Saints Court 2
G's v SPOC D - 1.50pm @ PAC
Lady Reds v St Casmir - 4.20pm @ Wayville Court 1