Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Round #15 - G's move on to Finals

Key Dates

·      Club Lunch – Saturday 12th October 
·      Rookie Reds Season Still Alive - 2:40pm this Saturday at Immanuel College, Try and Make it Out!

SACBA Central Men 3

ROUND 15 by Lachie

    Rookie Reds vs United Abilities  28-34
     Upon checking the fixture I wanted to sew my eyelids shut after finding out we had to play in the most dimly lit gymnasium in the state with rings that rattled worse than a 40 year old car on an unsealed road. Nevertheless we knew we’d have it tough playing against a strong United Abilities outfit with two of the top three scorers in the league (in PPG). 

    In a common occurrence for the season the opponent was short of players for the first 3 minutes but they sorted that all out and we were shortly underway with a blissful 3 point shot from Harry Tidmarsh. Getting off to a flying start the reds took and early lead 13-2 playing some solid man D (which we look to use in our finals run) and credible offence with adequate sharing of the rock and the points. The G’s ground out the half with some interesting 3 point attempts and makes (how they went in was beyond me) from Stephen and Lincoln x2. 

    Then in the true spirit of the Australian snow season the G’s were on a slippery slope downwards as Igor (a very talented man) proceeded to do the only thing he knows how to, in driving to the ring and scoring in a seamless matter. 

    Then behind a few very average calls from the referee’s (nothing out of the usual for the church league, and what you’ve all experienced yourselves from what I’ve heard) the game descended into scrappy basketball that made me wish I followed through with my earlier comments. 

     On a positive note? (Funny but probably not the best in relation to representing the club), Liam managed to get an easy Technical upon asking (Quite politely in-fact, especially from Liam) the referee to ‘go to spec-savers’. Then unsurprisingly the second of the dangerous duo that is Steve and Liam decided to join in with a few words that made me question the depth of his vocabulary. 

     All in all the G’s ended up taking the L going down 34-28

     Additionally whoever scored had no clue what they were doing by the looks but I’d say some credible performances were made my Harry T and Lincoln

     Points: Harry 9

ROUND 15 by Orken

    PAOCBC Reds vs Kings Park Royals   60-77

     Coming up against the self-appointed leaders of a coalition of unknown monarchic realms, the similarly self-styled Red Princes were seeking at least a five-point victory over The Kings to seal progression into the Royal Tournament – the SAABL finals.  With Prince Orken returning from his football quest of folly, the Red Princes had height on their side, but as is often the case with this lanky journeyman, there is an inverse relationship between height and performance, with He of the Height missing 90% of his under the basket shots throughout the game, including a missed dunk.

     Making up for this Royal Fool posing as a Red Prince, Prince Philip of House Farrerdon battled valiantly in the painted field, scoring hard earned artisanal baskets for his effort. One of the King’s, hailing from the mystic Sturt Realms defied expectations as a big man and hit six three pointers throughout the battle, and another smaller King of an unknown realm hit five. As the wise sages say, “Live by the sword, die by the sword” and it was the Sword of Threes that beheaded the Red Princes that day. Even discounting the conniving Bishops’ best efforts  to sway the battle in their Majesties favour, the Red Princes underperformed for most of the battle, although a late sally forth in the dying hours (minutes) made the scorecard a little more respectable, with The Jester Prince Michael using his knowledge of juggling and sleight of hand to befuddle the Kings, who had frankly already started reclining on their tricliniums to quaff mead and scoff boiled goose and swollen grapes.

     Disappointingly the Red Princes closed out their campaign with an unsatisfying defeat, losing 60-77. But we shall rise again! Harder! And Stronger! For we are Princes men forever, we never shall say never, to challenges we meet along the way. We will face the world with might. Uphold the Red and White, and march right on into another day

     Points: Phil 20, Liam 11


ROUND 15 by Brandon

    PAOCBC Reds 2 vs Titans BC   57-76

     In what was an up and down season for the B’s, we finished off with a game where we all agreed we just wanted to have some fun. However, The social aspect of the team and how well we all got along off the court was the real highlight this season. As you can see, I’m trying to stay away from the fact that we lost, but we all said that whilst we didn’t win as much as we would’ve liked, it was an entertaining season nevertheless. Shout out to Adam, a new recruit this season who absolutely balled out this game whilst everyone else was sticking up the joint. The game started out slow with everyone missing makeable shots but as the game went on it started to become a high scoring affair. Selfy started to make a couple shots and Gus again slashing to the ring as always. Adam had 4 3’s and an overall really good game, one of the few positives from what was a pretty bland game in all honesty. The real game began at players player where the B’s put on an absolute clinic Saturday night with beers at the Austral and later, a sesh at Jive for an 80’s night. The B’s will look to come back in 2020 with the same great social aspects but hopefully a bit more winning.

     Points: Adam 18, Gus and Selfy 10

    PAOCBC White 2 vs Southside Spartans

ROUND 15 by Manners

    All Stars v Punjab Lions  37-34

     Stars come out needing to beat Punjab Lions and then rely on the upset of all upsets on the good Saints team losing to Adel Uni.  Stars come out well, Jarrod driving and drawing the foul, knocks both down, then a jumper, then a layup, then another jumper, scoring our first 9 points and 11 in first 6 mins.  Max makes a 3 and its 14-nil or close thereto.  Lions come out and get a few easy ones and end up with 20 odd in quick time, Lunny with a nice and-one to end the half.  Second starts well with Scott making a nice lay-up,  second half a tight arm restle the whole way with Stars lead hovering at 6 or 7, then wittled down  to 4, then they make an and-one to get it to one point with over 2 mins left. From there Stars hold nerve, don’t turn it over and run clock, Max with a great offensive rebound, then a hustle steal both in last 30 second to ensure Lions don’t get one last offence.  Jarrod with 19 to cap off a great second half of season, Max hustle was the difference in the end.  Stars win by 3 with season likely over -  a big thanks to Jarrod’s better half and two daughters, Lunny’s lad Ethan and daughter Jazmine for their support and scoring all year. Am proud to have been a part of a team who played ball all year in the right way, always backing each other, and by season’s end there were 7 mates on-court genuinely willing success for each other.

     Points: Jarrod 19, Lunny 7

ROUND 15 by Ollie

    PAOCBC Reds 3 v RAVSTASS Leprechauns  32-68

    The Es played against the Leprechauns this week and once again we’re faced with the tough task of playing with 3 fill ins. The game began fairly even with us going into a time out down 7-13 but the last 8 minutes of the first half saw the other team go up 27-7. Before long we had an injury and we were down to 4. This did not prove helpful as we ended up getting beaten by a large amount! Great job this season it has been tough but we’ve come away with some wins hopefully we get more of a consistent and set team next year.

    Points: Focca 14, Greg 8

ROUND 15 by RT
     PAOCBC White 3 vs Top Heavy   20-57

     A quick check of the ladder pre-game indicated that the result for this game was another forgone conclusion. Ladder position 3 plays position 9. Div 3 team plays Div 4 team.
    We lost. It could have been closer, but we pretty much forgot how to shoot.
    Troy started well, with consecutive threes, RT got 2 points off the floor. Then the rot set in. We didn’t score again until about halfway through the second half, while they scored freely from pretty much everywhere. We managed to somehow find a few baskets in the second half to give our total of 20, well short of their 57.

    Trev and Frank with 6 each.
    RT  and Caldy with 4 each.
    Flair and Nele not troubling the scorers.

    Special mention to Flair, the season stats showing a total of three points made in 8 games played. Possibly a personal record!
    Post game beers by RT.

    Half the team went to the Player’s Player to see Nele receive the medal. It was a good night for all involved, many beers and much shit talking. Special mention to Jimmy and his high 5 technique.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Round #14 - Spots for finals heating up

Key Dates

·      Players Player – Saturday 24th August  THIS SATURDAY***
·      Club Lunch – Saturday 12th October
·      Stay tuned for times/dates for the G's impending finals run and for teams making finals in SAABL***


ROUND 14 by Lachie  
     Reds v Holdfast 58-20

    Back at it again the G’s had the full roster turn up on what was a drowsy Saturday afternoon. Many of us were awoken by a message from Noah, proclaiming he wanted to score 44 such that his PPG for the season would be exactly 20. 

    With 9 players and a bit of pre-game wisdom from Steve suggested that we go back to playing the same brand of basketball we played all of last year, a full court press in an attempt to frustrate our opponent and give Noah as many opportunities as it was going to take (I for one, thought this would be a lot), in a Kobe Bryant esque farewell game.  In a less than ideal fashion our opponents got out of the gate early by asserting a dominant presence inside with their big men. In what was to be their sole point for the next ten minutes. Noah then kicked into another gear unseen ever before. 

     The boys played hard defence getting steals all over the shop (special note to our import Harry for this one) and rarely letting the opponents get into an offence whilst we all stood around on offence admiring Noahs tough finishes at the rim, mid-range pull ups and 3 pointers, seemingly all managing to go in. It was pure poetry. Each attach followed my a majestic finish leaving the entirety of our team and the opponents in disbelief. At half time the moral of the opposition was pretty well non-existent, single handedly demolished by the cruel hand and athleticism of Noah Miles. Onlookers much akin to our team concerned by the natural scoring ability possessed within the lowest grade of Basketball offered on a Saturday Afternoon. As well as some questionable decisions on prime scoring opportunities from players other than the man of the moment himself. 

     In what has been compared to Steven Bradbury winning gold (unlikely but pleasant to say the least) a dominant display Noahs allowed him to achieve his goal of 44 points (of 46 at this point in time) with about 5 minutes left in the game. From this point onwards the rest of the squad rounded out the game with some crafty passing, intellectual defense and all round beautiful basketball that was a joy to watch. A positive note heading into the finals without our key scorer.  

    Reds v Holdfast 58-20

    Points: Noah Miles 44

     On a side note I’d like to thank Noah for playing with us this year. Even though the quality of game was probably well below what he is used to, the entire team has taken so much from being able to share the court with him and it was a pleasure to say the least. Looking forward we hope to go deep in the finals as a tribute to Noah. 

ROUND 14 by Mike
     PAOCBC Reds vs Moonshiners 

     Reds against moonshiners Reds played the first half, it went well. They didn’t play the second half, it went poorly. Reds down by 6. Need to win by a handful next week to make finals.

     Points: Brendan 14, Mike 9


ROUND 14 by Brandon
     PAOCBC Reds 2 vs Coyotes   58-51
     The B’s were looking for a 3rd straight win for the first time this season. It was however the same old story for the B’s this year, struggling to find enough bodies to get on the court. Rory - Krantz’s mate, has become a semi-regular for us and has provided some much needed inside presence and size. Ollie was the other fill-in and provided some outside shooting for us. We started off the game fast going out to 10-point lead, but we were unable to keep them off the offensive glass as they clawed their way back. In the 2nd half the Reds talk some questionable 1 pass shots on offensive which led to some quick rebounds and scores against us. We were also down to 4 and a half men, as Krantz’s ankle started to play up as he tried his best to crash the boards against some much taller players. We kept in touch with the Coyotes as the final minutes dwindled with some quick scoring from Gus but unfortunately it wasn’t to be for us this week. We’ll look to finish off the season strong and find some positives going into next season.
     Points: B 21, Gus 19

ROUND 14 by Jon
     PAOCBC White 2 vs Taperoo  47-52

     The Cs and Taperoo sat 5th and 4th on the ladder respectively and this game would decide if we were still in with a chance to make finals. We started the game shooting well from 3 with Dan, Dylan and Jon all hitter 3s early and jumping out to an early lead. Taperoo bounced back to reclaim the lead with transition points. By the end of the half both teams were tied. Taperoo attacked the paint in the second half, using their size and physicality. Morgan and cam did a good job inside but faced difficult match ups against the taller Taperoo frontcourt. Dillon kept the Cs in the game with numerous baseline jumpers. With 5 minutes to go we were down 8. Some more makes from Dillon cut the lead to 4 with 30 seconds remaining. At this point Jon was sent to the line for 3 free throws due to a Taperoo tech foul. He made the first, missed the next 2 but got the offensive rebound and hit a 3 to tie the game up with an unconventional 4-point play. Taperoo missed a decent inside look and Dillon had a last effort at a running floater at the buzzer which was just short. In overtime Taperoo got the jump early and raced out to a 6-point lead which we never recovered from.
     Points: Dill 14, Jon 13



ROUND 14 by Manners

     All Stars v Pace and Space  40-82

     Stars came out against top ranked Pace & Space to secure a finals berth.  Stars started in a zone but quickly Pace were able to pick it apart, making open jumpers (it seemed as though they just didn’t miss) , including 3 three’s from a gifted shooter and jump to a 20-8 lead.  Stars time out and switch to a man D which slowed Pace slightly, but it just wasn’t the Stars day for shots dropping, all of us missing many easy ones and having shots which would normally fall rim-out.  Stars only adding 2 more points and go into half 35-10.

     BB goes down and badly sprains ankle and the Stars are a man down, unfortunately the shots continue to rim-out and Pace break-out on transition.  Second half, much like the first and Pace continue to pile it on, looking every bit like the outfit that would probably be favoured in the second grade.  Three of their players end-up with 29,24 and 17 respectively. Stars need a win against Lions and hope that the poor Saints team upsets the good Saints team to make finals. 

    Points: Maas 13, Stu 11, Lunny 6.

ROUND 14 by Ollie
     PAOCBC Reds 3 v Adelaide University Blacks 33-36

      On Saturday the Es played the Adelaide University Blacks. The blacks started out on a good run hitting some inside shots and finishing through traffic but the reds came back with some quick threes from Tim Sibly and some defensive stops by Greg Fletcher Harriss. From here on though the reds could not seem to buy a bucket with everything bouncing off of the rim. The game was hard fought until the end with the Es going down by only three. Big thanks to Greg (one of Tyler’s two dads) for filling in a playing big when we needed it. On to the next one for the Es boys.
     Points: Greg 13

ROUND 14 by RT
     PAOCBC White 3 vs Punjab Lions   47-33

     Finally one that went our way. With our team struggling for numbers again we called upon a new fill in, Frank McLachlan. A recent import to the country (from South Africa) with a fine basketball pedigree (last played nearly 2 decades ago) we thought he would fit in nicely.

     Wearing the famous number 44 of Troy Tirrell (our resident 3 point shooter), he didn’t disappoint, with 2 or 3 air balls from beyond the arc. However his excellent ball handling and general upbeat tempo more than made up for the wayward shots.
     We had a slight size advantage over the opposition and we used it to good effect, finishing strongly inside and dominating boards at both ends of the court. Our D was especially good, holding them to 6 points for the first half, and a good few minutes of the second half as well. Their shooters finally got on track with about 15 minutes left in the game, but it was a case of too little, too late. We had too many options for scoring, particularly inside the key, with three of our players getting into double digits.
     After the game we retired outside while their coach had them lined up inside giving them a spray.

      B-Rad with a tidy 15-point haul, on a strapped knee. Hendo with 13 and only a few arguments with the ref. RT with 12, 2 from the line. Luckily missed attempt stats aren’t kept. Frank with 4, Nele with 3 and Flair turned up and played… not troubling the scorers with points or fouls.

     Flair did, however, win after the game providing welcome beers.

Sunday, 18 August 2019

Round #12 and #13

Key Dates

·      Players Player – Saturday 24th August  NEXT SATURDAY***
·      Club Lunch – Saturday 12th October
·      Stay tuned for times/dates for the G's impending finals run and for teams making finals in SAABL***


ROUND 12 by Noah

Rookie Reds (G’s) vs Seeds Uniting      55-30
This week we came up against Seeds Uniting, once again facing a side that was much our senior. We welcomed Harry Tidmarsh to our team this week, who pulled on the red uniform for the first time since Prep school days. The game opened up evenly, with Noah finding the basket a couple of times on the break and Harry hitting a nice 3 to open his account for the season. We were then able to lift the intensity, with our opposition unable to keep up with us as we ran in transition. We went into the half up 24-14.
The second half continued where we left off, as we were able to force many turnovers with our aggressive man defence. Everyone was able to find the basket (except Crawf), including some nice threes from Harry and Steve. Eventually, the rookie reds ran out comfortable winners 55-30
Scorers: Noah 30, Harry 10, Stephen 6

ROUND 13 by Connor

Rookie Reds (G’s) vs King’s Baptist  29-37     

This week the rookie Reds came up against Kings Baptist who currently sit one game behind the Rookies, with Noah out due to a gym related injury (again) the boys knew what had to be done. 

The Rookies scoring started off with Crawford being sent to the free-throw line within the first 60 seconds of the game missing the first but draining the second, however after this the Kings went on a 8 to 0 scoring streak which was eventually broken by Harry Tidmarsh and his first field goal for the game, by the end of the first half the game was tied 19 a piece after good shooting by Rippon, Harry and Ottanelli along with some great defence.   

At the half the team came together, as the game was tied to figure out a defensive strategy with the injured Noah coaching and advising the team on how we could improve our man defence  and try get the advantage and sway the game in our favor. 

The second half started like the first with the Rookies getting to the free-throw line early with harry cashing in however from there the Kings attack and started scoring frequently with some scoring from Harry, Tom, Ottanelli and Rippon however it wasn’t enough in the end with the Rookies receiving their second loss for the season. 

ROUND 12 by Stuart

PAOCBC Reds vs The Schvitz 40-38

Round 12 saw what remained of the injury-stricken A’s against a formidable Schvitz side. The game took Liam and Craig in previous weeks but gave back Mike now with the experience of seeing how basketball is played in the streets of New York. This experience was highlighted by his physical and mental domination of the game.

Five minutes into the half, The Schvitz have jumped out to a 9-0 lead and the boys had to put points on the board. We went straight to the chairman and fed Phil the pill, no doubt goes to work and hardnoses his way to put our first 2 on the board. The first half consisted of the Reds attempting to close the 9-point gap lacking accuracy from the field with myself going 2-10 (15) and Schvitz packing in the defence with sharpshooter Liam missing. The half-ended Schvitz 24 to Reds 19.

The boys decided that scoring was the way to win the game. So that’s what we did… after they scored first. Lachie and Brendan put crucial points on the board from the mid-range and free throw line to close the gap to 3 points. Phil would score back to back post scores to bring the game to a 1-point margin before an outside shot put the team up by 1. Schvitz timeout and the Reds rally and say, “right so scoring worked, let’s keep doing that and try to stop them from scoring”. Mike and Brendan would go to the free throw line to extend our lead to 4, before Schar and McKenzie tie the game at 35 a piece. The game from here traded scores with no team getting ahead by more than 3 points. 56 seconds to go, Phil sinks 2 free-throws to give the Reds a 2-point lead, followed by a Reds defensive stop, Reds turnover, Reds stop, Reds turnover…… then finally relief after an exhausted Reds side watch the missed outside shot by The Schvitz at the buzzer preventing a heartbreaker.

Overall solid hard-earned win, great to have Mike back and missed our injured soldiers.

Points: Phil 10, Stuart 10, Brendan 9, Lachie 6, Mike 5

PAOCBC Reds vs The Franchise  33-47

ROUND 12 by Brandon

PAOCBC Reds 2 vs The Southside Spartans   61-57
In what was a quality win for a struggling B’s outfit, a couple of fill-ins and some great ball movement provided a high scoring offence. Selfy was shooting well and Krantz along with his Mate Rory were plenty to deal with inside, crashing the boards and being unselfish, kicking out to open shooters.
In the 2nd half, there was much of the same. Scoring with ease and Kara joining in on the action as well. Selfy’s mate Adam was a perfect complement to the team, taking point guard duties off Jon and I took some pressure off and enabled us to get better quality shots within the offence. The Spartans made a late run with some clutch 3’s, but we kept levelheaded and eventually got the win.
Points: Self 23, B 21, Adam 6
ROUND 13 by Brandon

PAOCBC Reds 2 vs Old Ignatius  62-58
Coming off a good win, the B’s were looking to make it 2 in a row and gain some semblance of consistency. In another high scoring affair, we started off with a couple of 3’s and Gussy tearing it up inside, slashing for open lay ups. Selfy then started to get going with some open J’s and his typical bully ball, getting his way to the rim.
The 2nd half for the Reds was not as good as we tried to find any which way we could to lose the game. Krantz, the unsung hero of the team, was able to get some second chance opportunities for the team which we capitalised on. Kara knocking down a key 3 to keep us in front along with some clutch free throws from Selfy and Gus meant that we were able to keep the Iggies at bay.
Points: Self 21, B 15, Gussy 13

ROUND 12 by Jon

PAOCBC White 2 vs Titans BC  46-34
Isaac and J. Foo made got out and running early scoring multiple buckets to give us an early 7-point lead. Titans responded with a 3 and a couple 2s to give the titans a brief lead. We forced consecutive turnovers leading to transition buckets to finish the half strong ending with a 7 point lead.
Titans began the second half with a mini run, but we kept a comfortable lead to finish with a solid win.
Points: Foo 19, Isaac 13
ROUND 13 by Jon

PAOCBC White 2 v RAVSTASS   52-53
Issac and Jon got the scoring going early with transition buckets, a 3 and points in the paint early. RAVS stayed in the game with a couple 3s and some mid range jump shots. We finished the half with a fast break layup from isaac to take a 8 point lead into the break.
RAVS switched to a man defence in the second half and slowed down our offence. Jon got to the free throw line and Isaac continued to score inside. However RAVS continued to hit jumpers and got out to a 3 point lead with less than a minute to go. After an 3pt attempt from Isaac with 8 seconds on the clock Morgan grabbed a offensive rebound and scored reducing the RAVS lead to 1. With a last chance for the win, dillon had an inbound pass for an isaac tip in with less than a second on the clock. Sadly the pass didnt connect and we fell just short.
Points: Foo 20, Isaac 17, Hayden 8




All Stars v RAVSTASS Leprechauns  49-45

All Stars v SPOC Saints White 3   45-36

ROUND 12 by Ollie

PAOCBC Reds 3 v Saints SPOC Blue 3   35-56
On the 3rd of august the PAOCBC reds 3 team came up against a strong SPOC blue for the second time in the season. The saints began the game with a 6-0 run that was quickly stopped by the ever-reliable Ollie Fox, however from there onwards saints had the game in the bag. With their exceptional ability to rip apart our zone they quickly began scoring from inside the paint and did not look like they were going to stop. Noah miles gave the reds some hope of making a comeback until he began missing some easy ones from inside the paint. All in all the reds were not able to overpower the saints but improved on their first score where they lost by around 30 points to the same team. The game finished up with 35-55 loss.
Points: Noah 13, Ollie 9, Tim 9

ROUND 13 by Ollie

PAOCBC Reds 3 v SPOC Saints Gold 3   42-55
On the 10th of August the Reds came up against saints gold. This strong saints outfit had been moved down from the division which seemed a little intimidating for the team to begin with. Once again, the exceptional play from Oliver fox to start the game was second to none as he went on an 8-0 run to begin the game draining two threes and a long two that was heavily argued as a three. This run proved to be great for the moral of the team as we began the game 12-0 before saints called a time out. After the time out Oliver fox pulled up for a Steph Curry like shot from a meter out of the three-point line. Sadly this was a true heat check going straight out of bounds. It was from here on that saints began their run. By putting Steph curry… I mean ollie fox onto his left-hand side the saints caught a lucky break from the hot hand and they shut him down for the time being.
Going into the second half our scoring was dominated by Cam Smith in the paint as he got some crucial put backs off of some second and third efforts. This however was no match for the saints as they began to hit their mid-range shots and use quick passing to break apart our zone. It did not help that one of our fill in players was having a chat to his mate on the opposing team in the corner which completely opened up the top left hand side of the zone. In the end the saints came out better due to our lack of fitness and the fact that 40% of our team had just played a game prior. The final score of the game was 42-55 with saints coming out on top.
Points: Ollie 16, Cam 14


ROUND 12 by RT

PAOCBC White 3 vs SPOC Saints White 3  36-34

How many Saints White 3 players does it take to beat our White 3 team, when we have only 5 players, 2 of whom are over 40 and on heart medication? We don’t know, but they brought 8 and that wasn’t enough!

It was a close game from start to finish. The lead swapped quite a few times and never stretched over more than a handful of points. B-Rad turned on a blinder with 21 points, 5 coming from the stripe. RT in a supporting role with 9 points. Nele with 4 points matching his 4 fouls. Caldy with 2 points.
Flair with no points, but a few close three attempts. All with a raging hangover.
Post-game beers, chips and shiny meat courtesy of RT.
The next three weeks don’t look great for our chances. 2 of the top teams and one significantly higher up the ladder than us. We also have a few players go missing between now and the end of the season which won’t help.

ROUND 13 by RT

PAOCBC White 3 vs Pace and Space 42 – 98

I have said it before. We are not a bad team. 42 points isn’t a bad score. But we are a Div 4 team playing in a comp with 3 Divs. So, a result like this is going to happen every now and then. Fill in Jimmy with a stout 19 points. Hendo with 7, RT with 5. B-Rad and Nele with 4 each. Trev with 3.

Beers by Troy.