Thursday, 6 June 2019

2019 #6 Round 4 Recaps - Ageless Allstars Notch First Win

SAABL Division 1

A’s v Kings Park Royals by Liam

Ok ***drumroll for Mikes favourite joke about Mike*** excessive length warning.
The pre-match excitement was all for the All Stars and one particular shooting star who broke the mould (kids, ask your parents about that reference) meaning we had little time to talk tactics. Luckily our starting five was set and tactically had some familiarity having played a solid 40 with each other the previous week. They would also be going for the full 40 this week with the same work, back and footy related concerns as round 4 (or game three or whatever). 

Lachy noted that the opposition was familiar as mainly the Sturt boys from Tuesday plus a couple of others. This meant we knew their main scoring threats, Tom and Andy, and we then watched on as they top scored for KPR. To be fair, Andy can shoot the lights out so we were pretty happy keeping him relatively quiet. On the other hand, Tom shot the 3, hit pull ups, drove and got to the line, but at least we were aware of the threat.

The start was back and forth with each side hitting threes and getting inside and getting to 7-7 after 5 minutes. We then strung together a few stops and kept scoring to build a mini break. About this time, it became clear to me that every time I walked past Mike I got a bit drunk. I probably shouldn’t have been surprised considering Mike’s pregame insistence on telling me how he got caught in the dunnys without paper and the high jinks that ensued. Luckily his neighbour had a square to spare (trust me kids, Seinfeld was a big deal back in the day partly because we all had to watch *gasp* free to air TV) and Mike was able to exit the stalls and record a not-at-all incoherent video with Palky.

We went into a timeout in good shape and came out of it continuing to build our lead to 18-9, though KPR had broken their scoring drought and we were starting to look a bit leggy. B was playing solid D and was out running the break to give us some easy points, but KPR had started to get back in the game with decent inside/outside play. We took a timeout aiming to recharge and hold a lead into half time. It didn’t really work, as KPR took the lead, but we responded with a late 3 and Lachy getting inside for a three point half time lead.

Coming out of the half our five were a bit spent, Lachy and Mike struggling for fitness - one from illness and the other from life choices (actual shocker about which was which there) and Phill and Liam struggling with getting their zimmer frames around the court. B was great his energy got us our scoring early in the second half, while Phill’s intensity got us another couple of baskets before we took our scheduled rest time out at about the 10. 

Personally, I’d had the highly satisfying experience of players saying shooter whenever I was near and not then stepping off as far through the end of the first half and to this point in the second. While I enjoyed this, I had not worked hard enough to get open. They’d switched to a 3-2. This meant we found space at the high-post. 

In this space and through this time, Mike continued to drunk drive like Homer after the Duff factory tour i.e. with surprising competence and effectiveness though he may have failed the breathalyser (from 3 min, but the whole clip is quality – kids, this is what the Simpsons used to be like back in the day sharp and funny – once again, ask your parents). His passes found B, and Lachy in particular but dimes were not forthcoming. This felt like opportunity slipping through as KPR were starting to have the balance of the play and looked likely to edge away. 

Happily, my realisation that cutting to get open is important and our continued exploitation of the high post and solid inside passing to add to that meant we started to score again. With five to go back to back threes got KPR to call a timeout and a free rest for us with an eight-point lead. Woo Hoo! Mike, B, and Phill kept the scoreboard ticking over including from the foul line after Phill got a kind call on a shot down low. Mike then shot the half court buzzer beater with about 6 seconds still on the clock and the game was over. 

Reds A’s go to 2-2 and are good for third on the ladder (third is also equal seventh so let’s take Harvey Keitel’s advice here). It’s a good even league and there’s a long way to go, but it’s nice that right now we’re just a single shot away from being equal top. Now we need to come out hard after the week off and keep it rolling.

Score: Reds 55 defeat Kings Park Royals 42

Points: Liam 20, Phill 13, Mike 8, B 8

SAABL Division 2

B’s v Old Ignatius Wolves by Brandon

The B’s came into week 4 after an ugly but gutsy win over the Spartans and were looking to go 3-1. Up against a solid St Iggies outfit we started off well with a 6-point lead 10 minutes through the game off the back of Gussy’s 16-point half. However, things then started to slow down, and we found it difficult to score whilst also giving up some cheap buckets through a lack of communication on D. A quick timeout after going down double digits midway through the 2nd half was exactly what we needed, as we identified our issues and started to make a nice run. Gussy again being aggressive and getting to the ring and Baker showing some nice hustle on both ends of the floor, managing to draw the game even and head to OT.

After Timmy went down with some knee soreness leaving us with 5, our fatigue set in. We managed to send it to a 2nd OT but were unlucky to see Old Ignatius score a 3 off a broken play and ended up losing by 5. It was nice to see some resolve and great teamwork from the boys after finding ourselves in a difficult position and hopefully we can take some confidence from how we can play if we are able to work together.

Score: Reds 62 lose to Wolves 67

Points: Gussy 26, Brandon 20, Krantz and Kara 5

C’s v RAVSTASS Ravens by Jon

The Cs came up against a veteran RAVSTASS squad on the weekend. The team started off slow falling to an 8 point deficit in the first 10 minutes. After regaining composure the team brought it back with scoring from Dillon and Jon in transition. The team ended the half down 19-21. In the second half the RAVSTASS switched to a man defence. The Cs did a decent job adjusting playing through Dan and Jon and finding shooters / cutters. Dan had a sweet dish for a Cam layup and Dillon got open for a 3 and a baseline 2. While the Cs zone defense was solid the RAVSTASS did a good job getting in the gaps and hitting midrange jumpers. With 4 seconds to go we had a chance for a 3 for the tie. Jon got his man in the air with a pump fake at the top of the key but missed a leaning 3 pt attempt.

Score: Reds 41 lose to RAVSTASS 44

Points: Jon 15, Dillon 9, Cam 6

SAABL Division 3

D’s (All Stars) v Adelaide University Blacks 3 by Palky

An arm wrestle early against the raw yet feisty Uni Blacks 3. The All Stars were blessed with the return of Club superstars Stu MacDonald and Andrew Williams, they were less blessed with the return of Palky ... his jumpshot did not make its way across the border. The All Stars played like the wiley veterans they are - lots of ball movement, great cutting, interior passing, making open jump shots, finishing at the rim ... not a lot of running fast breaks and high flying rebounding and shot blocking. It was a joy to behold - it was like watching guys that have played for 20 years together play basketball together. Madman was knocking his jumper, Stu hitting 3s and getting crafty layups, Lunny dominating down low with post ups, BB playing great D and finishing on the break, Manners jumped on a loose ball with 40 seconds to go when we were up 30, Bishop seems like a veteran head and big body with good b-ball IQ, Big A made an awesome and 1 where he drew contact and made an off balance leaner from 12 feet. Palky went 0-10 from 3, turned the ball over 4 times in the second half .... the boys look relieved it’s his only game for the season. It was a pleasure to play with these old lads - they know the right way to play, it was so much fun.

Score: Reds 49 defeat Blacks 18

Points: Stu 19, Lunny 12, Madman 7. Everyone scored!

Average age 74!

E’s v RAVSTASS Leprechauns by Ollie

This week the PAOCBC Es were up against the RAVSTASS Leprechauns. The other team came out much more physical and began the game with a few easy buckets before we had the ability to contain them in transition. Harrison Crawford coming up huge with some massive defensive efforts in the post which were turned into transition buckets from Tim Sibly and Ollie Fox on the break. The last part of the first half was dominated by a 10-0 run with all points coming from some timely threes and quick pull up jumpers from Ollie Fox which put us up by 12 going into the second half.

Around two minutes into the second half the team was hit with a big loss with Harrison Crawford going down with an ankle that will most likely put him out for weeks if not the season. This was a massive loss for us as Jeremy Pierce became our tallest player on the court. This height difference proved to be tough to overcome as the Leprechauns began their run, slowly breaking the lead down. We did a very good job of managing the pace of the game with some long offences of 10-12 passes each which allowed for open buckets however the lack of height and the foul trouble towards the end of the game gave the Leprechauns the lead. With them winning by 10 points. Credit to all the boys as they played one of their best games of the season.

Score: Reds 45 lose to RAVSTASS 55

Points: Ollie Fox 23, Tim Sibly 17

The aforementioned ankle ... shit I thought I looked bad the morning after 

F’s v Top Heavy by RT

Once again the former Gold team struggled for player numbers, with a squad of 5, fittingly for a 5pm game. The opposition, Top Heavy, looked young, fit and in good form. They had two tall and athletic players that we could tell would cause us trouble.

A pretty sloppy centre tap saw us with possession and the first 5-10 minutes were quite promising. We weren’t winning the ball game, but all of our players were in good form. Shots were mostly dropping and we looked pretty good. One of their big guys attempted a dunk, but was solidly blocked by the ring, which was pleasing to see. Their inside penetration was slowed down by solid defence, in fact there was even a charge or two called.

Unfortunately all of our skills couldn’t slow down the onslaught of a much younger team with 6 players, allowing them to rotate for rest time on the bench. It would have been easy to have a blow out, but in the second half we managed to get back within 10 or so points before a spate of threes opened the gap again. 

Final score: Reds 46 lose to Top Heavy 62. 

Points: B-Rad and Nele with 16 each - a really outstanding effort. Hendo with 8 including our only 3 for the game. RT with 4 and Caldy with 2, once again showing his unselfish play. B-Rad with the post game beers.

SACBA Central Men 3 

G’s (Rookie Reds) v Seeds Uniting Blue by Noah

This week the Rookie Reds came up against a side which was both a bit taller than us, and considerably older than us, in Seeds Uniting Blue.

The game started with Noah trying to be like Crawf was last week, getting two quick fouls straight off the tip. We were very ill-disciplined with fouls in the first half, allowing the team into the bonus quite early on. The opposition were able to pass well through our zone defence effectively, and some strong offensive rebounding on their end kept the game close. Our opposition were getting a bit seedy (haha), and at half time the game was tight with the Reds down by a point.

However, the half time talk was one of pure inspiration by Martins Lidums, with comparisons to ‘Al Pacino – Any Given Sunday’ heard after the game. A quote that will resinate with the whole team said by our leader Martins was “We are in zone defence right now, gentlemen believe me and we can stay here and get the shit kicked out of us or we can go to man and find our way back into the light.”

And with this powerful message, The Reds came out firing in the second half. With Crawf acting like Gandalf the grey in the paint, and Noah then deciding to go on a tear like his also named counterpart Noah’s Ark, he was finding all the 2s. Matteo (Stephen Ottanelli) Denaro then started to heat up dropping a few average baskets. To finish the game Noah was very selfish and wouldn’t pass. Bouncing back in the second half, the Rookie Reds were able to put together some strong running on the break to put together a convincing win against a tough opponent.

Score: Rookie Reds 48 defeated Seeds Uniting Blue 35

Points: Miles 25, Ottanelli 10, Crawford 9

Thursday, 30 May 2019

2019 #5 Round 3 Recaps - Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

SAABL Division 1

A’s v Saints Blue by Lachy

Going into Game 3 of the season, we knew we were down one man - young Stu had tweaked his back, and couldn't play. We probably should have asked him to come score, but we're kinda forgetful. 3 hours prior to the game we had another pull out - Scotty had to work. But wait! He was going to try to finish early and make it to the game. Spoilers - he didn't. That's fine, we say. We'll still have six.

In our post warm up and pre ball up huddle, we ask "Can their new guy shoot?". "Nope!" Lachie says confidently, before turning to see the new guy drill a 3. "Eh, I'm not worried about that" says Liam. Cue to that guy making some sweet contested 3 pointers.

The game itself started well, with Lachie getting to the hole for the first 4 points for the Reds. New Guy made a 3 and Christian scored inside to keep it close. Saints started to get out a bit, but Brendon then Mike got to the line before Brendo made a 2-pair to tie to game back up.  Reds got out a slight lead next, before Saints cut it back to tied again. Cue a  quick timeout from Reds to discuss and rest.

Facebook Messenger shows it's around about this time into the game that we receive a message from our elusive 6th player informing us that he will be unable to make todays game ¯\_(
)_/¯. Some more back-and-forth scoring and another Reds timeout to conserve energy, and we go into the half time break down by 1 point. Oranges all round!

MIKEY! Opens the 2nd half with a foul. Classic Mike! Christian and Mike trade 3's before Goodall sends Mike to the line to tie it up at 31 a piece. Phill scores inside and Saints call a time out, the cowards. Unfortunately, even with the extra time out Reds are beginning to flag in energy and Christian finds his groove from the arc. Reds call a time out to discuss, and Liam comes out to knock his own 3. Huzzah!

Undeterred, Christina continues to knock down 3's. Now, it might sound like he's working hard and getting his shots but there were a couple of unfortunate long rebounds to fell into his hands for open shots. Gotta get body on guys!

Mike and Phill both score inside to cut the lead to 3 and Saints time out again. Reds decide it's past time to swap to man defence. Lots of back and forth and some good steals get the game back to tied before Goodall gets to the line for one made free throw.
Mike takes it to the hole for the 1 point lead, but oh no! New Guy hits a 3 again. Reds time out. Reds run an inbound play, get an open 3 - it's off!

BUT WAIT!! REDS TAKE A CHARGE OFF THE REBOUND! 2nd chance for inbound play, the look this time isn't quite as nice as the first and doesn't go. Game finished up 61-63 Saints win. A lot to take away from this game, and we have everything we need to know to beat the handily next time.

Likely votes: Phill, Liam, Mike, Brendon

SAABL Division 2

B’s v Southside Spartans by Charlie

Karamoose opened the scoring account for the Reds with a classy pull-up jumper but it was an otherwise slow start. We failed to take care of the ball early, allowing #20 for them to get in the passing lanes and out on the break. We fell down 8 before B hit a three from the top of the arc to steady us. A timeout and switch to zone worked well to close out the first half, as we started to assert our size inside on the contest.

It wasn’t an aesthetically pleasing game for spectators, but after an ugly 6 minutes of basketball to start the second half the Reds took an 8-point lead on the back of physical defensive and hustle, with Jon and Tim both scoring at the line. The Spartans got themselves back in the game through some opportunistic offensive rebounding and transition buckets. Fast forward to … scores level with 12.2 seconds remaining and we had the ball after a timeout. Jon secured the inbound and looked to have beaten his man of the dribble before he was fouled. He hit the first and missed the second. Reds held on to win 40-38 after another round of FTs with both teams in the bonus.

The post-game assessment was we played shit but won, which is what you need to sometimes. The entire team headed to the Kent Town for beers to celebrate and discuss the upcoming frivolities for Saturday evening. $0.50 chicken wings were the real winners, and the fact Brandon has never thought to open his mouth and take a drink of water while in the shower the revelation …

Scorers: Self 19, Brandon 12, Tim 5

C’s v Titans BC by Jon Foo

The C's were up against the Titans this week. With the Cs missing Cam it was clear from the outset that the titans had a substantial height advantage. The Cs got out to an early 5-0 lead with a Dillon fast break layup and a 3 from Dan. The Titans came back strong hitting a couple 3s and scoring inside. Their length made scoring difficult and they dominated the glass racking up second chance points. After falling behind by double digits the Cs ended the first half with some momentum. Morgan scored a tough and-1, Darcy scored inside and Dylan hit a mid-range jump shot. Cs down 7 at the half.

The second half was tightly contested. Jon started scoring in transition but struggled to convert at the free throw line. Dylan and Dan hit 3s to keep us in the game. The Titans continued scoring as well, making some 3s and several deep 2s. Ultimately we tied the second half and ended up losing by 7.

Final Score: Titans 54 defeat Reds 47

Scorers: Jon 13, Dan 10, Darcy 9

SAABL Division 3

D’s (All Stars) v Punjab Lions by Manners

The All-stars welcome back Matt “Rough” Just for his first game in over 12 months as they took on newcomers to the comp the Punjab Lions.  The Stars off to a sluggish start giving up 10 points to nil in the first 3 minutes.  Stars fought back to be down only 7 at the half. Max Power hitting 3’s and in his return, Roughie getting looks inside and finishing well.

Second half had the Stars hang in there, lead hovering around 7-8 points with only a few minutes left, Lions’ lead ballooned out late as Stars end up going down by 15. Stars lamenting some missed defensive rebounds leading to easy put backs for Lions,  couple of failures to get back on D and  couple of costly turnovers which together  was the difference. Lunny a trooper playing a full 40 mins so important was his rebounding and presence.

Final Score: Lions 53 defeat Reds 38

Points: Max Power with 14, Roughie a welcome return with 11

E’s v Adelaide Uni Blacks 3 by Ollie

This week PAOCBC Red 3 took on Adelaide University Blacks. This team was a lot larger with 9 people against our 6. The game began with a very even start going basket for basket until halfway through the second quarter. Adelaide University then got off to a small lead with some quick handoffs and transition that came from some slack passing on our behalf.

These turnovers were reduced after a chat at half time and began our run to get into the lead. The run was led by Tim Sibly from the three-point line and the inside post game from Ollie Fox. The rest of the team were brilliant with their rebounding and defensive stops only allowing one inside shot in the fourth quarter which is a credit to the Ben Orken in the middle of the zone. All in all a great game from the boys.

Final Score: Reds 47 defeat Blacks 43

Top scorers: Tim Sibly 18, Ollie Fox 13

F’s v Saints White 3 by Road Train

We had a squad of 6 this week as we lined up against a young and bouncy Saints team. Or very nearly two teams, as they had 9 players. What we were lacking in numbers and youthful athletic ability we made up in cunning, size and strength. The game was reasonably even throughout the first three quarters or so, but we played hard and got a few free throws in (unlike us, generally speaking) to seal the win by a comfortable 15 points. Our first win of the season, hopefully not the last.

They played a man defence, often full court, for much of the game, but it didn’t help them hugely as it was pretty sloppy. Once anywhere near the basket we were too strong and their foul count showed how hacky they got while trying to stop us.

Hendo impressed with 1, 2 and 3 point plays on his way to 11. Caldy also finished on 11, mostly due to running hard. B-Rad with 9, could well have been many more if first attempts or free throws had dropped. RT with 8, 4 coming uncharacteristically from free throws, including a 3 point play. Nele with 4 points, and some great steals off lazy opposition inbound passes. He was also on the receiving end of an unsportsmanlike foul, but couldn’t convert at the line. Flair with 1 point and 2 fouls.

Fouls were a major part of the game for both teams, we all managed to get at least one, with a game total of 14. Saints were in even more trouble with 23 in total, only 2 of their 9 players staying clean.

Once again a personal highlight was a skinny opposition player trying to run through me, twice, and even picking up a charge for his efforts. Beers by Caldy, Doritos and shiny meat by RT were well received post game. MIA Trev and Phil.

SACBA Central Men 3

G’s (Rookie Reds) v vs Gawler B by Noah

This round had many highlights, firstly the whole team would like to thank Reggie for all that he has done for our team, with this week's game being the last he plays. He has been a great solid player in our team who always helped show his experience when it mattered most.

This week's game was a surprise, after rocking up to the match to notice that we would actually have a game, came as a surprise to many boys on the team, as our opponents ‘Gawler B’ had forfeited all their games to date.  We had a very low manned team this week, especially with the missing Martins Lidums off running around Adelaide in a half marathon the team knew we had to bring our A game. With the arrival of the new gear the team spent 5-10 minutes admiring ourselves and how good we looked and then we finally started our game. The game was alright nothing really exciting, just a 63-8 victory. We held our opposition to 1 point in the first half with some really good unselfish team basketball and a strong zone defence. We ran hard on the break and finished well at the rim, with everyone contributing well on both ends of the floor.

With this win now putting the team on top of the ladder with a record of 3-1. This round also helped many individuals as they were able to get on the leader board for some personal accomplishments. With Noah Miles stacking the leader boards on average points, match points and free throws made. Liam Rippon (Ollie Fox) are currently sitting well on the 3 pointers made. But most importantly Lachlan Crawford sitting on a very impressive 10 fouls which puts him 4th on total fouls. If anyone would like to ask Lachlan how his second half went, I'm sure he will be able to enlighten you on that topic

Final Score: Rookie Reds defeated Gawler B 63 - 8

Top scorers: Miles 18, Ottanelli 12, Crawford 10