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2016 SACBA Week 7 Results

Here are the stats - for Central 2/3 I am just waiting on the scoresheets for the other 2 non-PAOC games.

To the reports:A's (6-1) v SPOC A (1-6) - Written by Mike - A's played against Saints and finally had their full line up, Jack making a return from injury and Corey making a return from... Work? Saints had no height aside from Bobo who normally sees time in the B's*. Their shooters actually showed a little promise for once and actually made a few long shots to "keep it competitive". Orken threw down a monstrous transition dunk and Foo couldn't be stopped inside yet again. It was nice of Saints to rock up so Mike wasn't obviously the worst player on the court. Win 71-46. Foo 23, Orks 19, Liam 10

*Palk note - he has been in their A's for 3 years.

B's (1-6) v Gateway A (5-1-1) - Written by Jono - The 'Bs only having five on the weekend but we started off aggressive and promising against Gateway's full squad. With our guards attacking the glass and Angus and Phill cleaning up any rebounds we finished the half only down by 3, 23-26. The second half we dropped off again, just as we did last week against the A's, we weren't getting up shots and we were letting Gateway take easy shots and with that, the game started to slip away. Brendon played with great aggression something we definitely need to see more of from all of our players. The B's are getting there, slowly but surely! Final score 51-36. Brendon and Myself tied with 11 points, Angus with 7, Mitch with 5 and Phil with 2 points but about 15 rebounds!

C's (6-1) v D's (4-3) - In their 3rd matchup - the first time the D's had their Stu/A lineup*. The game score ended up looking like a Sydney postcode 23-17**. Jay got the C's off to an early start with a 3 but there was not much scoring early - the D's played a tight zone and the C's played man which the D's don't handle well - turning the ball over time and time again. Foo the only player to get a basket in the first half for the D's and Goody and Krantz scored inside for the C's. The 2nd half - much the same - terrible reffing, calling travel, carries, offensive fouls - you name a stupid call and they made it. The C's got out to a nice lead with Alex and Lachie hitting jumpers. The D's got it back to 17-18 with a Stu 3, Roughie on the break and Foo breaking down the D. Jay hit a late 3 and Lachie scored inside and that was all she wrote. C's 23-17. Jay 8 and Lachie 5, Stu 9 and Dan 7.

*Interesting stat - this is the first time this team has lost in 2 years when both A and Stu play.
**Which for the record is Solider's Point.

E's (4-3) v St Pauls A (0-4) - Written by Max - Kara started the game on maximum attack with an array of strong moves to the basket. While he was drawing attention inside, this left Miller free on the wing to light up from three point range. The E’s went into the halftime break up 19-8. In the second half Hendo came to play, dominating the offensive boards and getting a number of strong put backs. In a demonstration of smart team basketball the E’s ran out comfortable winners 40-21. Everyone got on the scoresheet, with Kara finishing with 12 in his breakout game, and Hendo tallying 9 points in the second half.

Because it was such a great game we have a second report by Sime - After the disappointment of not quite finding their groove last week, the E’s hit the court against Northgate full of vigour.  It was Karamoshos who grabbed the game by the scruff of the neck early with a powerful drive for the first score - it was his best game this year and showed all the things we’d been eagerly awaiting – aggressive, strong and crafty rolled up into a polite package.  He pushed on for a 9 point half including a great ‘and-one’.  We all followed Kara’s lead, Reggie hitting 8 for the half and the team moving the ball.  But the highlight was late in the 1st half,  possibly our best play of the year with slick ball movement inside / outside, all 5 touching it & a nice dump off at the end to Kara (I think) under the basket.  Northgate were looking from outside a lot, and we did what we needed to chase down the shots & boards – half time was a 19-8 advantage. In the 2nd half, it was Hendo who stepped up – he and Jon had solid first halves with a hand in every contested rebound, then Hendo went even harder in the 2nd and was rewarded with 2 tip ins (incl. one ‘and-one’).  His best game of the year too.  Northgate had a quality big who kept Jon & Morgan busy, as well as the refs’ whistles, both being ‘allocated’ 4 fouls by midway through the 2nd half (RT – note that I didn’t say you had 4 fouls).  They worked hard all day and both got to the line a few times as their reward.  Kara became unselfish in the 2nd, giving off to find the guards for open looks, Max was finding his spots for some long 2s.  Northgate made a bit of a run in the 2nd half on the back of their big, but a well-timed timeout with 5 to go saw us regroup, push out the margin and run out the game.  Final score 40-21, Kara with 12, Hendo with 9 and Reggie with 8.Thanks to Lachie for scoring & for the strong support and guidance from the sideline, is much appreciated.

F's (5-2) v Northgate A (3-1-2) - Written by Moorfoot - Facing off against a reasonably tall and athletic looking new team to the league, the Fs were uncertain what to expect. St Pauls came out strong early but some good passing and team work had us keeping up with them. Cam was swallowing up the boards on both ends and getting put backs, Moorfoot hit 3 of 4 from the stripe (finished 3 of 10 though..) and G hit a nice 3. In the second half, St Paul was moving the ball well and started doing damage inside. Anything that missed though was pulled down by Cam. Tone was looking drive and dish, Charlie had success on his drive and Jimmy dropped a 3. In the end the Reds pulled off a great win in tight back and forth game. Win 32-28 Cam 13, Moorfoot 7 & Jimmy 5

G's (5-2) v Big Sunday C - Written by Reid - The mighty G's had an uphill battle from the start this week. Big Sunday C came out of the blocks strong and won a ten point lead in the first five minutes. We eventually shook off the cobwebs and with some high-intensity play we managed to claw back from an even bigger deficit, to be behind by only 6 with two minutes left. Unfortunately one of their two number 18's just couldn't be controlled and with a few timely steals and more of the ridiculous shooting we'd seen from him all game, they pulled away again. At the end of the day, we had a lot of good opportunities that should have shown on the scoreboard but just didn't drop, while at the same time we couldn't effectively guard number 18 who was able to drive through everything and scored 23 of their 48 points. Lost 36-48 - Reid 13, Matt 11, Rhys 8.

Lady Reds (5-2) v Happy Valley A - Written by Rachel - Great team efforts by Lady Reds on saturday saw everyone contribute to a 40 point win. Strong defensive rebounds meant we took advantage of many fast breaks and well balanced offence when fast breaks were not on offer.
Win 54-18 - Tracey and Alicia 14, Megan 8

Palky's Player of the Week - Week 7: Last week one Foo, this week the other Foo - for Jon's 23 in the A's big win - it's Foo-ty-licious. 

Game Times - Week 8:
A's v  Gateway A - 5.10 @ Saints Crt 1
B's v SPOC A - 3.30 @ Saints Crt 1
C's v Unley Park A - 1.00 @ PAC
D's v  SPOC B - 1.50 @ PAC
E's v  Big Sunday A - 4.20 @ Saints Crt 1
G's v Golden Grove A - 1.50 @ Saints Crt 1- Palky's Game of the Week
Lady Reds v  Unley Park A - 3.30 @ Wayville Crt 1

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