Friday, 2 September 2016

2016 SACBA Week 19 Results + Players Player Results

Congrats to all the winners of the 2016 Players' Player - Jon Foo, Brendon Francesca, Andrew Good, Stu MacDonald, Simon Miller, Nathan Graham, Reid Amos, Rachel Meyer

Thanks to Orks for MCing and Sime and G for entering the votes. Great night all. See the final votes below.

Jon Foo 39.00
Josh Orken 26.25
Liam Golding 17.00
Phil Harford 10.75
Jack Harford 10.75
Mike Hill 5.25
Tom Hobbs 3.00
Lachlan Campbell 2.50
Jamie Banks 2.00
Corey Gaard 0.50
Brendon Francesca 25.83
Jon Self 22.83
Phill Farrer 22.50
Tim Moors 13.50
Mitch Kirkham 11.00
Dillon Haydon 8.83
Angus Crawford 4.00
Joel Pitt 3.00
Ryan Williams 1.50
Tauny Schmidt  1.00
Andrew Good 25.00
Jay Nguyen 21.00
Lachlan Campbell 20.00
Jamie Banks 18.00
Nick Krantz 13.50
Ned Young 7.00
Ryan Williams 6.00
Alex Mitchell 3.50
Stu MacDonald 22.00
Tom Oliphant 21.50
Andrew Williams 15.00
Matt Just 14.00
Ben Palk 13.00
Dan Foo 13.00
Tim Purgacz 8.00
Matt Williams 1.50
Simon Miller 23.33
Morgan Hodson 22.58
Michael Tye 16.75
Jon Read 14.75
Mark Powell 11.25
Sam Karamoshos 9.50
Mark Henderson 6.83
Maklin Ferguson 1.00
Chris Woodrow 1.00
Tim Wong 1.00
Nathan Graham 22.00
Cam Smith 20.00
Josh Moorfoot 18.50
Charlie Baker 12.50
Brad Daniel 10.50
James Townsend 7.00
Tone Trinh 3.50
Jon Hanzalik 2.00
Reid Amos 34.50
Matt Lawson 19.00
Todd Fischer 15.50
Simon Caldwell 13.50
Troy Tirrell 9.50
Daniele Tosato 9.00
Ryhs Hickman 5.00
Nick Smolanke 2.50
Brad Daniel 1.50
Cale Amos 1.00
Sam Karamoshos 1.00
Matt Trim 0.83
Phil Walker 0.50
Nigel Hickman 0.33
Will Harmer 0.33
Lady Reds
Rachel Meyer 23.25
Johanna Boylan 19.83
Tracey Todd 18.58
Megan Button 14.33
Alicia Woodrow 9.91
Clare Oliphant 7.83
Jordan Roberts 7.25
Karen Winter 6.00
Tess Ormerod 5.00
Clare Randall 2.00

Wanna see something a little frightening

To the reports:
A's v SPOC A - The A's were missing Phil, Mick and Liam so they called for reinforcements from Stu and the prodigal son, Mr Red Pants Tom Hobbs. It was run and gun early - with both teams getting up and back. Reds turned the ball over too much and missed eay layups (including 5 in a row from Orks). Gibbo for SPOC was hot - Saints up 42-21 at halftime. 2nd half, everytime that Reds threatened to get back into it Gibbo or Yeo hit shots - Jack and Hobbs hit some 3's but too many mistakes cost the A's their 1st lost for the season. Loss 62-43 - Orks 14, Foo 12, Jack 9

This week: Qualifying Final - A's v Gateway @ 5.00pm - St Peters Crt 1

B's v Gateway A - For some reason the B's started in a man and realised when down 0-14 that it was not working. They switched to a zone and attacked all 3's - Brendon and Jono made a bunch of shots and Mitch hit a 3 - down 17-31 at halftime. 2nd half Reds got it back to 8 With Jono, Micth and Brendon making life tough but Phill fouled out and Gateway just piled on the points winning 40-65. Brendon 16, Jono 12, Mitch 9.

This week: Elimination Final - B's v SPOC A @ 4.00pm - St Peters Crt 1

C's v D's - The 7th time this year these teams have played and you can tell because we are getting on each others nerves a bit (which is not good for the club but it is what it is). I was quite the contest - D's got up a bit behind good shooting from Stu and Madman, C's came back with Jay and Jamie making shots, D's won with Stu and Thommo making shots late. Was a good finals preview. D's won 29-27. C's Jay 9, Jamie 6, D's Stu 14, Madman 6.

This week: Qualifying Final - C's v D's @ 3.00pm - St Peters Crt 1

E's v F's - Written by Max - Just our second derby game for the season, and again the F’s weren’t at full strength. With 3rd and 4th place on the ladder assured, the F’s were playing for a chance to move up to 2nd and secure the double chance in the finals, and the E’s just wanted a good run to maintain their recent momentum. The E’s got out to a quick start with patient ball movement resulting in some good inside looks, with Hendo, Morgan and Road Train all finishing around the hoop. At the other end the E’s defense was swarming, but 3’s from G and Jimmy kept the F’s in the game, halftime score 15-12. In the second half again the E’s got the early break with Simon knocking down a pair of 3’s, stretching the lead to almost 10. Cam wasn’t going to let the F’s go gently though and continued to bang inside, cleaning up on the offensive boards and getting to the free throw line with 8 points for the half. With a minute to go the E’s held a 3 point lead and the opportunity was there for the F’s if they really wanted it. Jimmy had a shot to tie the game but it clanged out. Final score E’s held onto win 31-28, Miller had 10 for the E’s and Cam had 10 for the F’s. A rematch this week in the elimination final will decide the best Reds team. With the top two teams in the league looking vulnerable, the premiership race is wide open for the victor.

This week: Qualifying Final - E's v F's @ 2.00pm - St Peters Crt 1

G's v Spicer A - NO REPORT. Loss

This week: Elimination Final - G's v Big Sunday C @ 1.00pm - St Peters Crt 2

Lady Reds v St Casmir - It was not a great contest - both teams struggled to score. Lady Reds were getting good looks but could make their open shots. Megan hit a 3 and a long 2, Tracey was scoring on the break - Reds up 13-8 at halftime. The Reds extended their pressure and this increased the tempo which St Casmir didn't handle very well but Reds still struggled from the field - Tracey was crafty around the basket, Alicia made a 3 and Jody made some FTs - Reds win against their Elimination finals opponent - 28-16. Tracey 10, Rachel 6, Jordan and Megan 5.

This week: Elimination Final - Lady Reds v St Casmir @ 1.00pm - Immanuel Crt 1

Palky's Player of the Week - Week 19: For his crucial 10 points in a game they should have thrown ... Simon Miller. A win is a win to Sime =)

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