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2016 SACBA Week 5 Results

I wrote this on the FB page but for those not on FB, this is a little thing I wrote prior to my 600th game on Monday.

MILESTONE: Tonight I will play my 600th game ... huzzah*!

Most of the time I do a rundown of things the milestoner has achieved but no need to do that in this case. I will however write a paragraph or 2 ... or 3 ... or 4.

I would like to start by saying that in my time in the club there has never been anyone that I have actually disliked - sure some guys piss me off - but no one I haven't liked. If you think about that we are really lucky to have such a great group.

The club has been a constant in my adult life, as it has for many of you. It is always there and there is always some 3 pointers to be made. It has been great growing into adulthood - seeing guys finish uni, get their first jobs, get married, have kids and have some major successes. Guys come and go - it is always sad to see people leave - but the club is always going to be here and when they come back ... the club is always here for them.

It is great having been one of the younger guys getting supported by the older lads, then being one of the late 20/30 year old players supporting the club and helping it grow and now I really appreciate being one of the 3 or 4 oldest guys in the club supporting the young lads on and off the court.
The lads stepping up to help G run the club is really good to see and G is doing a really good job. The role is a demanding one but I think he doing an important job and he will start putting his stamp on things in the years to come. The club is in a transition stage and I think the next 2 or 3 years are probably as vital as the first 2 or 3 years when it got started all those years ago.

Some of my fondest memories are times playing and supporting the teams in the club – I could list off 100 things off the top of my head, all the fun moments, close games, finals wins, Intercol wins, big shots, big plays – not just games I was in but games you were all in. I can't believe all the things I have managed to achieve in this club - a short, tubby, unathletic, unfit, spectacled player with one discernible skill - it has been fun.

I'm not sure I will get to 700 games as the old legs are starting to run out of steam ... so I am just going to enjoy the time I have left playing and drinking with all of you.

NOTE - Saint Peters have now extended their school ball to 1.30 - so we are losing the stadium at the 1.00pm timeslot. This means that there is going to need to be a change and at this stage we don't know what that change with be. For this week ... the A's and B's will need to move from 1.00 to 1.50 pm the game will be at Immanuel College on Court 2.

To the reports:
A's (4-1-0) v Gateway A (3-2) - Written by Mick - After a reasonably slow start, a timeout by Jack had the message of "run". So that's what the A's did, as they ran away with the game. With a buzzer beater 3 by Liam, putting them up 9 at halftime. The second half stayed relatively even, A's keeping a healthy gap on the scoreboard. But the refs had felt left out, and decided to be part of the game, a push + moving screen by Gateway got turned into an unsportsmanlike foul on Phil. Then a trip at halfway wasn't an unsportsmanlike, but a foul without a clear pass was. 2 people tackling Orken whilst people swore in his face was only the original unsportsmanlike and 1 additional tech, Lachlan intentionally fouling wasn't unsportsmanlike, yet his genuine defence later was. Bear hugging also not unsportsmanlike.A's finished off the game with a 12 point win, but the last 10 minutes was barely played. Most influential player Peter May (ref). A's did well to mostly keep their heads, but still have room for improvement. We are all aware of the capabilities some refs have to alter a game, and as a club need to know to just get on with the game, keep a clear head, and play it out.

Jack texted and said it was one of the most satisying wins that he has been involved in.

B's (1-4) v SPOC A (1-4) - The B's won their first game for the season and they move up into 3rd place. So in this clip Saints are Nicholas Cage ... and well ... the B's are the bees. NOT THE B'SSSSSSSS!

Written by Jono - WE WON!!!! Saturday was the B's first win of the 2016 season and oh was it joyous. Not only was it against saints but the night before a Saints player said "you will never beat us" and well we did! Unfortunately due to terrible traffic and definitely not waking up late I was 10 minutes late to the game but the B's were even with Saints when I ran through the doors. From what I heard Alex lit it up real early with two long 2s and a 3, Phil was being a great presents inside and getting a couple buckets and Mitch and Brendan hitting a few shots. Throughout the game the B's kept their heads and played strong defence and a calm yet aggressive offence taking great shots not just good ones. We were pushing the break and our movement on the court was good. The 2nd half saw the B's attacking hard but still getting back and playing strong defence. Phill was still scoring inside, Jon was getting on the ring and Mitch drained a 3. It wasn't until about 4 minutes to go that I actually realised we were winning and the game was well within our reach, the last couple minutes were tense as the B's had hold of our first win but we kept our composure and took the win with 7 points to spare! Overall great game by all! Win 39-32. Brendon had 10, Kirkham 8 and Alex Mitchell 7.

C's (4-1) v Unley Park A (1-4) - Written by Jay - An early start and a change in venue had a couple of people late to the tip, but Alex and Jamie were there to make sure we didn’t get off to a bad start. Alex hit a crazy layup and then four straight deep jumpers (toe on the line on all of them!). Jamie also knocked down two big 3s to help us get out to a 29-20 halftime lead. In the second half, we were moving the ball well and Krantz was cleaning up down low. We kept Unley at arm’s length and then chewed up time late, with Jamie hitting a couple more 3s to seal the deal in a good win. Final score 52-37. Jamie with 13, Alex 10, Jay 9.

D's (3-2) v SPOC B (2-3) - D's were down A and Saints were down ... who knows ... they have a different team every week - let's just say they were missing 4 or 5 of their best players. Game started ok - we were getting great looks and getting scores at the basket (the man who is good at layups got some layups). Dan "Future" Foo got to the line a couple of times and Palky hit a 3. Reds up 15-6 at half time. 2nd half we got up 24-10 and then let Saints get on a 10-0 run with Stu on the bench. With 5 to go Future got a crazy coast to coast layup with a tough finish at the basket, Palk scored a couple of fast break layups. For some reason, Saints took off their best player with 5 minutes to go when the game was on the line ... all 7 of us were all looking at each other asking "what are they doing?" ... they did not appear to notice that was what they were doing - its like they have never watched basketball before. Stu scored 5 points in the closing 30 seconds and D's won 33-20 in a scrappy game. Stu had 16, Palk 10 and Future 5.

E's (3-2) v Taperoo A (1-1-3) - Written by Max - The E’s were expecting a bruising encounter against Taperoo, though the worst it got was when Kobe was called a ‘blouse’. We got off to a quick start with unselfish team play finding Road Train and Morgan close to the hoop for easy scores. The E’s had their full 8 player lineup for the first time this season and made the most if it with subs every couple of minutes. Fresh legs resulted in a couple of easy transition baskets. Miller knocked down a 3 pointer and Max had his foot on the line for a long 2, while Kobe thrilled everyone with a reverse layup. Meanwhile at the other end the E’s defense around the key was tight forcing Taperoo into contested outside shots. The E’s halftime lead was a comfortable 10 points. The second half saw Taperoo come out in a half court man defence which surprised the E’s and resulted in a couple of sloppy turnovers. Poor communication also cost the E’s a couple of easy baskets. We steadied though making buckets when required and only letting Taperoo get within 6 points late in the game. The E’s came out winners 40-32. Morgan had 12 points and Miller had 8, with 7 of 8 players scoring in a balanced effort.

F's (4-1) v Big Sunday A (1-4) - Written by G - Big Sunday were missing a few players, but still had their Silver Fox that hurt us last time. Game was tight with us being able to pull ahead a bit. G got hot in the 2nd half hitting five 3s in a row. Silver Fox pushed B-rad out of bounds with the ball. To save the ball B-rad threw the ball back in over his shoulder. Hit Silver Fox in the face. Silver Fox took offence and accused B-rad of doing it on purpose. G said maybe if you didn't push him it wouldn't have happened. Silver Fox said why don't you let someone else shoot. G and B-rad laugh. Silver Fox doesn't get the game of basketball. F's won 40-31. G had 18, Brad 10, Jimmy 8.

G's (4-1) v Spicer A (2-1-2) - Written by Lachie - The G's were good, they ran the break out of D boards well, and in half court offense they swung the ball around patiently until they got a good look. Probably need to be willing to take more jump shots since they get open enough for them and they have Matt to clean up the boards (which he does well). They also rotated pretty well in D. Only criticism (constructive, I hope) is that when someone starts lighting up from the 3, gotta keep the wing defender real close to him and count on your center to stop the drives. Also, the G's held Spicer scoreless for the first quarter.

Lady Reds (3-2) v CityReach A (4-1) - CityReach are arguably the best team in A Grade this year and this would be a good test for the girls. With a couple of girls out Mike's Tess played her first game for the Reds. The 1st half was super scrappy - CR were missing everything and the Reds were scoring inside with Tess cutting through the lane and Alicia hit a 3. Halftime was 13-6. The 2nd half could not have been different - CityReach picked up the pace and started scoring for everywhere - Coach Palk said "let's not guard #32 from 3 - she isn't shooting them" - out of the timeout she hits a 3. CR were making everything - Reds were up 24-20 and then CR went on a 14-0 run. Alicia and Rachel kept it close making 3's and Megan hit a jumper and scored inside. They got the score back to 4 but CR just kept scoring at will - they had 31 for the half. It was a weird game - how can a team score 6 and then score 31? Reds lost 30-37, Tess and Alicia had 8 Rachel had 7. Again, like other weeks - lots of missed layups.

Palky's Player of the Week - Week 5: As it was their first win and this guy was the top scorerer - Brendon Francesca.

Game Times - Week 6:
A's v B's - 1.50pm @ Immanuel Court 2
C's v SPOC B - 4.20pm @ Saints Court 1
D's v Unley Park A - 3.30pm @ Saints Court 1
E's v Blackwood A - 5.10pm @ Saints Court 2
F's v Knightsbridge A - 2.40pm @ Saints Court 1 - Palky's Game of the Week
G's v St Peters A - 2.40 @ Saints Court 2
Lady Reds v Trinity A - 1.50 @ Immanuel Court 1

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