Tuesday, 12 July 2016

2016 SACBA Week 13 Results

Week off this week - enjoy it. Good luck to the boys on the beer cruise - behave yourself. Tim Duncan retired today ... he and his bad wardrobe will be missed.

The stats are up to date.

To the reports:
A's v SPOC A - Written by Mick - Bill looked like a right idiot, both in dress code and backing the wrong team. A's yet again running with 5, but when you're this good you don't need spares. A's were at their best when they were loud, picking up their tempo and rattling the boys in blue. Saints were at their best before the tip off, as Reds hadn't had an opportunity to score. More digs into boys in blue, let's make sure we beat them at Intercol in 2 weeks. Win 51-38. Foo 20, Phil and Liam 10

B's v Gateway A - Written by Jono - Saturday the B's faced Gateway, coming off of a high still from beating them in the previous match up our spirits were high and we came out strong, with Jon, Mitch and Tauny hitting 3's in the first couple of minutes, it put us to an early lead which we kept for the half, we were moving the ball well and our defensive was pretty good. Gateway were also shooting well which kept them close with the scores 26-24 at the half. Our zone defence was starting to slip and at one point Gateway were up but 15, we had a time out with 4 minutes to go, screwed our heads back on and came out into a man defence which worked well allowing us to bring the game back to 6 points with constant aggressive attacks to the basket from Jon, Brendan and Dillon! But unfortunately time ran out before we could regain the lead. Struggling with numbers this week meant we had to play a little more conservatively which didn't help in the result. Having Tauny out was a huge benefit for the B's, providing another strong body inside allowing us to cut off and get some good looks, hopefully we will have him out a few more times this season. Final score 52-44, Jon 18, Brendan 9, Tauny & Dillon 6.

C's v D's - C's were minus Jay, D's were minus Stu, Thommo, Rough, Future and Madman - they recruited in Road Train and Moorfoot. The C's started well with Jamie scoring 5 early points and Lachie and Goody scoring inside up 9-0. The D's settled with a three from Purge and Palk - with 2 late FTs from Big A for the D's, the C's went into halftime up 13-8. The 2nd half was still a grind - Lachie was tough to stop going to the basket and kept the score ticking over for the C's - Road Train scored a couple of baskets inside and Moorfoot got a couple of layups for the D's, when Palk hit a 3 it was 20-20. The C's then switched to zone and for some reason it threw the D's into a spin ... it freed up the C's and they started to score (just like Palky told them it would). Jamie hit a 3 and the drive and dump between Lachie, Krantz and Goody was too much for the D's down low. Purge got ejected late for shoving Manners - it all happened in slow-mo. C's won 35-23. C's - Lachie 15, Jamie 8, Goody 6. D's - Palk and Purge 6, Road Train 5. Thanks heaps to Sean and Mick for scoring.

E’s vs St Pauls A - Written by Max - With a late withdrawal due to sickness we were down to 5 players including one who had just filled in for the D’s. Morgan started off well catching the ball in the high post on multiple occasions and finding his way to the basket for a shot or clever dump off to the waiting Road Train. However the E’s let themselves down by failing to get back quickly enough in defense allowing the opposition to create easy transition buckets out of nothing. With Max the only guard on the team and hampered with a dodgy calf, the wings were playing out of position - and it showed. Highlight of the half was a three pointer by Road Train. In the second half the E’s kept pace with St Paul’s until about the 10 minute mark. Morgan and Road Train continued to keep the score board ticking over. Max knocked down a 3 pointer from the top. Coming out of a timeout with about 10 mins to go the E’s coughed up the ball on consecutive possessions giving St Pauls easy layups and the momentum. The E’s just ran out of steam, Morgan hitting the backboard first on 4 consecutive free throws and Road Train inbounding to the opposition. A frustrating loss going down 45-35, Road Train with 14 and Morgan with 13. Thanks to James for scoring for us.

F's v Northgate A - Win by forfeit

G's v St Peters A - NO REPORT. Lost 18-29. Reid 7, Matt 6, Troy 3.

Lady Reds v Unley A - The Lady Reds need to start beating the top teams - they had a good first half against Unley - they were up 16-12 at half time with Karen, Hannah and Alicia doing the damage offensively and the teams 3-2 D working well to stop the Unley offence. In the 2nd half - the game started to get away from the Reds who were tiring due to no bench. One Unley player started to get off and scored 12 in the half and the Reds went away from what got them the lead. The Reds didn't play great and need to improve a couple of things to be considered a shot at defending their title. Lost 25-35. Karen 10, Alicia 9, Hannah 4.

Palky's Player of the Week - Week 13 - J. Foo continues to have a great season, and Jono keeps getting numbers - this week's Player of the Week put in a Herculean effort - played 40 minutes against the C's getting 5 crucial points in the 2nd half and playing tough D, drove to Mars, played another 40 minutes top scoring with 14 (the most he has scored in a game since 2012) ... Jon "Road Train" Read.

No Games This Week.

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