Tuesday, 7 May 2013

SACBA Week 2 - Game Times and Previews

Week 1 was a great success with all men's teams getting a first up win and the Lady Reds playing a great game against the A Grade's best women's team (an honourable loss I think they call it).

I have started a site for the A Grade Stats. I will be attempting to keep this updated - it relies on me getting all the scoresheets but shouldn't be too hard.

Derby Day is May 18th. Please if anyone plays in a team where they can get us 8 uniforms please let me know. We only have 2 alternate strips and we need a 3rd.

Game Times Week 2
A's v Brighton A - With Orks and Corey out the A's are centreless. Brighton have a really good big guy but the A's should have too much class.

B's v Gateway A - Gateway are a really good side with a solid big and good shooters ... they definitely play basketball better than they spell. Gateway have had good luck when facing the B's - they met the B's last year both times when their best player (Davel) missed games against them and their best player this year (Darcy) will be missing this week. This is an important match up this early in the season but Gateway would be favourites going in.

Photo: They better hope they play basketball better than they spell. Note - not everyone will get this joke

C's v Unley Park A - Unley Park are a former A Grade side - they have some crafty guards and decent bigs. The C's showed how good they are last week and should get the win.

D's v Dunn A - Dunn are the best team in the C/D Grade having won the league a few times in a row. They have 2 good bigs and surround them with good shooters. The D's will need to work hard to get the win.

E's v SPOC C - Saints C's haven't been very good for the last few years. Not sure who they have playing for them - so let's say the E's will win.

F's v East All Stars A - This must be a couple of teams combined. They are All Stars ... so surely they will pump our F's =)

G's v Saints E's - Saints E's struggled last year - we held them to less than 20 every time we played them last year and the G's looked good last week - so I reckon the G's will get it.

Lady Reds v Trinity A - Never seen Trinity - let's say they do as their name suggests and shoot 3's. Lady Reds were good last week and this is another week of them together.

May 11 A Brighton A 2.40 Powerhouse 1
May 11 B Gateway A 1.50 Powerhouse 2
May 11 C Unley Park A 3.30 Powerhouse 2
May 11 D Dunn A 1.00 Cedar 1
May 11 E Saints C 1.50 Cedar 1
May 11 F East All Stars A 1.50 Cedar 2
May 11 G Saints E 1.00 Cedar 2
May 11 LR Trinity A 4.20 Powerhouse 1

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