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SACBA Week 4 Results + Week 5 Game Times

This link is a complete history of the NBA in terms of Elo, i.e. if they were playing League of Legends instead of basketball. It’s pretty interesting!

As (4-0) defeated Bs(1-1-2) – Written by Mike Hill and Jono Self
Mike – The A's and B's dressed for the masquerade ball the A's went without suit jacket (Corey) and it looked like B's were wearing the short skirt (missing Big Phil).
The A's came out and hit the bar early, with one player knocking down 4 shots in a row, looking strong before they got to his head, leaving him to wingman the rest of the day. The B's made plenty of opportunities for themselves, buying a round of shots, but had trouble finishing. 28-10 half time.
In the second half our teams hit the dance floor, picking up the pace of the evening. The A's capitalised off girls "on the rebound" or "on a break" opting to press up nice and close. The B's struggled to let loose until they wriggled their way past the mosh to the other side of the floor. At the end of the night, both removed their masks to find it was a dance with your sister.
A's up 72-25

Jono – The first few minutes were looking good, until the Bs just starting losing it and the As started to find it. The As just kept destroying the Bs defence while there was just no talk on the court, luckily Scott can't shoot from around the rim and we got some easy boards but he can hit a pull up three on the break... There were a couple good moments between the dream team (Jon and Gus) with a few missiles through the key to find the bearded man for easy 2s. Timmy got a bit warm hitting the shots. But the As trap definitely made us create some silly mistakes. Overall lets just not talk about it...
Still trying to balance as new team members mix in and we form as a team

Scorers: Jack 24, Foo 16, Mike 10. Gus 12, Tim 7, Jono 4.
FYI Jack is scoring 20.5 ppg. He’s really asserting himself as the best player in the competition.

White (1-1-2) drew with Knightsbridge A (1-1-2) – Written by G
Not a lot to say. They played well, we didn’t. G had a shot to win, missed it, Goody got the rebound and put it in for the tie. They had one guy go off for 16. He hit a bunch of 3s with a hand in his face.
18-18 half time, 36-36 final score.
Scorers: Bubs 13, Goody 10, G 8.

Reds (2-2) defeated to Influencers A (0-4) – No Report
Score: 32-27
Scorers: Ned 8, Lachy, Marine, Jay, Road Train 6.

Yellow (4-0) defeated SPOC B (2-2) – Written by Palky
Thommo was back in the team after his nuptials/honeymoon. The Future was out Yellow only had 5. Saints B’s were also short of players with only 4 regulars – so they had Bobo from the A’s fill in. Saints jumped out of the blocks hitting 4 straight shots and getting a quick lead. Yellow chipped away and Thommo was cutting well through the lane finishing around the hoop and Madman was hitting his baseline j. Saints played good D – getting active hands in the passing lanes and crashed the boards well, this made life tough for Yellow. Palky hit a 3 and found Thommo inside on a nice pass – Yellow up 17-12 at the end of the 1st half. 2nd half, Stu came to life. He made three 3’s and a couple of layups (because Stu is good at layups). Palky hit another 3 of a great pass from A and Thommo was causing havoc scoring inside. A did an awesome job on the glass (unfortunately he hurt his back with 10 minutes to go but soldiered on to kept Bobo scoreless for 38 minutes of the game). Yellow played great team D on Saints best player not letting him get anything easy. Yellow won 37-27 – Stu 13, Thommo 12, Madman and Palk 6.

Fs (4-0) defeated Hope A (3-1) – Written by Max
PAOCBC ‘F’ vs Hope Church A: Both teams went into the game undefeated with 3 wins each. We got out to a quick start with Tye hitting a couple of open mid-range jump shots, and Brad finishing strongly inside. The umpires were busy calling fouls, with Josh racking up 3 within 5 minutes, forcing him to sit out the rest of the half. Hope were getting pinged for fouls too, with a couple of Tech fouls thrown in after protesting some calls. The first half was a real grind with the F’s leading at half time 10-5. The second half wasn’t much prettier, with Cam and Josh quickly moving to 4 fouls each, and one of Hope’s players fouling out with 15 minutes remaining. Darcy was showing off his skills with a couple of skillful drives to the basket. The F’s were getting plenty of opportunities at the free throw line but couldn’t convert, opening the door for Hope to edge their way back in. Max hit a steadying three, and Brad again got a bucket and the foul inside. With minutes remaining Tye threaded a pass to Darcy inside for the score and foul to seal the game. F’s went out winner 20-17, with abysmal 3 of 16 free throw shooting. Tye had 8 points, and Brad and Darcy 4 each.

Gs (4-0) defeated Henley Beach A (2-2) – Written by Phwalker
Round 4 saw the elusive G-Spots up against a valiant yet outclassed SPOC "E" team filled with you typical SPOC rigor. SPOC came at us hard and physical early, but while they may be able to bully some of the younger teams in this grade they more than met their match with our stand and deliver defense which more than once had a boy in blue on the mat and the charge call go our way. At the other end, we opened 'em up time after time and with an even spread of scorers we lept ahead 20-10 at the half.

The second half was a bit more of the same although with a hefty lead our intensity dropped and there was probably a 5 minute period that would've been hard to watch regardless of the team you supported. Never the less, we held our own and trotted in with a 30-14 win. Morgan, Phil 7 Pritch 5

To the credits:
The Brittany "OOps I did It Again" for repeat offenders:
After much protest last week regarding disallowed 3 pointers it turns out the refs and scorers may have had it right all along with Two Tone again putting his piggies over the line during the 3 attempt. This week's version was an horrific bank so probably shouldn't have counted anyway.

Quote Of The Week:
"NOO, DONT SHOOT" Irony was dripping off the ceiling as Jimmy Townsend unleashed his vocal cords from the back court against a possibly unwise 1 on 5 long range jumper.

Notes Worth Noting:
Morgan didn't do anything too silly this week so he's not getting a mention in the credits. On the other hand, Pritch is yet to do anything silly at all this season and so he's getting a mention just for that. And it's his Birthday. Happy 21st mate. Charlie needs a new alarm clock.

Hs (0-3) had a bye – No Report

Lady Reds (4-0) defeated Dunn B (2-2) – Written by Palky
Dunn B would be a good test for the undefeated Lady Reds. The Reds had a full team for the first time this year – with the new named Wano coming in for her first game. It was a good start to the game – Claire (with an I) scored inside, Megan hit a couple of jumpers and Georgie was a presence in the low block. Dunn had a couple of good shooters that made a number of jumpers as the Reds were too tall inside. The Reds were super balanced with everyone scoring in the 1st half – Tracey hit a couple of tough runners and Clare (without an I) hit a long 2. Reds up 27-13 at halftime. The 2nd half was much the same – the Reds getting the ball inside to Georgie (who is having a great season) and Claire, balanced with the outside shooting of Megan and Alicia, then combined with Rachel leading the fast breaks. Megan made a crazy Euro step layup (which she must have learnt from me). The defence and rebounding was too much for Dunn (who are a quality team) and the Reds won easily in the end 41-25.  Georgie 9, Megan 8, Claire 6. This Lady Reds team is very good and they are playing great basketball together.

Game Times:
As (4-0) vs SPOC A (2-1) – Marion Leisure Centre - Ct 1 – 1:00
Bs (1-1-2) vs Oakden A (1-3) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 1 – 2:40
White (1-1-2) vs SPOC B (2-2) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 2 – 3:30
Red (2-2) vs Knightsbridge A (1-1-2) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 2 – 2:40
Yellow (4-0) vs Influencers A (0-4) - Marion Leisure Centre - Ct 1 - 3:30
Fs (4-0) vs Northgate A (1-3) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 3 – 2:40
Gs (4-0) vs Henley Beach A (2-2) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 3 – 1:00
Hs (0-3) vs Spicer A (1-3) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 3 – 1:50
Lady Reds (4-0) vs Trinity A (0-4) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 3 – 4:20

Wayville Stadium – Rose Terrace, Wayville
Adelaide Arena – 44a Crittenden Road, Findon
Marion Leisure Centre – Oaklands Road, Morphettville
Westminster School - Allison Avenue, Marion

Trinity Baptist – Bedford Square, Colonel Light Gardens

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