Tuesday, 5 July 2016

2016 SACBA Week 12 Results

Quick note - Brendon set his club high points in a game last night with 29. Good work Brendon.

To the reports:
A's (11-1-0) v B's - Written by Mick - The A's came out after a strong win last week like they have every other week, hitting shots early and getting to the basket. A quick time out by the B's (having learned from previous weeks or from other teams) changed the pace of the game, as they beat the trap and started Getting to the hole, lead by Brendon. A's looked shaken. They've always crashed the boards well... Not today. They've generally moved the ball well... Not today... They've limited their turnovers. Not today. Credit to the B's, they changed things up, they moved the ball well, they wanted it more... For most of the game that is. Unfortunately for the B's the fairy tale ended when they got within 4 points of the A's. The A's started talking, got momentum and in 3 minutes of hustle, the game was over. 15 point lead to the A's and that was all she wrote. Great game overall. Well fought. A's win 47-34. A's - Liam 15, Orks and Foo 13 - B's - Brendon 12, Dillon and Mitch 6.

C's (9-3) v SPOC B (5-7) - Written by Jay - We were keen to impose ourselves on the game from the tip, and Lachy was hot to start, driving and getting to the hoop early and often. Krantz was doing work inside finishing off nicely after some good feeds. Jay hit a couple of 3s and Alex as well, and Reds were up 25-15 at the half. Saints started off the 2nd half strong, and scored 8 straight to cut the lead down, feeling quite chipper about themselves after knocking off the D's last week. However after a timeout, Reds picked up the intensity and it was game over as we went on a 16-2 run. Manners was all over the court forcing turnovers, running the break, and nastily swatting shots LeBron-vs-Curry style. Jay hit another 3, and Lachy and Krantz were continuing to score inside, recipients of some lovely dishes from Goody. Final 49-28. Lachy 14, Krantz 13 and Jay 13. 

D's (7-5) v Unley A (3-8) - D's were missing Roughie and Big A* - Unley** were down their 2 good guards. D's started well with Palk hitting four 3's , Stu hit 2 and Fooey hit 1 ... Palky then hit 2 more to wit Purge tells them "you know he can shoot right?" - with Late Player and No Scorer - D's up 40-13 at halftime. The 2nd half the D's were having fun in O - passing the ball around, finding cutters, open shooters - Purge was racking up the "dimes" hitting open guys every possession - Thommo was also found Stu, Foo and Palk on the cuts. Our 2nd half O was a thing of beauty but we rested a bit on D allowing Unley to score 31 points. Purge hit a couple of pull up jumpers, Stu hit two more 3's and with 5 minutes left Palky decided to get in on the action again and hit four more 3's making 10 for the game and setting a new club record*** for 3's in a game. Win 76-44 - Palky 32, Stu 18, Foo 7 - Purge with a total of 12 dimes.

*A must have still been picking out the watch that he had to buy last time he missed a game.
**Unley's 5th arrived 30 seconds before tip off, he didn't have a uniform so he entered the court wearing a black polo shirt and black tracksuit pants. The ref said to him that he needed a uniform. He was provided a jersey and shorts. He put on the jersey ... looked at the shorts, said "these are too big", and entered the court with his tracksuit pants on. The ref told him to put on his shorts. 10 seconds later ... he hit a 3.
***We have never offically kept 3's in a game but I 99% sure this is the record. I have the current record with 9 which I set last season, Jimmy hit 9 in a summer game, Stu hit 10 a few years back but that was in summer (so was the unoffical record), Altmann hit 9 in an Intercol, Trimmy hit 14 in a game but that was a forfeit against 3 players with 2 Reds filling in for the other team so we didn't keep that scoresheet. So all that said - I am pretty sure this is the record but if anyone knows that they have hit this many let me know.

E's (6-5) v SPOC C (3-1-7) - Written by Max - The E’s faced up against SPOC C’s for the first time this season and came away with a tense 35-30 victory. Mike 13, Road Train 10, Kara 7.

The Good
- Mike Tye turning back time and showing everyone how it is done with a masterful display of his inside and outside game for 13 points
- Road Train making strong position 2 feet from the basket to pile on a season high 10 points
- Reggie ‘Iron Man’ Miller pacing himself to play 40 mins yet again and stay in the game until the end 
- The E’s keeping a cool head in the final five minutes getting a couple of key baskets and stops
- Karamoshos unstoppable when receiving the ball on the cut to the basket

The Bad
- The E’s had a case of the fumbles, turning the ball over with poor decision making on 50/50 passes inside
- Morgan missing left hand layups
- Karamoshos trying to get away with NBA style travels

The Ugly
- The E’s not getting back in defence allowing SPOC to turn defensive boards into fast breaks
- At the other end the E’s grabbing the defensive rebounds and not getting the outlet pass to the guards quickly enough
- The umpires getting it wrong time after time.

F's (6-5) v Blackwood A (4-7) - NO REPORT. Loss 35-44. Jimmy 15, G 11, Moorfoot 4.

G's (5-7) v Spicer A (5-1-6) - NO REPORT. Loss 18-32. Nelly 6, Matt and Caldy 4.

Lady Reds (8-4) v Happy Valley A (0-12) - NO REPORT. Win 45-26. Rachel and Tess 14, Megan 9.

Palky's Player of the Week - Week 12: More great games from Liam, Jay, Orks and Mike Tye - they are killing it this year - but this week's Player of the Week is Nick Krantz. Fancy is having a great season - he is the 3rd leading scorer for the C's, he is rebounding really well and it as tough defender. His 13 points on Saturday shows that he is doing it on both ends - and with Goody and Lachie the C's have a formidibale frontcourt. It is like the 86 Celtics!

Week 13 Game Times:
A's v SPOC A - 2.40 @ Saints Court 1
B's v Gateway A - 5.10 @ Saints Court 1
C's v D's - 1.50 @ Saints Court 1
E's v St Pauls A - 3.30 @ Mars Court 1
F's v Big Sunday A - 1.50 @ Saints Court 2
G's v St Peters Ang A - 2.40@ Saints Court 1
Lady Reds v Unley A - 4.20 @ Wayville Court 1

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