Tuesday, 14 July 2015

SACBA Round 9 results + Round 10 Game Times

As (7-1) defeated Bs (1-1-6) – no report
Score: 51-29
As Scorers: Jack 24, Foo 17, Mike 12.
Bs Scorers: Phill 12, Gus 8, Tim 5.

White (4-1-3) defeated Knightsbridge A (1-1-7) – no report
Score: 43-33
Scorers: Bubs 19, G 14, Tim 8.

Reds (5-4) defeated to Influencers A (2-7) – no report
Score: 34-24
Scorers: Nick Krantz 12, Ned 9, Kobe 6.

Yellow (8-1) defeated SPOC B (4-5)
Our illustrious Yellow leader “Ben Jong Palk” from Korea dispatched the following instructions that must be obeyed at 13:00 on Thurs. Guard 6, 22 and 44 at the 3 point line - they all like to go left (typical commies). Keep 32 off the boards - get into him a bit ... He will lose it if things don't go his way.

What BJP should have said was – give the ball to Stu and bow down to his dominance. Without our glorious commander stealing all the peoples good looks Dangerous was free to launch ICBM’s from all over South East Asia and the Marion Leisure Centre. Yellow were also joined by the returning Purge for his 2nd outing in a little over 2 years plus Foo, A, TMan & Madman. The game started with Yellow getting great looks off crisp ball movement Madman hitting, T with the inside move and then just like it was 2008 again with multiple Purge to Stu 3 point bombs – Yellow 12-6 and emergency signs were flashing. Our bigs started finding touches and Tomo got to the line for 2/4 freebies (quietly now 11/18 over last 5 weeks after rough start) then another Madman J and 2 more Stu triples for a 22-13 half time lead.
The much more athletic Saint-bots adjusted at the half and got their “European Handball” like offense moving (they basically take off, fade sideways looking to pass but then end up launching a wild floater in the vicinity of the backboard) plus worked out that by pressing up on our 1 legged guards we might struggle a bit. They cut it to 28-20 and it felt like a game was on (I got a little bit excited inside), feeling that excitement I decided to catch the reversal at the point and whip a risky around the back bounce pass to Stu for his 6th bomb. We then traded Big A free throws with transition buckets as the younger blue legs got running. Enter the Footure who started penetrating on the catch and slicing up the Saints, this really opened up the game and when I hit Tomo fouline who drove and dumped to Big A for another 2/2 swishes the machine was moving again. Stu banged in his 7th and Foo got multiple steals but didn’t convert however Yellow were left victorious 44-32. Stu had a lazy 30, Tomo 6, A and MM 4 as we shot 9/13 from the line and moved to 8-1. Rematch vs our only loss (Influencers) in 2 weeks!!

Fs (8-1) defeated SPOC D (4-5) – Written by Max
Another week, another dominant win for the F’s, even without our injured big man. The umpiring was atrocious for both teams with anything approaching defense called as a foul, a total of 33 called for the game. All the fouls provided plenty of opportunities from the free throw line and the F’s percentage was improved with 12 from 19. Solid zone defence, quick transition, and unselfish ball rotation were the keys for the F’s. For the second week in a row Josh went on a scoring blitz in the second half racking up 13 points. The F’s won 42-18. Josh had 14 and Max had 9 points. Thanks to G-man for scoring.

Gs (7-0) defeated St Peters A (3-5) – no report
Score: 27-24
Scorers: JT 5, Baker, Morgan, Pritch 4.

Hs (-) lost to Knightsbridge B (-)
The H-Bombs arrived early for their tussle with the White Knights of Knightsbridge, which was lucky, as the car park was almost full to capacity and it was a long walk from the overflow car park in Morphettville to the stadium in Marion.  The reason for the packed car park became apparent on entry to the stadium, as some sort of Gymnastics championship was being held.  It was strange seeing so many young fit girls and not one Guy.  Speaking of young and fit, the Knights were certainly that.  While they were certainly active on offence, and good shooters who made an amazingly high percentage of their early shots, they were lazy defenders inclined to slap, reach, and hack.  The result was they kept both their score and foul column of the scoreboard turning over.  Unfortunately, although the Redmen were moving the ball well and getting good looks, they weren’t able to match their opponents’ shooting prowess, even when unguarded from the charity stripe.  Half time we were down 26-10, our score consisting of two three-pointers and 4 from 11 foul shots.  Knowing our opponents willingness to wildly swipe at the ball, our second-half strategy was to take the ball inside more to draw even more fouls. The second half was more competitive, the Whites’ shooting percentage and scoring rate dropping, while still maintaining their fouling rate.  Sam in particular was a target of their hack-a-Red strategy, but nearly every player took a turn taking free throws as the Whites once again got well into the bonus.  The Redmen kept moving the ball well and getting good looks, but the middle of the basket remained elusive.  A few White fast breaks in the latter stages unfortunately pushed the margin back out in an otherwise even second stanza.  Final score was 46-21.  Sam top scored with 8 and Rhys bagged 7.  On free throws we were 8 from 21.  Thanks to Captain Kirk for scoring.

Lady Reds (7-1) lost to Unley Park B (3-5) – no report
Score: 24-31
Scorers: Megan 7, Alicia 6, Tracey 4.

Game Times:
As (7-1) vs SPOC A (5-2) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 1 – 1:50
Bs (1-1-6) vs Oakden (3-5) – Marion Leisure Ct 1 – 4:20
White (5-1-3) vs SPOC B (4-5) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 1 – 3:30
Red (5-4) vs Knightsbridge A (1-1-7) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 2 – 4:20
Yellow (8-1) vs Influencers A (2-7) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 2 – 2:40
Fs (8-1) vs Taperoo A (4-5) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 2 – 5:10
Gs (7-0) vs Burnside A (0-8) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 3 – 1:00
Hs (2-5) vs SPOC E (4-4) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 2 – 1:00
Lady Reds (7-2) vs Dunn A (4-5) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 1 – 1:00

Wayville Stadium – Rose Terrace, Wayville
Adelaide Arena – 44a Crittenden Road, Findon
Marion Leisure Centre – Oaklands Road, Morphettville
Westminster School - Allison Avenue, Marion
Trinity Baptist – Bedford Square, Colonel Light Gardens

Thursday, 2 July 2015

SACBA Round 8 results + Round 9 Game Times

As (6-1) defeated Gateway As (3-1-3) – no report
Score: 42-32
Scorers: Mike, Foo 10, Liam 9.

Bs (1-1-5) lost to SPOC As (5-2) – no report
Score: 28-37
Scorers: Phill 10, Jono 8, Angus 6.

White (4-1-3) lost to Yellow (7-1) – Written by G
The game was a hard tussle from start to finish. Scoring wasn’t coming easily for either team with the score 9-13 at half time. Both teams playing great defence and the second half was more of the same. Palky got open for a few looks which proved to be the difference in the end.

Score: 18-28
White Scorers: Dillon 5, BB, Hendo 4.
Yellow Scorers: Palky 9, Thommo 7, Big A 6.

Reds (4-4) defeated to SPOC B (4-4) – no report
Score: 27-24
Scorers: Jay 14, Corey 12, Morgan 5.

Fs (7-1) defeated SPOC D (4-4) – Written by Max
Saints were unorganised for the 1pm game, starting with only 3 players and their 5th player not arriving until about the 11 minute mark of the half. The F’s failed to capitalise on this early advantage, perhaps taking time to adjust to a lineup without Brad in the middle (due to injury). The F’s halfcourt game was looking solid with patient ball rotation to find Mike wide open for a couple of long jump shots and Max for a 3 pointer. Rough Justice was called for 3 soft fouls in quick succession forcing him to the bench for the rest of the half. F’s ahead at half time 25-5. The F’s went on the rampage in the second half seemingly scoring at will. Cam was sucking in the boards for the quick outlet to get the running game going with Josh leading the charge dropping 11 points for the half. Darcy was scoring inside and outside. Perhaps Saints full team will offer more resistance next time. The F’s won 66-18. Max had 15 points, Josh and Mike had 13 each. Thanks to Lenny for scoring.

Gs (6-0) defeated Hs (2-4) – Written by Nige
This week the H-Bombs faced the Whitemen of PAOC.  Both sides were understrength with significant players missing.  The early going on-court was even, although the Whitemen used the fast break to put together a couple of scoring streaks which pushed them marginally ahead.  In response, patient half-court offence and some good shooting from the H-bombs kept the margin close, and at the long change the score was only 19-16 in favor of the Whitemen.  Unfortunately Sam went off just before the break with a back injury and he was unable to return, forcing the remaining five Redmen to run out the game as best they could.  The second half began with a looooong two from Lenny* and the foul, converting the old-fashioned three-point play to tie the scores.  Unfortunately that’s where the joy ended for the Redmen as Hanzolo finally awoke from his first-half slumber, scoring repeatedly on the break throughout the second half, in fact he was shooting so well he even scored when he didn’t have the ball**.  The Redmen battled hard and continued to move the ball well, but their open looks weren’t dropping as they had in the first half, and a couple more scoring surges on the break by the Whitemen against a tiring group blew the final margin out.  The final score was 43-29, a creditable showing against the league pacesetters, with Hanzolo’s late outburst proving the difference.  Rhys top-scored with 8, backed up by Tom with 6, and once again all players tallied at least one score.  Thanks to Brendan for doing the scoring.

[* he allegedly had a toe on the line]
[** Phil claims two of his points were credited to Jon]

Gs Scorers: Hanzolo 15, Pritch 13, Baker 7.

Lady Reds (7-1) defeated St Casimir A (3-5) – no report
Score: 36-19
Scorers: Claire 10, Rachel 9, Megan 7.

Game Times:
As (6-1) vs Bs (1-1-5) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 1 – 1:50 - DERBY

White (4-1-3) vs Knightsbridge A (1-1-6) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 2 – 4:20

Red (4-4) vs Influencers A (2-6) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 1 – 5:10

Yellow (7-1) vs SPOC B (4-4) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 1 – 1:00

Fs (7-1) vs SPOC C (4-4) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 1 – 2:40

Gs (6-0) vs St Peters A (3-4) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 3 – 2:40

Hs (2-4) vs Knightsbridge B (5-2) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 3 – 3:30

Lady Reds (5-0) vs Unley Park B (5-0) – Westminster – Ct 1 – 3:30

Wayville Stadium – Rose Terrace, Wayville
Adelaide Arena – 44a Crittenden Road, Findon
Marion Leisure Centre – Oaklands Road, Morphettville
Westminster School - Allison Avenue, Marion

Trinity Baptist – Bedford Square, Colonel Light Gardens