Wednesday, 23 July 2014

2014 Intercol Results

The 2014 Intercol has been run ... and won! We won all 3 games this year, it is only the 3rd time in 21 years that we have won all 3 and the first time since 2010.

The C's won their 5th in a row and 9th in the last 10 years, the B's won their 6th in a row not bad considering they lost 11 out of 12 before this streak and the A's finally won after losing the last 3.

The Intercol record's since 1993 are now - Old Reds 31 wins, Saints 32 wins. In 2006 it was Old Reds 12 wins, Saints 27 wins. We have gone 19 and 5 since 2006.

I was in the club when we got clean swept 4 times ... it wasn't fun. At times we were happy when we came away with just one trophy for the night. For 7 years, between 1998-2004 we only won 4 games (2 C's and 2 A's). We are in the golden age - and I know a lot of you guys weren't around for those dark days, but those times shaped our hunger and the importance of Intercol for our club. It is why we all show up on game night, why when you get selected to play it is a priveldge not a right. Winning the A's was great because as was explained to me by a Saints person, and I quote "that is the only one [we] care about*" but I think they are all equally important. Those years when we only game away with one - we would celebrate it harder, becuase we knew how hard they are to get.

Someone said on Monday after Angus got a tough O Board and put back "he just wanted it more". He wanted it more cos we all wanted it more. I felt bad for Saints at one point ... but then I remember those 4 times that we left with nothing and I then I stop feeling bad for them - we went through it, they just need to learn to want it more. 

Thanks heaps to Brendon for scoring the B's and C's games and to Lenny for scoring the A's. Thanks to Megan for the photos (up on my Facebook if you want to check them all out) and thanks to those who filmed the games. We will delight re-watching my 3's at the Club Lunch.

To the Reports:
PAOC C's v SPOC C's - Saints C's are pretty good - they have some good players, they play super tough D and hustle hard. The Reds started slow down 0-8 before G hit a 3 and were down 5-12 after 8 minutes. Insert "Big J" Jay! Before in the warm ups - Jay said to me "I can't shoot 3's anymore since they moved the line out". SPLASH! SPLASH! SPLASH! Jay proved himself wrong. C's up 3 (18-15) at halftime. The 2nd half was dour. With 3 minutes to go the Reds had scored 2 points in the half and Saints were grinding (they get so many lucky rolls) - C's down 20-26. BB made a FT, 21-26. Goody made a FT to make it 22-26. Madman made a baseline jumper, 24-26. Reds had to foul to stop the clock. Saints went to the line - made the 1st (up 3) missed the 2nd and we got the board with 20 seconds left. The C's passed the ball around and found G wide open ... G had been ice cold all game ... for THREEEE! BANG! Game tied - we are going to overtime. G made an early 3 and Hendo made 2 of 4 FTs. Saints could only manage 1 point in the OT and the C's won 33-28. G had 12, Jay 11 and Goody 3. Great win. Goody dominated the boards and got 7 blocks.

(sorry the scoresheet is on the side - it won't let me rotate it).

PAOC B's v SPOC B's - Saints jumped early with "Saint Jon" getting a couple of quick buckets. We settled with Davey, Jono and Gus all scoring inside. We got some scoring from the bench - Palky came on and made a 3, Brad Daniel scored inside off a nice pass from Mike and Palky made another 3. Gus and Jono were active around the basket - Reds were up 8 (21-13) at halftime. The 2nd half, Gus was everywhere - making short jumpers, crashing the O glass, getting on the end of penetration. Up 13 we knew Saints would come and they made a 7-0 run, Palky made his third 3 and we clamped on defensively again. Play of the game - Manners chased down a break and blocked a Saints player from behind. On the inbounds - there was a semi loose ball and Manners dived on it, ripped it away from the Saints player and stole the ball. Reds win 39-26. Angus 15, Palky 9 and Jono 8. Manners D was the most important part of the game with Davey, Gus, Mike and Brad owning the defensive glass.

PAOC A's v SPOC A's - With the last 3 losses ringing in their ears - the A's knew they had to win. Saints were missing Hautop and Charles from last year's team but they play incredible D and they move the ball well. Jack made a couple of early 3's and a nice pull up j, Corey and Tauny were active around the basket. The A's D held Saints to only 3 made field goals in the 1st half, as Corey and Ork patrolled the paint down low - stopping Kong from being effective. Reds up 3 (18-15) at halftime. The 2nd half the Reds started to break Saints down - Corey and Orks were too much inside and when the score got to 32-22 with 8 to go we knew we broke them. Phil, Jack and Liam all scored on the break. McMichael made some tough shots and Bobo made their only 3 for the game. The A's won 39-29. Jack 12, Corey 10 and Orks 9.

Thanks again all - it was a fun night. Always great drinking Saints' beer and hearing them not sing their stupid song. The Sean Heylen Medal voting will be interesting.

*I paraphrased ... so it is a semi quote.

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