Thursday, 15 September 2016

2016 SACBA Finals Week 2

We have 3 Grand Finals this weekend at Wayville. The games start at 2.15pm.

After the games we will head back to The Seven Stars for our post Grand Final drinks. Come one come all.

Also on Sunday - from 3pm - Purge (TommyJr) and Palky (DJ bPod) will be spinning some tracks at The Franklin (on Franklin St opposite the Bus Station). If you around come down, have a drink for our Post Grand Final session - to celebrate what has been a great season. Purge will be Trip & Hip Hop + Chillout Sessions / Cafe Del Mar styles - perfect for a crafty Sunday and Palky will be playing some laid back indie pop. 

Pop Saturday October 15 in the diary - that is Club Lunch - details to come.

To the reports:
B's v Gateway A - The B's had the skills and talent to win games this year - they just lost their way a bit after a long campaign. I don't think I have ever seen a team fight like the B's that showed up against Saints and Gateway in the last 2 weeks - it showed how far believing in yourself and your teammates can take you. Super Coach spoke about not allowing Gateway to shoot 3's - if they kept them below 3 for the game they could win ... Gateway could have all the 2's they want ... just no 3's. The B's got the jump early - Dillon provided the scoring punch - getting an awesome tip in, a mid range jumper and a 3, Moops made a couple of baskets, Mitch came of the bench and made a 3. Gateway stayed in it through some great shooting from Jo - making four 3's in the first half and having 14 points (so much for holding down their 3's). Reds up 24-22 - the B's were in a good spot as Jono and Brenno had a tight first half - if they could get going then who knows. Phill was blocking everything inside meaning Gateway had to keep firing from deep Jo and Joel made two 3's each but the Reds kept it close with Jono's scoring and Brenno hit a clutch 3. It was close down the stretch but an unlikley source for 3's stepped up, Mr Rachel Meyer, and made 2 unlikely 3's - that proved too much. The B's gave it all that they had - they fought so hard. A tough season - but they had 2 good wins during the season against both Saints and Gateway - but I will remember their great finals run. Their game against Saints in the Elimnation Final will go down as one of the 10 best games in club history and this loss will be held in high regard for the tenacity that they showed. Lost 42-52 - Jono 11, Dillon 9, Brendon 8. 

D's v Unley Park A - Unley Park brough out their strongest team that the D's have faced this year and they made life tough early for the D's - making 3's and scoring inside. Palky hit a couple of early 3's and Stu made four 3's and was able to get inside when Unley pushed up too high. The Reds had a bunch of makeable layups but missed them and went in up 3 (21-18) at half time. Unley were spreading the D's D and made 3 mid range j's. Slowly but surely the D's started to get on top - A and Thommo were controlling the glass when the guards forced a miss - Stu was getting to the line and converted 5 of 7, Madman made a jumper, Palky made a 3 and Stu hit 2 more 3's and the D's pulled out a 10 point win 42-32. Stu had 27 and Palk 9.

This win means the club has won another title - well done lads.
E's v Knightsbridge A - The E's semi-final game against Knightsbridge is one of those contests that is especially difficult to recount because despite of all the bizarre calls from the refs and the fact that we didn't play particularly well, we ended up losing by only 4 points and with another couple of buckets could have come away with a spot in the grand final.The E's got off to a quick start from the tip off with Road Train slapping the ball forward to Morgan for an easy layup, then followed by a put back on the next play. From there the refs exerted their influence with a game of 'blow the whistle and then roll a dice to decide the call to make.' This included fouls instead of jump balls, 3 second violations instead of fouls, travels, charging fouls, fouls when it should have been a no call, no calls when it should have been a foul. At times it boarded on farcical with most of the calls going against the E's. Morgan racked up 3 dubious fouls within 10 minutes and sat out the rest of the half on the bench. Knightsbridge meanwhile were playing patient offence to find the open shot and knocked down a couple of threes. They were picking up offensive boards too with long rebounds just out of our reach. Knightsbridge opened up a margin however Mike Tye kept us in the game with 6 points for the half. Halftime score was 18-12. Morgan came back in the second half but was targeted again by the refs with 2 quick fouls that ended his game. Points were proving difficult to come by for both teams. Reggie started to find his shot including a 3 pointer and Hendo scored 4 for the half. Knightsbridge kept tacking along with a small buffer and had a response for everything. With 5 minutes to go Max finally hit a shot after struggling all game, and Mike Tye delivered a crafty 3 point play. The E's were 3 down with 2 minutes left but couldn't find a way to score. With 15 seconds left we had one final opportunity to tie the game but didn't get a good look at the basket, going down 34-30. Our veterans Reggie and Mike led the scoring with 10 and 9 points respectively. Thanks again to Sean for scoring for us.

This game also marks the probable end to Kobe's basketball playing career due to uncooperative knees. Best known for his crafty reverse layups he has been a great player and team mate around the club for many years. Also instrumental in the organisation of recent club social functions such as the annual Beergustation. He spent a large portion of this season sidelined with an ankle injury, however his return to the team sparked a late season flourish of wins. Cheers to Kobe.

Lady Reds v CityReach A - No game report. Win 26-18 - Rachel 9, Jordy 6, Alicia 5.

The girls have made back to back Grand Finals - they came from this position last year - finishing 3rd - getting through to the Prelim and beating a team that they had struggles with throughout the regular season to now face a team they have not beaten all season. It is the exact same scenario - Unley lost their 1st game of the season and have now won 19 in a row. They have some bigger more athletic players ... that all said, I won't count out the Reds. These girls know how to scrap - they are feisty and they will give it all that they have to win back to back.

Game Times Grand Finals:
A's v Gateway A - 6.00pm - Wayville Crt 1
C's v D's - 2.15pm - Wayville Crt 1
Lady Reds v Unley Park A - 4.45pm - Wayville Crt 1

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