Friday, 25 May 2018

2018 SACBA Round 6, SAABL Round 3

Stop eating donuts and get me reports on time damn it!

SACBA Round 6

PAOCBC Gold (3rd)
defeated by
SPOC F (2nd)

A new foe awaited the Gold team when we strode out onto the court this week. SPOCF were their name. We had a suspicion that the game plan for them would be throw up garbage and crash the boards, something that we all have seen before from SPOC teams.

It turned out that they had something new up their sleeve. Something we like to call “put a B grade player into a low grade team”. A reasonably effective tactic, if not quite in keeping with the spirit of the competition.
No comments this week about the reffing, we all know what I am likely to say.

RT nearly started the scoring for the Gold team, with a shot that went up and rolled around a little, before coming to a rest between the backboard and the ring. Some 25 plus years of ball under my belt and that was a first for me. It was perhaps an apt metaphor for the rest of our game.

Palky is fond of the mantra “foul shots win games”. This was particularly true for this game, where we missed 11 and lost by 9. 24 attempts and 10 points isn’t going to win us any awards.

B-Rad high scored with 11.
4 each for RT and Trev.
3 each for Caldy and Flair (first points for the season Flair? Will have to check the stats).
1 for Nele.
Missing from the action this week were Hendo and Mike.

Post game discussion leads us to the conclusion that we need to go on bended knee to Phil Walker. A few more games played to get him to qualify for finals would be handy, we already know he qualifies for post game beers.

Red (6th)
defeated by
Seeds Uniting A (1st)

This week we played the undefeated Seeds A team. They got off to a really quick start breaking out to a 28-6 lead by half time.

Seeds were getting lots of easy looks off of baseline cuts and good ball movement. Meanwhile the E’s were missing easy shots at the rim and Cam was struggling with foul trouble.

It took until the second half again for us to wake up. We exploited their somewhat weak interior defence, out muscling them around the basket, though by then their lead was too great to overcome.

Mike Tye and Max led the scoring with 8 points each.

The team is looking forward to BB and Josh returning to the team in the coming weeks, and hopefully we can get our first win in Central 1 soon!

Other church league results :

White (6th) 32 def. Burnside A (4th) 23
Lady Reds (5th) 12 def. By Kinghtsbridge Baptist (1st) 31

SAABL Round 3
All write ups courtesy of a certain SAABL volunteer who writes them for the
SAABL Facebook page.
A's (Red 1st)
Forestville Eagles (Blue)(Red 4th)

The Old Reds jumped out of the gates with a 19-4 start with Jon Foo (16 points) and Lachie Campbell(10 points) dominating the game early.

Once Forestville settled they clawed back deficit through good play from Fergus Dunne (23 points) and Elijah Weiss (17 points).
Selfy had a good second half (13 points) and Reds managed to keep the fast finishing Eagles at bay winning 58-50.

Reds are now 3-0 and top of Conference Red.

B's (Blue 6th)
defeated by
Forestville Eagles (Yellow)(Blue 5th)

Report 1:
At Saints, the first game was PAOCBC (White) and Forestville (Yellow) with both teams looking for their first win.

It was a scrappy low scoring game with a lot of missed shots from both teams. Forestville took the edge with Brad Hayden finding his jumper in the second half scoring 8 straight points.

Forestville had too much run with Connor (12 points) and Jack Dyer (9 points) getting out on the break.

Eagles won 43-28.

Report 2:
A tough week 3 match up against who were also winless.

We again struggled to get anything going in the first half missing plenty of open looks.

Letting our poor shooting get to us in the second half our defensive intensity dropped way below where it needs to be and Forestville got the win easily!

An undermanned B team will need to improve the effort next week as we’re still looking for our first win of the year.

C's (2nd)
defeated by
RAVSTASS Ravens (3rd)

PAOCBC (Reds) v Ravens was a good contest. Ravens got out to an decent half time lead by making open jumpers - Mayom Jook for Ravens was playing well.

Reds changed D in the 2nd half and started to make some shots with Brandon Reynolds (11 points) and Mitch Kirkham (15 points) but Ravens did a great job to keep Reds at arms length.

Jook (13 points) kept making shots Ravens made shots when ever Reds put on a run. Palk and Foo were iiiiiiiiiiice cold. Krantz was a machine on the boards and Lewis started to show good signs.

Good win for RAVSTASS 51-41.

D's (7th)
defeated by
Spartans (4th)

Spartans v PAOCBC (White) 2 was high scoring - Spartans hit 11 threes with Dave Freeman leading the way with 22 points. Selfy filled in for the Whites and had 23. Ned "Manbun Tan Chinos" Young had another great game with 18 points. Spartans got the lead out to 15 and kept PAOCBC at bay winning 60-55.

As always, game times are at

and are subject to change.


AAAAAnd this is the first offical annoucement of the next tailgate event.
On July 14th there are no SACBA games, so we'd love to get those teams out to support the lads at SAABL.

The A's will be playing A-Town Warriors at 3pm, who always have a 30 strong crowd.
We'd love some help drowning them out!

At 2pm the B's will be suiting up against the Red Conference powerhouse The Schvitz,
who look to be one of the top 4 teams in the comp.
The 6th man makes a difference, so let's get our boys over the line!

The C's then have a tough match at 4pm vs our traditional enemy, SPOC.
Let's go yell at the blues until they cry, yes?

And for double the entertainment, also at 2pm, the D's will be playing against the traitor Tim Moops,
now of Pick 'N' Pop.

This is how we treat traitors, Tim!

So get around it!

Go Reds!

(all those games are at Saints btw)

Monday, 21 May 2018

2018 SACBA Round 5, SAABL Round 2

Oops, looks like I'm late again. I have a good reason, I swear.

She might look adorable but she overheats my computer and likes to play with the cables
RIP wifi antenna

And onto the reports!
Which I have startlingly few of, by the way...

SACBA Round 5

defeated by
 The Corner Uniting A 

The mostly veteran E’s played another young team in the Central 1 league this week. Corner got out to a very quick start with their #24 connecting on six 3’s for the half, leading them to a 16 point half time lead (17-33).

Despite this we were dominating the rebounding and making the most of put back opportunities. In the second half we changed to a man defence, though by this time their shooter was in the groove, knocking down another five 3’s for a total of 36 points for the game.

We managed to match their scoring for the half though(33-33), driving at will past their somewhat limp defence to score at the basket. We also began to generate a number of transition opportunities with good passing getting the ball ahead to the open man.

A winnable opponent for the E’s in the future if we can stop their shooter from getting into rhythm.

Cam Smith with 13 points led a balanced offensive effort with everyone scoring multiple baskets.

Thanks to G Man for scoring and Maklin Ferguson for filling in as our 6th man.

defeated by
Spicer Uniting

The season must be well under way, as we found ourselves back at the start, playing against Spicer.

Pre-game things were looking up in some regards. The very good shooter that we had to contend with the first game out of the blocks was absent, an ankle injury sidelining him for some time.

Jen Tirrell expressed approval of RTs new kicks. The first time that he has worn shoes that weren’t ugly, according to her high fashion opinion.

It wasn’t all beer and skittles for the Gold team though. Missing in action were B-Rad, Hendo and Caldy. Apparently going to the footy ranks higher than playing ball….

Luckily we had a fill-in. Third time asking, first time responding in the positive, Phil Walker joined us for the fray. Perhaps the offer of post game beers was enough (thanks Tracey for the suggestion last week).

The game didn’t quite go according to plan (not that we plan these things. We rely on years of experience and animal cunning for our game plans).

The scores were very low, 22-17 at the final whistle, unfortunately not in our favour. Our defensive game was pretty good, but our ability to make baskets was somewhat less than stellar. 5 points total for the second half at our end was always going to make it hard.

We have never played a game before where the back half time was counted down so rigorously, or so poorly for that matter. One Ref would start the count at 7 seconds as soon as we inbounded the ball. Very odd behavior. There was also a lot of “10 seconds to shoot” called on us, while the opposition appeared to get away with 20 pass offenses. As noted before, bring on the lower grades in the SAABL.

Phil high scored with 7, Nele with 5, 2 each to Troy and Mike, one for RT, none for Flair.

Big thanks to Phil for playing and Jen for scoring.

SAABL Round 2

A-Town Warriors (Blue)

After a strong win last week, Reds has a completely new challenge this week, Warriors B’s, whom sport a young and long team.

Out of the blocks reds came out hard and attacked the glass, whilst Warriors, despite their length, favoured the 3 ball. This led to a rather swinging of scores throughout the game.

Reds pulled out to a good lead early, up 16-4 around 10 minutes in, only to be chased by back to back 3’s bringing the game back into check, 16-10. This tended to happen in bursts here and there, Reds often scoring a few more buckets than Warriors, but being worth less each time the ball found the bottom of the net.

The game got close toward the end, but experience of the older Reds shone through. Big Phil has a stand out performance, making his mark on both ends of the court, 10+ points, 10+ rebounds, approaching 10 blocks as well. This is a guy that preemptively sits during a Kendrick Concert because he’s just that humble. Selfie also another Stella performance. This guy attacks unset defence more effectively than a hungover student does a 5 pack of migoreng. Little Phil hit some of the toughest layups we have seen in a while, and I even heard the whispers of “Jack who?” A few things Reds will need to work on going forward.

Keeping loud on court to keep teammates well informed. Remembering new unsportsmanlike foul regulations and Travel rules. We all saw 10+ travels even under the new rules go uncalled. Play to the whistle and don’t do anything silly.

And since I have no other reports, here are the results of the other games:

B's defeated by A-Town Warriors Red 47-50
C's defeated Pick N Pop 59-51
D's defeated by RAVSTASS Ravens 37-47
White defeated by Kings Baptist A 25-29
Womens defeated Our Saviour Hubtitans 59-16

Since it has been over a week, if you did send me the report and I've misplaced it please let me know and I will be happy to update the blog.
All game times can now be found at

subject to change

2018 Season Fixtures

Hey guys,

Thought it best if I make one page with the season fixtures for all teams. Bookmark it!

These are all subject to change. I'm sure that Secretary Nick Krantz will alert us if there are any changes, and I'll update this page as needed.

A's (PAOCBC Red 1)

B's (PAOCBC White 1)

C's (PAOCBC Red 2)

D's (PAOCBC White 2)





Monday, 7 May 2018

2018 SACBA Rounds 3 & 4, SAABL Round 1

So we start on a sombre note today. Unfortunately the C's Captain Jay went down with what appears to be a season ending injury. We wish him all the best with his recovery and rehab.

SACBA Round 3

E's (Red) 33 def. Our Saviour Hubtitans C's 25

In an odd start to the season the E’s had won their first game by forfeit, trounced the Hubtitans C team, had a week off for the school holidays, and were up against the other Hubtitans team (B’s) this week.

We were also playing with our full team for the first time this year, welcoming Hahnz Sullivan to the carry over E’s team from 2017.

The E’s played well from start to finish in a balanced game against an unrelenting Hubtitans team. Mike Tye and Cam led the scoring with 9 each.

In the days following the game we found out from SACBA that we played a little too well and have been promoted from the Central 2 league to Central 1.

F's (White) 17 def. by 41 SPOC E

This week we were up against a tough squad from Saints. Saints got out to an early lead as we were having trouble putting the ball in the hole. The next 10 mins we played a lot better with some energy injected by Jeremy Pearce and scoring from Tim Silby.

At half time we were down 10. The second half we started off well keeping pace with Saints, but the end of the game we let it slip away, eventually going down 17-41.

Scorers: Jeremy Pearce 7, Tyler Two-Dads 3, Tone Trinh.

G's (Gold) 42 def. 24 Happy Valley C of C B's

Our game didn't exactly start off that great, but after a time out called by G we pulled it together to get a 10 point lead by half time. The second half was a lot more solid and we took the win by 18 points.

Jon for making an attempt to play after driving back from Sydney with his new project (unfortunately it broke down close to Adelaide and he couldn't play)

Mike blocking a few shots and one from the 3 point line

Nick filled in for us and scored 12 points

Brad dominating in front of his cheer squad

Hendo came in firing and had a solid second half

Troy bringing post beers. Oh yeah, and he played well.

Cheers to G for Scoring

Lady Reds 47 def. 12 Trinity WA

Awaiting report.

SACBA Round 4

E's (Red) 25 def. by 32 Our Saviour Hubtitans A's

After 2 wins in SACBA Central 2, the E's have been promoted to Central 1. Against a young and energetic Hubtitans A team the E's went down in a fiercely fought contest 25-32.

The game was tied with less than 30 seconds remaining but a 3 pointer by the Hubtitans put them ahead for good. Cam and Josh led scoring with 8 and 7 points respectively. Unfortunately BB went down early in the first half with a sprained ankle and will miss the next couple of weeks.

The E's have shown they can be competitive in the tougher Central 1 league and are looking forward to the rest of the season.

F's (White) 29 def. by 50 Holdfast Heat A

This week we were up against another tough squad, with their centre being 6’8”or 9” towering above us.

The first half we were doing well, keeping up the scoring, with a few lapses on defence giving them open 3s. The half-time score was 19-25.

The second half they switched to a man defence and we couldn’t score. Turnovers gave them fast breaks and the game blew out, losing 29-50.

Scorers: Tim Silby 9, Tyler Two-Dads 8, Charlie Baker 8.

G's (Gold) 21 def. by 23 Our Savour Hubtitans G's 

Bloggers notes are in parentheses.

Another week, another unknown team.

Another week, more reffing as expected (Personally I always expect at least one ref at a game, we don't pay just for court hire, guys). Games like the one just played are a clear example of why the SAABL was created, out of a desperate need. (Long live SAABL!)

The Unley High School stadium appears to have new lights, although not enough of them. It was light enough this week to leave the guide dog at home, but a cane with a white end was still recommended. A few dollars spent on decent rings would go a long way to bringing these courts up to a useable level. (I believe a certain illustrious member of our club once described the Walford rings in a similar manner. "Forged from the depths of hell" were his words)

We only had 5 players turn up this week, out of a squad of 8. A fill-in had been organized, but was a last minute no show after a better offer was put on the table. (Boo, you whore) We can’t understand how there could possibly be a better offer than playing with the G team , especially with post game beers always available. (and nobody called me?)

In discussion with Tracey Todd after the game, it was suggested that maybe we should place more emphasis on beer than basketball when seeking fill-ins in the future. I think that will be taken on board!

We played sort of OK, especially given our lack of subs.

Mike was the best of our players this week, running hard, getting rebounds, making baskets. Well rewarded with the high score for our team.

RT got a few in the first half but struggled with both being hammered under the basket with no calls made (classic RT), be it either offensive or defensive end and also missed free throws. Particularly disappointing as pre game free throw form was good.

Troy nailed an early three, then went a bit cold, not through lack of trying. The horrific non sprung rings were mostly at fault. Shots that would have rolled in on a decent court bounced out.

Nele only troubled the scorers with one foul, no points. Once again the rings didn’t help. Also nursing an ankle injury slowed him down a little from his usual blistering pace…

Caldy swished two free throws in the first and got 2 points off the deck in the second.

A two point loss in the final 30 seconds was hard to bear, but that is the joy of the competition we are in. 5 vs 7 is always a hard slog.

Mike with 9.
RT with 5.
Caldy with 4.
Trev with 3.
Nele zero.

With anything approaching a full team we would nail these guys to the wall and I hope that is what we do next time our paths cross. (haha, he used nail and cross in the same sentence to describe a church game. I wonder if that was deliberate?)

Just remember RT:
That's not a foul


This joke works better when it's not in the written form...

Lady Reds 31 draw with 31 Seeds Uniting WA

Currently awaiting report. Who do I chase up for these ones?

SAABL Round 1

D's (White 2) 57 def. 42 Pick N' Pop

Awaiting report. Ollie is communicating with his team to get me one. Just write me one damn it!

C's (Red 2) 55 def. 39 SPOC (White 2)

PAOCBC Reds 2 (1-0) v SPOC Whites 2 (2-0) (Okay Palky, there's been one round and you played each other, how is your record 1-0 and their record 2-0? Get it together!)

This new league is gonna be so awesome - we aren't going to need to play Saints and PAOC all the time ... it's gonna be great! So we played Saints this week.

They were short and we knew we would be able to cover their shooting and dominate inside.
We started quickly getting up 10-2 with Foo and Jay hitting 3's. Saints steadied with a couple of baskets and Reds pulled away again with Brandon 3, back to back fast breaks by Palk and Krantz inside to get up 19-6. Saints got some late baskets in the first half and Reds went in up 21-16.

Second half - Saints started well but everytime the scored we countered with a Jay basket, couple of baskets from Brandon. Then sadly Jay went down with what turned out to be a torn Achillies. We pass on all out best wishes Jay for a speedy recovery.

After the sad new Reds "did it for Jay" and went on a 21-8 run to kill the game off. Dan hit back to back 3's and a couple of FTs, Kirk hit a 3, Brandon and Krantz scored - then Dan hit two more 3's ... and it was over.

Reds won 55-39. Dan had 20 points, Krantz 12 and Brandon 9. 

B's (White 1) 38 def. by 43 SPOC (Blue)

First game of the season against Saints Blue. With Tyler in Europe we had David Bowles ‘DB’ fill in (hopefully he fills in another 15+ games).

We started slow and couldn’t buy a bucket early and as Saints always do they somehow find a way to make junk go in and make basketball purist cry at the same time.

Down 15 in the first half we managed to peg it back at the start of the second half with gritty defense. Wilson, Corbel and Haydon hit a few threes and with 3-5 minutes left we were up by 5-7 points.
The game ended up going to OT with Saints winning by 5 points.

The team is filthy about the loss but we really set the tone of how we will play out the season.
Final score 43-38

So on a note from Lachie, I watched this game and as filthy as the boys are, there are definitely some positives to take away. The start of the game was quiet, and from 11 minutes to go to 4 minutes to go in the 2nd half we only got one bucket BUT they managed to keep their heads going into the 2nd half though and work their way to an 11 point lead at one point, so there is obviously potential there.

In a few weeks when the team has gelled a bit more, those quiet patches should disappear and they'll be able to take off straight out of the gate and keep the scoreboard ticking over for the whole game.

For those of you who want to watch, I'm in the process of getting the video up.

A's (Red 1) 56 def. 47 SPOC White

Over the last few years, A grade competition has been dominated by PAC and Saints, to the point that they were the only teams remaining in the grade. After frustration of having to play the same team every week, for several years, talks emerged that concluded in the creation of a new league by parties vested in both clubs best interest.

The stage was set, the day had come at last to face new foes on the battlefield so that new competition could be fought...

First round Prince Alfred A’s vs Saints B’s... oh never mind. (haha Mike, Palky made this joke first!)

Despite the name, several of the players, and the uniform being all too familiar, the Saints team is indeed a mix of old and new competition that looks to be tough to beat, a mixture of size, speed and shooting, Saints wasted no time hitting the scoreboard.

Red’s team, making just the one change from title winning line up last season (Jamie Banks out Phil Harford in) Reds came out strong in a back and forth that didn’t show any indication of slowing down.

Both teams successfully making shots from outside and around the rim, Jon Self showing that pre season training pays off, really tearing apart unset defence. Big Phil Farrer stayed strong down low, sending some shots back to their sender to assert himself early on.

Liam and Foo found success in the gaps of the big blue defence to send the boys into the half time break at said score line. Second half was very much of the same, but with a slightly tighter reds, turning the ball over less and making shots where they were needed. A few more daggers to end the game by John self off some beautiful Phil Harford feeds, enabled the reds to run out the clock and end the game with a end score here.

A few things to work on as a group, but otherwise a mighty fine start to the season and top of the Conference ladder.

Aaaaand I'm also in the process of getting this vid up.

Current standings:
A's 1st on percentage in Conference Red, 1-0 record
B's 4th on percentage in Conference Blue, 0-1 record
C's 1st on percentage, 1-0 record
D's 3rd on percantage, 1-0 record
E's (Red) 6th place, with 0-1 record and 1 premiership point.
Soooo... do the wins from the first two rounds not count?
F's (White) 6th place, 0-3 record
G's (Gold) 2nd on percentage, 3-1 record
Lady Reds 5th place, 1-1-1-1 record

Next weeks games:
A's (Red 1) 4pm Saints
B's (White 1) 2pm PAC
C's (Red 2) 3pm Saints
D's (White 2) 4pm Saints
E's (Red) 3:30pm Wayville
F's (White) 1:50pm Wayville
G's (Gold) 3:30pm Wayville
Lady Reds 4:20pm Wayville

Please note that these times are subject to change, because why not? I'm sure Krantz will update us as needed if anything does happen.