Tuesday, 12 May 2015

SACBA Round 2 Game Reports + Round 3 Game Times

As (2-0) defeated Influencers A (0-2) – No Report
Score: 85-38
Scorers: Jack 22, Mike, Foo, Corey 16.

Bs (1-1-0) defeated Oakden A (0-2) – No Report
Score: 28-26
Scorers: Jono 12, Phill 6, Angus 5.

White (1-1) defeated to Unley Park A (0-2) – Written by G
Having lost to these guys in the semi-final last year we were out for some blood. We could see they didn’t have many of their team from last year so we saw this as an opportunity to play hard and see what we could do, having mostly our full team (Bubs late withdrawal). Right from the outset we set the tone (sorry Tone). We defended hard, secured rebounds and push the break. It took them about 12 minutes to score their first points and by then the game was well and truly over. We ran all over them scoring at will on the fast break and in half court with some slick passes and even slicker finishes. Tim Moors had the whole stadium going https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95SYdjRVCR0. The slaughter eventually stopped after 40 mins, White running away 66-17. Goody had 20, Tim Moors 17, Dillon 13.

Reds (0-2) lost to SPOC B (2-0) – No Report
Saints are tools. Playing Kong as a 7th. Enough said.
Score: 24-42
Scorers: Marine 7, Kobe, Ned 5.

Yellow (2-0) defeated Knightsbridge A (1-1) – Written by Palky
Yellow trotted out their similar five as last week – A, Palk, Stu, Madman (the past) and Dan Foo (“The Future”) … are we all agree that Dan should now be called The Future or Future? Can I have a seconder? Can we pass this motion? The “I’s” have it … Dan Foo is now The Future. Yellow’s early ball movement was fantastic – finding open shooters every possession, Palky, Stu and Future all hit 3’s and they got out to an early lead. Yellow were limiting Knightsbridge to outside looks and A was dominating the glass at both ends – getting all the D boards and then scoring on the other end attacking the O glass. Stu was scoring at the rim and the 1st half ended with Palky doing his first ever Eurostep lay-up (I mean 1st ever – he had never even attempted one in a game, practice, training, the lay-up line, the school yard … ever). Yellow up 25-13 at half time. The first 10 minutes of the 2nd half was much the same – Palky, Stu and Mad all getting open looks, Future carving up in the lane and A getting on the offensive boards – Palky and Stu hit 3’s but not much else was falling. After being up 18, Yellow started to run out of legs and Knightsbridge started making some shots. Yellow settled with a Madman jumper, a Stu fast break, Big A tip in and then an “and 1” from Stu attacking from the high post. Yellow win 42-30. Stu had 16, Palk 11 and A 8. The 2 things to take form the game – 1. Yellow’s ball movement is a thing of beauty and 2. They need a bench.

Fs (2-0) defeated Cherry Saints A (1-1) – Written by Max
For the second week in a row the opposition were in total disarray at the start of the game, this time with only 3 players. The F's made the most of it going on a 10-0 run until the rest of the Cherry Saints team turned up.  Their extra players didn't seem to have much impact and the F's continued to score freely.  Just and Josh were getting out on the fast break, and in the half court game Max knocked down a pair of 3's. Meanwhile Brad was dominating around the basket. The F's went into the half time break up 29-13.The second half started slowly and the F's were looking lazy getting back on defence, getting caught out by the Cherry Saints  multiple times. Mike Tye found his mid range shooting touch scoring 12 for the half and 18 for the game.  The rest of the team were looking a little scrappy, missing layups and turning the ball over. Looking forward to some stronger opposition to see where the team really is. F's run out winners 52-28. Mike Tye 18, B-rad 11, Max 9.

Gs (2-0) defeated Henley Beach A (0-2) – Written by Phwalker
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We won on all the numbers, even the bad ones. Old Reds 23 Henley Beach 19 (3/18 at the line) Jimmi 11, Hanzo, Charlie 4

To The Credits:
Baby Out With the Bathwater Dummy Spit Award:
3 way tie, Morgan with 2 techs, Tone with 4 fouls in 40 secs and Phil sitting out the entire second half out of un-vented frustration

St Kilda 55 Point Turnaround Great Moments In Sport Award:
Phil pulls in a monster board, hits the ground running, flips it long to Roadtrain on the break. Shit. Roadtrain is scoring.......Sitting down...... Not moving.... and not on our team.

Quote of The Week:
After some sound advice last round about putting the ball through the hoop, Referee Bob came up with this scorching assessment this week: "The reason you won was you (Phil) sat out the second half". Ouch.

Hs (0-2) lost to SPOC Es (1-1) – No Report
Score: 22-29
Scorers: Rhys 10, Reid 8, Will, Sam 2.

Lady Reds (2-0) defeated Dunn A (0-2) – No Report
Other team forfeited.

Game Times:
As (2-0) vs Gateway A (1-1-0) – Marion Leisure Centre - Ct 1 – 4:20
Bs (1-1-0) vs SPOC A (1-1) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 1 – 1:50
White (1-1) vs Yellow (2-0) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 1 – 2:40 – DERBY
Red (0-2) vs Knightsbridge A (1-1) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct2 – 4:20
Fs (2-0) vs SPOC C (1-1) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 2 – 3:30
Gs (2-0) vs Spicer A (1-1) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 3 – 3:30
Hs (0-1) vs Knightsbridge B (1-1) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 3 – 2:40
Lady Reds (2-0) vs Unley Park A (1-1) – Marion Leisure Centre – Ct 2 – 1:50

Wayville Stadium – Rose Terrace, Wayville
Adelaide Arena – 44a Crittenden Road, Findon
Marion Leisure Centre – Oaklands Road, Morphettville
Westminster School - Allison Avenue, Marion

Trinity Baptist – Bedford Square, Colonel Light Gardens

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