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SACBA Week 6.5 - Great Half a Week

This was supposed to be Week 6 but 4 games were cancelled as the courts at CBC were double booked. For what it is worth, I think that SA Church has followed the process and booked the stadium. The taekwondo organisation (who usually have the booking) had keys to the stadium, let themselves in early and refused to leave because the SA Church couldn't prove that they had the booking. So with that then said, it is my understanding that the games will be rescheduled on another week - I believe they will schedule the games in the morning for the A's, B's, C's and Lady Reds and then play the normal round's games in the afternoon.

So in light of the the calamity of the having 4 games cancelled I thought it would be amusing if I did a recap of Game 5 of the NBA Finals if it were played in the SACBA Church league - HAS SPOILERS SO DON'T READ ON IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED THE GAME.

*Written as if we are the Spurs.

SA Spurs A v Miami Heat A - Written by Palky - It is Game 5 of the Finals - we have been killing "The Heat" this whole finals series. As always Tony was late and didn't have his shoes on ... why he doesn't put his shoes on before the game I'll never know. I got a text pregame - Manu's dad took the car and he had to wait for him to get home so he will be late. Boris was hungover ... bloody Boris. Pop told us to open in man with Leonard on Heat's #6 and Danny on the jerk weasly complainy kid #3 and Dunc on the tall Raptor looking guy #1 - they decided not to play their annoying PG #15 and started the old shooter #34 with the nice jumpshot.

The game started at the 18 minute mark cos the scoresheets weren't filled out properly and Heat didn't have a scorer - the massive guy who looks like Bill Russell had to score. We didn't start very well and Steeeeeve kept calling stupid charges and travels - they really are his favourite calls. Heat's #6 was on fire and make a bunch of shots and they got out to a big lead at the end of the first qtr. 2nd qtr we couldn't work out which direction the possession arrow was facing and the Heat got the jumpball even though they won it at the start of the game. Manu arrived (even though the refs didn't think he was on the scoresheet) and started shooting well and got a massive dunk. "The Heat" just kept calling timeouts - so the clock kept running - are we there to talk about basketball or play basketball? The 3rd qtr started a bit late - Patty couldn't find his ticket ... he told us all that it he handed it to Pop at the start of the game - turns out it was in his wallet. Lucky he was on fire and made a bunch of jumpers. Boris was playing well but he almost wasn't allowed to play cos his shorts are slightly a different colour to his jersey. In the end we won pretty easily and won the title, our 5th in 15 years. Woooo! Leonard 22, Manu 19 and Patty 17. Tony was 0-10 in the 1st half but made 7 of 7 in the 2nd half ... crazy little French bugger. Leonard won the Players's Player MVP.   

Uniform update -
Fingers crossed I will get the uniforms this week - I was told that they would be here yesterday. If need be I will have to give them to you Saturday.

To the reports:
A's v B's v C's - Scratch Match by Phil - Since the association had a sizeable cuffaffle booking a stadium, the As, Bs, Cs and lady reds found themselves game less on this chilly Saturday. Jack arranged for us to have the school gym booked last minute for activities, and despite a large number missing games we had a solid turnout of 7. Those who attended were part of a fiercely contested game of 3 on 4, that began with orken proclaiming that "I'll pick the 3, because whoever is on my team will win." This bold statement was followed up with a much bolder team selection; forgoing a Orken-J Harford buddy ball arrangement by selecting Foo and P Harford to play against J Harford, Liam, Angus and Brad Hughes. The 3 began playing a 2 high 1 low defence, and after conceding back to back layups this was shifted to a 1-2. Brad Hughes then referred to this "The Spear" (patent pending), which proceeded it broke the game wide open. After getting a stop, the trio began scoring with Phil hitting 3s and Orken and Foo getting on the ring at will. This was the curse of an extra man; thinking someone else would help and rarely would this occur. The 4 then increased effort levels and began exploiting the numbers game furiously. Many a layup was had, with Angus in particular dining out on many extra passes. While every team needs someone to get on the end of all the unselfish passes no one expected Angus to reincarnate himself as Mick 'Down'Hill quite so effectively, but low and behold Angus put on his snow boots and skied his way down those steep slopes nicely. It truly was a spectacle, with verbal jousting from all parties providing fruitful entertainment. The game suffered a blow when someone resorted to the shameful level of vacating his bowels to use as a 5th defender in the key, for which the game suffered momentarily. The game went back and forth, a seesaw affair which eventually saw the quartet victorious despite a spirited effort from the trio. Final score 2 games to 1. Votes will be shared by all, but Brad Hughes will take the lions share for his all round effort and Orken for his iron fisted effort that would have pleased Stalin greatly. Live long and prosper.

D's v Taperoo A - 
Mouth guard, check, Protective gear, check, Thick skin, check - the joys of playing Thug-eroo. The D's had their full team with a crooked Jon with a back injury and crook Kobe with a cold. The Reds started well with Sime hitting a 3 but the game was a grind early - Taperoo were getting to the line and making some tough shots. Ned and Moorfoot came off the bench and gave the D's a lift - Moorfoot was super active around the basket and made a couple of shots and Ned was getting to the front of the rim for easy layups. Reds up 16-13 at half time. The 2nd half, we started in full court pressure to make Taperoo speed it up from the standard glacial pace that they play at - it had immediate results. We forced turnover after turnover and Taperoo were taking bad rushed shots - Sime, Frangers and Stu scored on the break, Ned and Moorfoot came off the bench again and were getting baskets - Moorfoot hit a crazy fallaway jumper - one of those "NOOOOOOOO ... good shot" kind of shots. Palky hit a 3 and Road Train got a sweet layup in the lane. D's won 43-30 - Ned had 13, Moorfoot 9 and Stu 6. It should be noted everyone scored in the 2nd half. It should also be noted that the D's played super tough D and Big Jon and Kobe cleaned up the boards - it is such a luxury when the team plays great D and the big guys get every D board. 

Do you know what is better than one report ... two reports.

Written by Sime -The D’s packed the bigger esky for the long trip down to Marion Fitness and Leisure Centre.  We were greeted by a giant queue of people, perhaps eager to buy a little of the quality brand of basketball the team had been selling so far this year.  Unfortunately (for them), they were queuing for some gymnastics.  So we squeezed our way down the 7” gap down the side of the court for our game.  This week we faced off against the Taperoo Angry Birds, always a challenge for the body (I still have the bruises to prove it).  We started slowly, Taperoo keeping pace with us through a couple of cheap baskets and unexpected jumpshots.  Reggie opened with a 3, before Ned and Josh got busy, thankfully finding their way to the key marked in black on the dark floor, with 7 & 5 for the half.  At the break we held a slender 3 point lead at 16-13, but we were playing down to a scrappier brand of basketball that would never lure the gymnastics crowd in.  Because Taperoo were bringing the ball up slowly and trying to control the tempo, we upped the pressure, which had the desired effect of speeding up the game, with an added bonus of a few turnovers, pounced on by the hungry back court.  In the 2nd half it was a great all round affair, with everyone scoring and the team scoring a lot more on the break.  Stu got into the mix and hit a nice 6, as did Ned with his drive too quick for the D.  Overall we were hungrier, and although both teams were in the bonus both halves, we had the cattle to run the game out and build a nice lead, winning 43-30.  Ned finished with 13, Josh 9, Stu 6.  On a really positive note, we went 9 from 11 from the stripe. In addition to being generally twisted, the Road Train pulled off a heroic effort to take to the court and still rebound up a storm, and Kobe grabbing everything else .  Palky unfortunately then hurt his back in the dying minutes, hopefully it’s a speedy recovery for both of them.Thanks to James Townsend for manning the pen for us this week.

E's v Golden Grove A - Written by Max - This week the E’s had the opportunity to avenge their only loss of the season to Golden Grove Baptist. We got off to a quick start making the most of their inability to have 5 players at the arena for the tip off. Pritch was getting amongst the scoring early with a couple of strong drives at the basket. Everyone was running hard to create opportunities and unselfish teamwork saw 6 of our 7 players get on the scoresheet in the first half. Their frustration started to boil over with us and with the umpires.  ‘Late Player’ top scored for us with 6 for the half to see us with a 24-8 lead! Bub’s exploded in the second half to rack up 18 points, for a career high 20 points for the game. He was on the business end of everyone’s passes and created a few opportunities himself. Despite a few passages of sloppy play late in the game, the E’s kept the pressure on to go out winners 52-25. 

F's v Spicer A - Written by Lenny - With 3 F stars scratched in Matt Trim, Tim and Bjork it was really appreciated that Jay was able to come out to give us 6 players. A little touch and go with one player heading to the Powerhouse instead of Marion, but we got there. We needn't have worried too much as Spicer only were able to field 5 too. They were younger and taller than us but we went out with the game plan and jumped out of the blocks. Playing man for D, we were up 6 - 0 in no time flat with Jay hitting little J's. Then their 55 clumsily fouled Jay on the break and ended up with his nose plastered across his face - blood on the court and 5 minutes of lost play while the umpires just let the clock run. They were down to 4 and we were up 8 - 0 when Jason with his broken nose came back on the court and hit 2 and 21, Mike Whitehead (and Old Red) also stepped up to score from longer range and his son, James Whitehead (also an Old Red) banged around inside for nothing. We went to the half 10 - 8 up and not totally happy. Second half we ran better, D was tighter and we were getting more ball inside offensively with Phil finishing off and Tone stepped up to counter his 4 fouls with 2 steals and a couple of lay-ups. The half split 13 - 9 and we were victorious by 6 (23 - 17) - we never really looked as though we would lose it but there were times where we weren't that convincing either - still room for improvement. Phil had 10, Jay 8 and Tone 4.

G's v Spicer B - Written by Hitman - This week G-Force faced the might of Spicer*.  Judging from the unforced turnovers the Spice Boys committed during their warm-ups, they weren’t expected to trouble us if we brought our G-game.  Pre-game the plan was not to take them lightly, but play hard and continue to move the ball in offence as we have done in previous weeks.  From the opening tip** the Spice Boys were under pressure, even when no Redmen were in the vicinity of the ball, repeated unforced turnovers gifting us extra possessions.  We had some initial difficulty turning these bonus opportunities into points, except for Will Harmer, who seemed to have no trouble send the ball through the hoop.  This inspired the rest of the team to follow his lead and at the end of the first half, where we dominated all facets of the game, the scoreboard read 27-5, and which included a banked three for the Spice Boys. The second half featured a better performance from Spicer, which combined with a drop in intensity from the Redmen, and aided by some favorable refereeing (the three-second rule being waived for Spicer for the duration of the match), all added up to make the second-half scores much closer than the first.  The final score was still a resounding 47-22 victory.  Will and Reid equal top-scored with 12 and Dillon added 10. 

[* Spicer Church is in St Peters, making them yet another St Peters team in Church ball.]
[** taken by James, to everyone’s surprise, and won by James, to everyone’s surprise.]

Palky's Super Top Trio - Week 6.5
3rd - Phil Walker
2nd - Will Harmer
1st - Alex Bubner ... I'm surprised he wasn't arrested after the game ... I have never seen anyone abuse a team that badly.

Game Times - Week 7
*All games at the Powerhouse

A's v Oakden A - 3.30
B's v Knightsbridge A - 5.10
C's v Unley Park A - 4.20
D's v Southwest A - 4.20
E's v St Peters A - 2.40
F's v Hope A - 1.50
G's v SPOC E - 1.00
Lady Reds v Adelaide A 1.50
As always - can check game times here

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