Tuesday, 5 May 2015

SACBA Round 1 Results

As (1-0) defeated Oakden (0-1) – No Report
Score: 65-33
Scorers: Jack 18, Lachy 14, Liam 11.

Bs (0-1-0) drew with Gateway (0-1-0) – No Report
The final 20 seconds by Palky - Jono hit 2 FTs with 20 seconds left to put B's up 6. Gateway came up, passed the ball up the top, Kerwin took a stupid 3 from in front and it banked in. Reds inbound to Brendon - he got trapped, tried to bounce it off Gateway but bounced back onto his leg and out of bounds. Gateway called for a timeout - refs didn't acknowledge it but scorer stopped the clock for 10 seconds. On the inbound - gateway shooter got open and hit a 3. Brendon got a good look for the win but missed it.
Score: 37-37
Scorers: Sar 13, Angus 8, Brendon 7.

White (0-1) lost to SPOC Bs – Written by G – We were down on numbers, the Tims were out and G had a dodgy calf. Saints only had 5 but none of them had hyphenated last names, so we knew they meant business. Saints started quickly with #6 getting out on the break for 3 quick buckets. For the rest of the half we managed to steady the ship, with Goody doing well inside and some solid team defence. We went it down 13-16 at half time. In the second half Saints hit their stride, with everyone contributing. We didn’t have enough on the offensive end and they ran away with it, 20-36. There were some things we did well, and a lot we need to work on, but it’s hard when you’re missing all but one of your back court. Big thanks to Tone and Jimmy for filling in.

Reds (0-1) lost to Yellow (1-0) – Written by Palky – The first of four derbies between last year’s B Grade Champs (D’s/Reds) and the newly formed old persons team (E’s/Yellow). The Yellow’s started well with Palk and Stu hitting a 3 and Madman knocking down a couple of jumpers. Red’s stayed in touch with some 3’s of their own from Simon and Jay, a tough “and 1” from Brad Hughes and a fast break layup from Ned. A and Road Train battled inside – much like Superman andNuclearman from Superman 4. Yellow up 16-12 at halftime. The 2nd half was tight – Reds got up early behind some 3’s from Ned and Jay, Yellow took control with Stu and Foo getting to the basket – either scoring or getting to the line. Palk hit another 3 and Big A got to the basket on a great drive, Yellow took the ascendancy. Reds then kept coming with Ned hitting four 3’s for the half – scoring 16 in the 2nd. Yellow managed the clock well in the closing stages, Madman got to the line, up 1 – he made the first, missed the 2nd, A got the O Board … back to Madman and this time he made 2 of 2 – Yellow up 4 as time ran out. Reds top scorers – Ned with 18, Jay 8, Brad 4 and Yellows had Stu with 14, Madman 8 and Palk and A 6 – as team they shot 13/17 from the line. Tough game early on – good signs for the Yellows – they didn’t shoot well from the floor but got lots of good shots. They will be on the improve with Thommo, Purge and Dan Foo’s fitness still to return. Reds showed a lot – they need to improve their ball movement and spacing – bit too much one on one and dude’s getting in other dude’s space … but that will come, Ben Orken’s return will help too.

Fs (1-0) defeated Northgate (0-1) – Written by Max – The F’s coasted to an easy win against an undermanned Northgate team (apparently half of the regular team was at a bucks show). Tight man on man defence caused them to fumble the ball, leading to plentiful fast break opportunities. However our half-court game also looked good with smooth ball rotation and strong attack at the basket. The F’s foul shooting was horrible going 5 of 16 from the line, and that was without Moorfoot in the lineup this week! Everyone played well with Cam, Brad and Mike scoring in double figures. Darcy Lord also made his debut for the club and demonstrated that he will be a valuable addition to the team this year. Final score 47-8.

Gs (1-0) defeated St Peter’s Anglican (0-1) – Written by Phwalker – From Little Things Big Things Grow

The height and awkwardness of St Peter's Anglican was always going to prove an interesting first round for a newly assembled G squad. And so it was. Well, in a testing sense as opposed to anything spectacular on court. SPA boast 5 players all taller than our tallest and all far less skilled. Their only basketball credibility presents in the form of its 6th and shortest member, a feisty "yes I will drive and shoot at any opportunity" guard who quickly lived up to his motto.

Even knowing this beforehand, our defence struggled to get position on him and by half time he'd been to the line 5 times for 8/10. Meanwhile at the other end, rushed shots, poor execution and a failure to finish undid what was a reasonable defensive effort and a domination of possession.

Halftime saw us 11~12 down after a very uninspiring 20 minutes and 5 more of the same had G ready to throw in the scorer's pen and join the carpark crew for a beer. a few more fouls kept him busy though, SPA #6 too with another trip to the line and a dodgy 17 step layup pushing it out 11~15.

Then something odd happened. We played the first of 2 phases totalling 3 minutes of good basketball which saw back to back charge calls on #6, fouls 4&5, and off to the bench to watch his team remain scoreless for the final 15 minutes of the game.  

Meanwhile we couldn't buy a bucket. That is until with 2 minutes left when phase 2 of our devious plan came into play. Charged with finding a score and leading our offense for the final few runs down the court, Pritch had a license to do as he pleased. Finding a bit of space, he nailed a sweet treble and suddenly the flood gates opened.  The ball suddenly found the centre of the hoop, SPA hearts dropped and we came up with 9 points in 2 minutes to canter home to a 22~15 win.

Overall an uninspiring victory, but a victory none the less and some lessons can be learned moving forward.  Our 3 minutes of glory were very good and based on some strong fundamental skills. The defense held up, we rebounded enormously especially given the height difference and we found ways to the basket even if we didn't finish.

PAOCBC G 22 SPA 15 Morgan 11, Pritch 6

* Shout out to those who came down and watched, scored and barracked from the sidelines. There was a strong RED presence all day. Great to see. **A special mention too to Matt Rundell, injured at training in the pre-season. Matt today found out he will require a full shoulder reco, 9 months on the sidelines and unable to even get a game in in his comeback to basketball. Matt has already proved himself to be fully committed to the team even without playing: watching the games and running the bar post match. Matt, we wish you well for the rehab and look forward to running together next season.

To the credits:

PLAY OF THE DAY: I really want to give it to myself this week, but in all fairness Pritch's 3 was pretty sweet and much needed given our inability to score. HUGE

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "I stole the ball with my cock" Morgan puts it all on the line.

GREAT MOMENTS IN SPORT: Awesome to know that with my muse from last year Bjork moving up to the D"s, he's been replaced with a like minded tall always willing to entertain. I suspect Morgan may feature prominently here, especially if he keeps returning home to pick up his forgotten shorts only to FORGET HIS BLOODY SHOES!! (Thanks to Big A for the loan)

Hs (0-1) lost to SPOC Ds (1-0) – No Report
Score: 16-50
Scorers: Rhys 10, Nige, Will, Lenny 2.

Lady Reds (1-0) defeated Dunn A (0-1) – Written by Palky –  The Lady Reds lost a few players this year – Jordy and Loz – but return their core, Megan, Tracey, Alicia, Claire, Wans (currently in Thommo’s sweet manly arms) and Georgie. Up against the always solid Dunn A this would be a good first hit out. The Lady Reds looked good early – solid D, Claire and Georgie controlling the paint and scoring inside. The Reds had a fill in – Rachel – and she was very handy, getting good passes inside and on the break. Reds D was stifling and they were up 16-7 at halftime. 2nd half was more free flowing, Rachel, Tracey and Georgie all got out on the break, Claire scored a couple of tough baskets inside and Alicia hit some nice runners. Reds won 37-17. Rachel had 11, Georgie 9 and Claire 7. Sign of good things to come.

Game Times:
As (1-0) vs Influencers Pioneers A (0-1) – Marion Leisure Centre - Ct 1 – 2:40
Bs (0-1-0) vs Oakden A (0-1) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 1 – 1:00
White (0-1) vs Unley Park A (0-1) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 2 – 1:50
Red (0-1) vs SPOC B (1-0) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct2 – 2:40
Yellow (1-0) vs Knightsbridge A (1-0) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 2 – 3:30
Fs (1-0) vs Cherry Saints A (1-0) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 3 – 2:40
Gs (1-0) vs Henley Beach A (0-1) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 3 – 3:30
Hs (0-1) vs SPOC E (0-1) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 2 – 4:20
Lady Reds (1-0) vs Happy Valley A (1-0) – Wayville – Ct 3 – 4:20

Wayville Stadium – Rose Terrace, Wayville
Adelaide Arena – 44a Crittenden Road, Findon
Marion Leisure Centre – Oaklands Road, Morphettville
Westminster School - Allison Avenue, Marion
Trinity Baptist – Bedford Square, Colonel Light Gardens

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