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2018 SACBA Round 5, SAABL Round 2

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Which I have startlingly few of, by the way...

SACBA Round 5

defeated by
 The Corner Uniting A 

The mostly veteran E’s played another young team in the Central 1 league this week. Corner got out to a very quick start with their #24 connecting on six 3’s for the half, leading them to a 16 point half time lead (17-33).

Despite this we were dominating the rebounding and making the most of put back opportunities. In the second half we changed to a man defence, though by this time their shooter was in the groove, knocking down another five 3’s for a total of 36 points for the game.

We managed to match their scoring for the half though(33-33), driving at will past their somewhat limp defence to score at the basket. We also began to generate a number of transition opportunities with good passing getting the ball ahead to the open man.

A winnable opponent for the E’s in the future if we can stop their shooter from getting into rhythm.

Cam Smith with 13 points led a balanced offensive effort with everyone scoring multiple baskets.

Thanks to G Man for scoring and Maklin Ferguson for filling in as our 6th man.

defeated by
Spicer Uniting

The season must be well under way, as we found ourselves back at the start, playing against Spicer.

Pre-game things were looking up in some regards. The very good shooter that we had to contend with the first game out of the blocks was absent, an ankle injury sidelining him for some time.

Jen Tirrell expressed approval of RTs new kicks. The first time that he has worn shoes that weren’t ugly, according to her high fashion opinion.

It wasn’t all beer and skittles for the Gold team though. Missing in action were B-Rad, Hendo and Caldy. Apparently going to the footy ranks higher than playing ball….

Luckily we had a fill-in. Third time asking, first time responding in the positive, Phil Walker joined us for the fray. Perhaps the offer of post game beers was enough (thanks Tracey for the suggestion last week).

The game didn’t quite go according to plan (not that we plan these things. We rely on years of experience and animal cunning for our game plans).

The scores were very low, 22-17 at the final whistle, unfortunately not in our favour. Our defensive game was pretty good, but our ability to make baskets was somewhat less than stellar. 5 points total for the second half at our end was always going to make it hard.

We have never played a game before where the back half time was counted down so rigorously, or so poorly for that matter. One Ref would start the count at 7 seconds as soon as we inbounded the ball. Very odd behavior. There was also a lot of “10 seconds to shoot” called on us, while the opposition appeared to get away with 20 pass offenses. As noted before, bring on the lower grades in the SAABL.

Phil high scored with 7, Nele with 5, 2 each to Troy and Mike, one for RT, none for Flair.

Big thanks to Phil for playing and Jen for scoring.

SAABL Round 2

A-Town Warriors (Blue)

After a strong win last week, Reds has a completely new challenge this week, Warriors B’s, whom sport a young and long team.

Out of the blocks reds came out hard and attacked the glass, whilst Warriors, despite their length, favoured the 3 ball. This led to a rather swinging of scores throughout the game.

Reds pulled out to a good lead early, up 16-4 around 10 minutes in, only to be chased by back to back 3’s bringing the game back into check, 16-10. This tended to happen in bursts here and there, Reds often scoring a few more buckets than Warriors, but being worth less each time the ball found the bottom of the net.

The game got close toward the end, but experience of the older Reds shone through. Big Phil has a stand out performance, making his mark on both ends of the court, 10+ points, 10+ rebounds, approaching 10 blocks as well. This is a guy that preemptively sits during a Kendrick Concert because he’s just that humble. Selfie also another Stella performance. This guy attacks unset defence more effectively than a hungover student does a 5 pack of migoreng. Little Phil hit some of the toughest layups we have seen in a while, and I even heard the whispers of “Jack who?” A few things Reds will need to work on going forward.

Keeping loud on court to keep teammates well informed. Remembering new unsportsmanlike foul regulations and Travel rules. We all saw 10+ travels even under the new rules go uncalled. Play to the whistle and don’t do anything silly.

And since I have no other reports, here are the results of the other games:

B's defeated by A-Town Warriors Red 47-50
C's defeated Pick N Pop 59-51
D's defeated by RAVSTASS Ravens 37-47
White defeated by Kings Baptist A 25-29
Womens defeated Our Saviour Hubtitans 59-16

Since it has been over a week, if you did send me the report and I've misplaced it please let me know and I will be happy to update the blog.
All game times can now be found at

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