Tuesday, 3 May 2016

2016 SACBA Week 4 Results

Reminder this week - all the Men's teams are at Immanuel.

To the reports:
A's (3-1-0) v SPOC A (1-3) - Written by Mike - A's short of a still injured Jack, a can't hold food down Liam, and a "just the tip" (off his finger) Phil. First game back Corey Gerald (Gaard), and fill in Lachlan Campbell. A's came out again, half asleep, the game quite close for the opening 10 minutes. Then they got some composure, getting out on the break and defeating the Saints' dismal attempt at a man defence. Even Mike getting out on the break,  Foo and Orken doing the most damage. After conceding a man was a bad choice, Saints dropped into a zone, only to have Foo and Corey to capitalise from range. Then a moment of magic! A special request at a brothel couldn't get you as spanked as Saints' Toby Yo was to the hands of Foo. "Not sure if they're related, but John, don't spank your kids!" - racist bystander. Second half seemed to follow suit. Saints couldn't stop Orken inside, and the A's went on the break again. Game well over before the final siren. A's 71-51 win. Orks 29, Foo 21, Mike 12.

B's (0-4) v Gateway A (3-1-0) - Written by Jono - The B's started off strong against a full strength Gateway outfit, keeping a small lead for a majority of the first half. We had good movement in offence and our defence was fairly tight. Phill was a strong presence inside allowing Joel and Angus to cut for easy looks. The second half saw Gateway hitting a few more shots and our weaknesses in defence were exploited. Dillon and Tim were shooting well and getting great looks. Joel hit a few threes to keep it close but in the end we went down by 10. B's lost 55-45. Joel had 13, Brendon 10, Dillon 6.

C's (3-1) v D's (2-2) - One of the 1000 derbies these teams are set to play this year - C's were without Goody and D's without Stu. C's started well with Manners and Ned making jumpers - D's turned the ball over a lot and the C's captalised. The scores were kept close with Rougie making a 3 and A making a jumper and scoring inside. Jamie and Alex hit 3's and the C's went in to half time up 15-9. Second half, Lachie took a lot of shot for the C's and made a couple, Jay and Jamie hit 3's. The D's struggled to score without Stu - they had a couple of good looks late to keep the score close but didn't make them and the D's won easy. 29-18. For the C's - Jamie 10, Lachie 6, For the D's - A 7 and Roughie 6.

E's (2-2) v St Pauls (0-1) - Written by Max - The E's faced a new to the league St Paul's team this week. The games started very slowly with both teams scoreless for the first 6 minutes of the game.  Morgan then got going on a couple of moves to the basket from the high post and also in transition, finishing with 12 points for the half. The E's defense was tight, with St Pauls staying in the game only due to a couple of lucky off balance shots. At half time the E's led 18-10. In the second half the E's punished St Pauls for their sloppy ball handling, forcing turnovers and allowing Miller and Max to get out on the fast break. Mike Tye showed his skills in the half court game, weaving his way to finish at the basket with a couple of sweet layups. The E's ran out winners 49-30, Morgan had 16, Max had 11 and Tye had 9.

F's (3-1) v Northgate A (3-1-0) - Written by G - Only had 5, couldn't counter their athletic big man. Made them play to our pace as much as possible. It was close but couldn't quite match them in the end. F's lost 34-39. Brad 12, G 10, JT and Charlie 6.

G's (3-1) v Burnside A (3-1) - NO REPORT. Lost by 11.

Lady Reds (3-1) v St Casmir (2-2) - A slow start with a few missed jumpers as St Casmir kept the lane clogged. The Reds started to run and get out on the break with Hannah, Tracey and Clare R socring on the break. Claire O'Buckets was able to get to the line and score inside, Reds up 20-5 at halftime. The 2nd half was more running and more scoring - Clare R was getting out on the break and scoring, and the Reds picked St Casmir apart. Hannah and Claire O were too tall inside and When Alicia hit a late 3 the Reds won 40-11. O'Buckets with 11, Clare 10, Megan and Rach 5.

Palky's Player of the Week - Week 4 - Easy one this week, the tallest and sexiest man in the basketball club - Josh Orken.

Week 5 Game Times:
A's v Gateway A - 5.10 @ Immanuel Court 1
B's v SPOC A - 1.50 @ Immanuel Court 1
C's v Unley A - 1.00 @ Immanuel Court 1
D's v SPOC B - 3.30 @ Immanuel Court 1
E's v Taperoo A - 2.40 @ Immanuel Court 2
F's v Big Sunday A 4.20 @ Immanuel Court 1
G's v Spicer A - 1.50 @ Immanuel Court 2
Lady Reds v CityReach A - 1.50 @ Wayville Court 1

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