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2016 SACBA Week 17 Results

The Players’ Player Awards Night is on – Saturday 27th August @ The Seven Stars. It is the night of our last minor round game. This is the night where we award each Saturday Team’s Best Player according to his teammates – by tallying all the votes that have been meticulously kept throughout the season. It is like the Brownlow … but 8 of them all on the one night. We can arrive from 6.30pm (earlier if you want a cheeky drinks before the count) – the count will start at 7.00pm. The count should wrap up around 10.00pm. You can order meals from 6.30pm. Food and drinks are pay as you go. You need to let me know ASAP - just write in the comment section (likes will not be attributed as attending ... just an indication that you like said event)– so please respond because there’s a lot to be organised and the less time I have to spend chasing people the better – in your response let me know if you plan on having a meal (I need to let the venue know). You can bring as many guests as you like – everyone welcome – partners, friends, family etc. We will have the Betting Boards again. Always a great night – beer, food, vote counting, basketball chat and possibly Intercol games.

To the reports:
A's v Gateway A - Written by Jack - Gateway decided not to bring out any players over 5'11 and we genuinely did whatever we liked. Scored 90odd points without getting out of first gear. They played ok and shot heaps of threes, but the 38pt margin did not reflect how much of a blow out this actually was. Thanks to Lenny for scoring. Win 87-49 - Orks 24-, Phil and Foo 19

B's v SPOC B - Written by Brendon - The B's played against the old enemy Saints at Saints, starting off in the usual 2-3 zone due to low numbers. The B's were feeding Phil inside whilst Tim & Brendon were getting out on the break. For Saints Yeo & Gibbons were penetrating, Halftime B's 23-28 Saints. The second half didn't start off well for the B's, with missed shots & turnovers occurring regularly which lead to fast breaks & easy looks for Saints. Saints were more composed on the day, final score B's 34-52 Saints - Brendon 15, Phil 11. Thanks to Sean for scoring & coaching.

C's v Unley Park A - Written by Jay - Unley is last in our league and the Ds always smash them, but they always seem to give us trouble. Saturday’s game was no exception as Unley scored the first 8 points and were up double digits most of the first half, ending up leading us 22-11 at the break. They only had 5 players though, and we knew if we picked up the tempo they would start to struggle. Jamie and Ned were hustling all over the court causing turnovers, and Jamie continued his hot-second half trend, hitting three 3s and scoring 15.  We started hitting our open shots and were up 8 with 2 mins to go. They were able to keep it interesting and cut it down to 3 in the final 20 seconds or so (but for some reason didn’t foul us with the ball to try and get the ball back). Ended up winning 43-40. Jamie 17, Lachy 7, Jay and Ned 6.

D's v SPOC B - Up against Saints for what felt like the 6th time this season ... that is because it was. We have won by 17, 13, 11, 12 (and lost once). They do Saints-y things and we need to try and stop them from getting the O glass and making open jumpers. The D's picked Saints apart in the first half - Stu was getting to the basket, Thommo and A were dominating low socring 12 points between them, Madman in his return game made back to back jumpers from his corner - up 26-13 at half time. Second half was a bit more free flowing - one guy from Saints hit his 3rd and 4th 3 - which Palk was having none of and made four 3's in the 2nd half. Thommo, Roughie, Foo and Madman all scored a couple of baskets and Stu did Stu things - getting to the basket and finishing with layups - because he is good at layups. D's win 65-37. Stu with 17, Thommo 13, Palk 12, Madman 8.

E's v Big Sunday A - Written by Max - After a couple of close losses we thought we were out of finals contention this year, however the competitive Central 2/3 league keeps throwing up surprises with the teams around us on the ladder also tripping over themselves. This week shaped up to be a critical game with the 4th placed ‘E’s up against the 5th placed Big Sunday team, which we had lost to on our previous two encounters. Both teams started very intensely on the defensive end limiting early scoring opportunities. Mid way through the half Road Train came alive out muscling everyone around the ring, scoring and going to the free throw line multiple times. The highlight was a ridiculous fade away jump shot from outside the key on the baseline. Kara was battling away inside as well, inspiring everyone with a back to the basket post move that he finished so strong there might as well have been steam coming out of his ears! The second half was a great team effort by the E’s with some superb passages of play that weren’t always reflected on the scoresheet. E’s ran out winners 30-19, Road Train top scored with 10 but a balanced effort with everyone getting points. Thanks to super fill in BB for providing an extra spark off the bench and Kara’s dad for coming out to score for us.


G's v Big Sunday B - NO REPORT. Loss 29-39. Nick 23, Reid 5.

Lady Reds v Happy Valley A - NO REPORT. Win 43-22. Alicia and Jordy 13, Tracey 9.

Palky's Player of the Week - Week 17: Some great performances - all in the A's, Brendon's 1st half,
Jamie's 2nd half, Stu, Road Train ... but lets give it to a fill in who I have never met or never seen -
Nick "Lanky" Smolanko with 23 of his teams 29 points in the G's. Well done Lanky!

Week 18 Game Times:
A's v B's @ 4.20 - St Peters Crt 1 
C's v SPOC B @ 2.40 - St Peters Crt 1
D's v Unley A @ 1.50 - St Peters Crt 2
E's v Knightsbridge A @ 1.50 - St Peters Crt 1
F's v SPOC C @ 3.30 - St Peters Crt 1
G's v Burnside A @ 3.30 - Mars Crt 1
Lady Reds v  Unley A @ 3.30 - Wayville Crt 1 *Palky's Game of the Week - the Lady Reds have to win to give them a chance of finishing top 2.

Free Throws - Week 17
1. Thur - 58.1% *didn't move because I was not provided the scoresheet
2. A - 57.6%
3. Mon A - 56.7% (up 4%) - Up 1
4. Wed - 54.1% - Down 1
5. D - 50.0% - Up 1
6. Mon B - 49.6% - Down 1
7. B - 47.3%
8. C - 44.2%
9. E - 40.5% (up 3%) - Up 1
10. G - 40.2% - Down 1
11. F - 37.1%
12. Lady Reds - 34.7%

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