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SACBA Week 5 - Rivalry Round

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So you should have received the rest of the year schedule via email. You will note the games are all over the place so pay careful attention every week where you are playing. FINALS ARE SEPTEMBER 6, 13 and 20. Please don't book holidays during this time ... especially if you are arguably the most important player for the A's ... whoops ... to late. 

PUB CRAWL THIS WEEKEND. We are starting at The Seven Stars. It is starting at 12 noon. We will be leaving The Seven Stars at 12.40pm. If you want food get the Seven Stars early and order straight away. Big A has come up with the most inspired Pub Crawl ever. We will be heading all over the fine city of ours on the 99 Beeline Bus. Bring a $2 and $10 note because there are a few little things planned. Plus bring more money for food and beer. See you there - it will be cool as ... like if Tarantino made Star Wars

To the reports:
A's (5-0) v Gateway A - NO REPORT. A's had to play Gateway twice in 3 weeks. A's beat them 39-36.Phil 15, Tauny 8, Hobbs 7. The undefeated season rolllllls on! The A's winning is getting as predictable as every youtube clip.

Gateway wrote "Prince Alfred's rise on the SA Church Basketball stage may have been confirmed on Saturday afternoon, but Gateway coach James Smith also drew positives on his own team despite the poor performance displayed for much of its 3-point win.  Smith said his team did not play the way he wanted them to play but did enough at critical moments to win the game.  "If you don't play at your best you get into a bit of dogfight and even at your best you're still going to have to fight really hard to get the result you want. But in the end we were able to be strong enough – and I think that is a good sign – we were able to be strong enough when it counted."  He acknowledged that Prince Alfred was a much-improved side and had to take much of the credit for the tightness of the contest. "We might just be a step or two in front of where Prince Alfred are coming from.  We were really strong in the last 10 minutes of the game, where we looked like we just had that little bit more experience to play the game the way we wanted to play."  The coach said the Thunder managed to tighten up its defensive efforts in the second half, restricting Prince Alfred to 43 entries inside the keyway after conceding 25 in the first half.   "I think in the end that won us the game," Smith said.  He said although Gateway was on top of the ladder after losing just one game in the first five rounds, it was conscious of how much of the season remained.  Next week the Thunder comes up against Prince Alfred B, led by former player and Jultopia representative Michael Hill, who remains a good friend of Smith.  "Mick will know a lot about us and we know a lot about what Mick's like. He'll be keen to do well," Smith said.  Gateway plays Prince Alfred B at CBC Coliseum on Saturday afternoon. Prince Alfred 39 d Gateway 36 (Vucetic 21, Horskins 8, Smith 4)".

B's (3-2) V SPOC A - B's v Saints over the last couple of years have been great contests. The B's are underdogs but they play hard, hustle and get on the glass. Saints have lost a lot of talent (Scammell, de Cure, Charles, Heim, Proctor) over the last year but still have 4 quality players (Good, McMichael, Hautop and Bobo) and some solid younger players. Reds started well - Lachy getting inside, Big Phill and Tomo were huge inside and Jono was getting out on the break. They let Good have a few too many open shots and the refs made some strange calls. Reds down 2 at halftime. The 2nd half was a grind - Phill again was proving tough inside and the Reds were battling super hard. Hautop was proving tough to stop - making jumpers and getting to the basket. Mike, Phill, Lachy and Tomo were scoring inside and attacking the O glass but the open j's were not falling Reds lost 34-39. Phill had 9, Mike 7 and Jono 6. Saints shot 9/20 from FT line - B's shot 5/15 and they lost by 4. Hmmmm ...   

SACBA A Grade Ladder

PAOCBC A - 5-0
PAOCBC B - 3-2
Gateway A - 3-2
SPOC A - 3-2
Oakden A - 1-4
Knightsbridge A - 1-4

C's (4-1) v SPOC B - Written by The C's - G was late/hungover so he missed the first 10 minutes so he had his team write the report. Brad wrote "I remember that we took the lead from the tip, we passed the ball through hands and everyone got early looks. The bigs were devestation on the offensive glass which gave us 2nd chace points all game". Hendo wrote "I remember Goody working the foul-line like a superstar and finding Fancy with pretty dishes which he occasionally finished. Having said that - none were as pretty as this". Palky remembers the tiiiime! C's were up 26-22 at half time against a pretty talented SPOC team and won 49-34. G 16, Goody 11, Fancy Krantz 9.

D's (4-1) v Unley Park A - The D's first big test (not against our C's) against the very good Unley Park side. The first half was an arm wrestle - not the greatest advertisement for basketball, way too many turnovers. Kobe got a good and 1, Moorfoot blocked the shit out of some fool. The D's D was good (double D) and we were limiting Unley to one shot and Road Train was cleaning house on the boards - Reds down 10-13 at half time. The 2nd half, the Reds kept up the good D, Ned scored in a nice shuffle cut and then got a massive block at the other end - it was very impressive. Stu then went freaking mental - he scored off a nice cut, hit a 3, scored on an and 1, hit another 3, then got a tip in and the foul. The Reds were forcing Unley to take contested 3's and nothing will fall on the terrible Adelaide Arena center court rings. Reds won 34-22. Stu had 20 and Ned 9. Josh and Ned's blocks were as sweet as a few of these purchases.   

E's (4-1) v St Casmir A - Written by Max - The ‘E’s were surprised early by St Casimir’s ability to generate fast break opportunities off of defensive boards, allowing them to a storm out to a double figure lead. Their #15 was scoring at will with 10 points for the half. With better help defense the ‘E’s started to clamp down and hustled hard to generate transition opportunities of their own, pulling the deficit back to 5 points by half time. Bubner dominated the scoring in the second half, proving unstoppable with his short range jumpshot around the key. The E’s showed glimpses of their potential, looking best when driving to the hoop and then feeding to the cutting big men, though exposed at times on the defensive boards giving St Casimir far too many 2nd, 3rd, and 4th shot opportunities. St Casimir rallied again late in the second half on the back of a 3 pointer to draw within 4 points, but Mike Tye showed his experience and exerted control on offence with a set of safe hands and patience to run down the clock. He helped seal out the game with nice three point play on a strong drive to the basket. Another balanced game for the team with everyone contributing on the scoresheet, Bubner leading the way with 16, and Max with 8. Free throw shooting was better too this week with the team shooting 5/6. Final score 41-33.

F's (2-2) v SPOC C - Written by Lenny - Facing our traditional rivals, SPOC put out their C's against our F's (gee it must be embarrassing for them). Staines was marshalling a middle sized and athletic Saints crew and the F's fielded Tim Corbel for the first time (who over time will be a huge asset for the club). We started in an extended 2:1:2 but Saints got the first looks to be out 5 - 0 in the first 3 minutes Tim came into the frame and scores were put back on a more even keel - 5 - 4. GW2 (Phil Walker) was the ghost who wasn't walking ; Phil tried to come out on his bung ankle but realised after a couple of minutes that it wasn't going to work and so we were down to 7 dropped into 2:1:2 but Saints were putting the foot on the pedal and got it out to 13 - 6. Bjork stepped up with a good luck + 1 and Jon hit a J but we were being hurt inside and scores were out to 22 - 11.  Then to ice the cake for them their # 14 came into his own and hit 2 three's and half time scores were 28 - 11. 2nd half was far more of an arm wrestle; the F's defensive effort stepped up - starting in a 3:2 stopping the outside shooter and Toma, Tim and Bjork were attacking more in and under. Bjork ended up spending a lot of time doing sit ups on the ground, but Ben's guts and determination could never be questioned. The 2nd half really showed that we could do and went 15 - 11 to Saints; Tim hit a sweet 3 and Toma got inside for 6 points overall, if we keep on with the second half sort of intensity and gel as a team we will continue to improve Both Tim and Toma had 8 points in a 43 - 22 loss.

G's (1-3) v East Allstar A - Written by Hitman - G-Force faced the four-man East All-Stars, who assured us their fifth player was on his way as the game began (albeit belatedly).  G-Force’s pre-game discussion had centred around the word “intensity”, possibly a reference to the large tent city out the front of the stadium.  It certainly wasn’t a reference to the subsequent game, where the early going lacked any great drive, both teams were content to pass the ball around the perimeter and take jumpshots.  An early All-Stars’ time-out gave us an opportunity to adopt a better strategy of attacking the basket, which was more successful.  Then two events occurred in quick succession, both of which changed the fortunes of the match – the clock ticked over the 10 minute mark, and the missing fifth All-Star turned up.  The first event meant that G-Force were awarded the match on forfeit, the second meant that the even contest swung slightly the All-Stars way, the score going from 8-all on his arrival to 18-14 in their favor at the half.  Unfortunately, this trend continued in the second half, their gangly youth with the Orkenesque reach grabbing plenty of rebounds and blocking several shots, while his teammates made plenty of buckets, two of the All-Stars combining for 25 points for the match to equal G-Force’s combined output.  The final score was 36-25, reversed to a 20-0 scoreline due to the late player.   Reid Amos topped the G-Force scorers with 8 and Sam finished with 6.

Lady Reds (3-2) v Unley Park A - Unley won the GF last year and this would be a good measure for the Lady Reds. Unley have a big girl ... as in tall ... not the other kind of big and she was proving tough to stop down low. Megan hit a jumper, Alicia hit a 3 and Claire hit a nice hook shot in the lane. Megan hit Tracy with a sweet bounce pass (probably the 2nd best pass of the season by anyone in a Reds jersey* ... Megan like Boris Diaw ... he would have been proud). She followed up the sweet pass with a crazy runner on the halftime buzzer - Reds down 11-14 at halftime. Once again I didn't see the 2nd half cos I was warming up for my game. It looked like the tall chick for Unley was killing it low. Alicia hit a 2nd 3, Jordy was going nuts attacking the basket and Megan scored on the break. Reds just couldn't get the stops when they needed them and lost 27-32 against last year's Grand Finalists. Jordy had 8, Megan 7 and Alicia 6. Reds were 1 of 9 from the FT line ... Hmmmmm ....

*The best of course being Jack's flip pass to Orks a few weeks ago. Orks may or may not have dunked it.

Palky's Super Tops Trio - Week 5
3rd - Phil Farrer
2nd - Alex Bubner
1st - Stu MacDonald  

Game Times:
Next Weekend - BYE ... go to Pub Crawl
Week 6 - June 14.

Venue Date 1:00 1:50 2:40 3:30 4:20 5:10
CBC June 14   B's v Gateway A C's v Southwest A  A's v Knightsridge    WA v Dunn A
Marion June 14 E v Golden Grove A         F's v Spicer A
Marion June 14 G's v Spicer B D's v Taperoo A        

*Note the venues

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