Monday, 20 May 2013

SACBA Week 4 Preview - Givin' the Blues the Blues

Regrading is at the end of this weekend's games - so the games below are the games we are playing.

Before we start ... Liam came up with a joke. What do Flair and Dwyane Wade have in common? Answer here.

Also - Palk-stradamus ... I whinge about Tom Waterhouse last week, this week he is being hauled over the coals. Don't get on my bad side.

A's (3-0) v SPOC A's (3-0) - The renewing of an old rivalry. The A's and Saints are playing the best team ball in the league. Neither team has lost. The A's have 7 guys averaging over 6  points a game, everyone is contributing. Saints have 2 guys playing the best ball in the league (de Cure and Good), they have a selection of good bigs (Proctor, Newland, Sainsbury), they surround them with shooters (Ness, Scammell, McMichael). Saints play solid D, rebound well, run the break well, they are disciplined. Going to be a tough game.  

B's (1-2) v Cherry Saints A's (0-3) - It is time the B's have a reversal of form. We need to turn this shit around 1080 degrees. The unpleasantness of the derby aside - the B's need to refocus on playing as a team, playing tough D and having a bit of fun. Cherry Saints aren't playing great ball - the Reds should win easily.

C's (3-0) v Coromandel Valley A's - I haven't seen CV ... so I will give you this batshit insane video.

D's (2-1) v  v Oakden A's - I have heard reports Oakden are scary good - they have been winning games by 50. Are they as scary as this?

E's (2-1) v SPOC B's - It is our first look at Saints B's. I'm guessing they will be pretty strong. At least they won't be able to stack their team with A's players as they are out at The Powerhouse.

F's (3-0) v SPOC E's - Our F's are rolling - they have 4 guys who can score and 4 solid role players. They are a balanced line-up (if not a bit short when Road Train hits the bench). My solution ... Jon needs to get super fit and play 40 minutes.  

G's (1-2) v Northgate A's - I'm not too sure who these guys are. Putting something in the comments if you have any scouting on them.

Lady Reds (1-1-1) v Dunn A's - Dunn have always been pretty strong. The Lady Reds are slowly coming together. With Jordy and Loz back this week they should get the win.

Date Team Opposition Time Stadium Court 
May 25 A Saints A 1.00 Powerhouse 1
May 25 B Cherry Saints A 3.30 Powerhouse 1
May 25 C Coromandel A 1.50 Powerhouse 2
May 25 D Oakden A 1.50 Cedar 1
May 25 E Saints B 2.40 Cedar 1
May 25 F Saints E 1.50 Cedar 2
May 25 G Northgate A 3.30 Cedar 2
May 25 LR Dunn A 4.20 Powerhouse 2

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  1. I have 2 words for this week and the season

    Preparation - if you do the work during the week at training and prior to the game on Saturday the result will take care of itself

    Enjoyment - Dont forget what a privilege it is to be able to play this game with a great group of (team)mates - just got home from a tough loss but during the game we lost a mate to a season ending knee injury. Enjoy it while its there ...