Wednesday, 3 June 2015


As (4-1) lost to SPOC As (3-1) – Written by Mike Hill
Another day, another win for the A's. *
A's bolstering a full strength squad**, against Saints newly formed side with Crazy Chris and Kong. A's got out on the break early to kill the game***. Some late points inside from Kong kept the game respectable****. A's winning 60-40*****. Player of the day was Jack Harford as per usual******.
*We didn't win.
** Liam was out sick and Corey was late
*** We were down the whole game.
**** Our late scores got us within 2 with the ball and 12 seconds to go but we choked the possession.
***** We lost 41-39
****** Jack had his worst game but was still our best player.
Probably needed this loss to wake us up to playing half-court offence.
Scorers: Jack 12, Foo 10, Corey 9.
The A’s went 16/33 from the line. Lost by 2.

Bs (1-1-3) lost to Oakden As (2-3) – Written by Jono
The B's started off the game ok, the scores were pretty even but we kept a lead for most of the half, Tim was getting to the ring and drawing fouls, and Crawf got a few baskets to keep it close. Garfoot started to hit some long 2s and we were down 19-16 at the half. Second half the B's the game was pretty similar to the first, Phill was a good presents inside getting plenty of D boards but our problem was in our offence. At the end of the game we started to throw a few stupid fouls and it looked like emotions came into play with a couple silly unsportsmanlike fouls. Manners got a ridiculous tech and the end of the game just fell apart. the B's lost 44-34

The B's are starting to have some good moments on court but there is still a lot we need to work on.
Scorers: Jono 12, Tim 11, Phil 6.

White (2-1-2) defeated SPOC B (2-3) – Written by G
It was a shaky start for the Whites, shooting 6 airballs in the first 5 minutes. We steadied the ship, started putting together some good offences and getting the ball in the hole. The only thing letting us down was turnovers and getting back on D. We went in at half time up 11-8. The 2nd half was freer flowing for both sides. We were getting some great extra passes for a better shot and hitting them. Tim and Bubs were getting open and hitting jumpers, Tim outside the key, Bubs inside. With about a minute and a half we were up by 4, but someone thought this wasn’t close enough and turned the ball over for an easy layup at ½ way. We steadied again and played good D and chewed the clock. They got the rebound with 15 seconds to go, Bubs does the smart foul at ½ way and SPOC don’t bother calling a sub or timeout and we win by 2. Bill Jr. (nfi what his name is) tried to argue that calling a sub didn’t stop the clock whilst jamming his finger into the instruction sheet exactly where it says that subs stop the clock. Also he’s salty when they lose.

It was a great team win and showed some good signs of gelling. But there is still a ways to go.
Score: 27-25
Scorers: Bubs 14, Tim 9, Goody, Hendo 2.

Reds (3-2) defeated to Knightsbridge A (1-1-3) – Written by G
Being down 4 players Corey and Morgan offered to fill in. The Reds had control early on but let Knightsbridge back into the game through not getting back on D. Knightsbridge scored 8 points in the last 3 minutes to go into half time ahead 14-13. The second half was a struggle with the Reds not being able to put the ball in the hole and lapses on transition D. Then in the last 5 minutes the Reds went on a tear outscoring Knightsbridge 10-3, Winning 37-30.
Scorers: Jay 14, Corey 12, Morgan 5.

Yellow (4-1) lost to Influencers A (1-4) – Written by Palky
After 2 years (almost to the day) on the sideline rehabbing from his leg injury, Tim Purgacz returned to the basketball court … it was great to see him out there and testament to his hard work to get back on court. The E’s were down Big A and The Future, so this would be a tough one against the quick and youthful Influencers. Up against the man, Yellow were getting great looks with nothing falling. Stu and Thommo did the bulk of the scoring. Influencers hit so many rubbish shots – banked jumpers, fall away j’s, contested 3’s – it was a frustrating game. Stu had a shot to tie it with 20 seconds left but it didn’t fall. Yellow with their first loss – 28 to 35. Thommo 11, Stu 9, Corbel 5. Free throws 8 of 20!

Fs (4-1) defeated Northgate A (2-3) – Written by Max
This should have been an easy win for the top of the ladder ‘F’s against the bottom of the ladder Northgate, even without Brad and Rough Justice. The F’s never really got going though and other than a few good plays looked flat. Cam did his best around the hoop with some strong rebounding and put backs. However Northgate got far too many offensive rebounds and second chance opportunities. Northgate clogged up the lanes on defence and the F’s couldn’t convert their outside shots. Again the game was marred for both teams by horrible umpiring. It was inconsistent and at times unfathomable. It might not have changed the outcome but made for an unenjoyable game. It’s a joke that the two umpires responsible are employed year after year. The F’s went down 30-21. Cam scored 7 points, Mike and Darcy had 5 points.

Gs (4-0) Game to be replayed

Hs (0-3) Game to be replayed

Lady Reds (5-0) defeated Trininty A (0-5) – Written by Palky
Palky was enjoying a cold one after a tough loss, so missed the first 30 minutes of the game … and the word missing is used loosely, because he didn’t “miss” anything. A top v bottom clash – the Lady Reds played down to Trinity’s level and won 26-6. Lots and lots of free throws. Trinity didn’t seem to happy. Megan scored her 4 points when Palky was there so at least he saw that. Georgie and Tracey 7, Megan and Claire 4. Next game is a big one against Adelaide.

Game Times:

Wayville Stadium – Rose Terrace, Wayville
Adelaide Arena – 44a Crittenden Road, Findon
Marion Leisure Centre – Oaklands Road, Morphettville
Westminster School - Allison Avenue, Marion
Trinity Baptist – Bedford Square, Colonel Light Gardens

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