Wednesday, 29 June 2016

2016 SACBA Week 11 Results

Everyone needs to pay their subs - Roughie has contacted you if you haven't. After Saturday - if subs remain unpaid then stats will be disabled for those players on the web and those members will not get any subsidy if they are coming on the brewery tour. This is not up for debate - seemingly like this trial in the US. (if you are offended by NFSW words ... don't read it)

Talking of stats - they are up to date - click here.

Short reports this week:
A's (10-1-0) v Gateway A (6-1-4) - Written by Mike - The A's have only struggled this year if they were slow to come out of the block. Often relying on their youth and speed, Liam proved to be an un-aging freak, knocking down some big 3s and scoring inside going for 11 early points. Things didn't slow down offensively either, Phil and Jack making shots, Foo scoring on drives and Orken playing 2 feet above everyone else, cleared up some boards and got to the bucket. It really got relentless in the second half when the As ball movement was at its peak for the season even finding some easy walk in lay ups as Mike skied down hill. Highlight for the game, James Smith didn't get an opportunity to hit anyone so he walked over to the scoreboard wall switch and turned it off. Literally giving up on the game. The final 4 minutes really felt like gateway had been invited to a PAC training to perform the task of "being a cone". Big win for the A's 70-30. Liam 20, Phil 14, Mike 10.

B's (2-9) v SPOC A (3-8) - SPOC came out of the gates hard and the B's had no answers. I left at half time but it was all over by the then. Phill was duelling hard with the Saints bigs. Lost 38-73. Phill 13, Jono 12, Kirkham 7.

C's (8-3) v Unley A (3-8) - NO REPORT. Win 34-31. Lachie 13, Krantz 8, Goody 6.

D's (6-5) v SPOC A (5-6) - Saints finally worked out that the D's like to shoot 3's and are old, so man is a good option. It was a back and forth game - Stu and Thommo were able to get to the basket time and time again and between them were 12 of 18 from the line. Stu and Palky hit a couple of 3's and A had a nice couple of  baskets inside. Saints had a new bloke (who as it turns out works with Big A - so that is now 2 dudes from oppostion teams he gets to see on a daily basis) that was very handy and scored 12 points in the first half. The game was close but St. John hit two 3's and a couple of FTs to ice the game for SPOC. D's lost 33-38. Stu 13, Thommo 8, Palk 6.  

E's (5-5) BYE

F's (6-3) v Taperoo A (5-1-4) - NO REPORT. Lost 25-29. G 12, Cam 11.  

G's (5-5) v Burnside A (7-3) - Written by Nige - Travel travel travel foul travel travel double dribble travel foul travel travel travel foul foul travel foul oh wait I don’t know who committed that foul so cross it off travel foul three seconds foul foul foul travel travel foul.  In a game dominated by the grey team, the black team started well to take an 8-0 lead early, then the Red team clawed back the rest of the way but fell short, Lost 21-18. Reid 8, Cale 6

Lady Reds (7-4) v Trinity A (2-9) - With no centres the Lady Reds played with 5 guards. They were able to run and run and run - getting a bunch of layups, there was not a lot of half court offense played by the Reds. At times they allowed themselves to play down to the opposition. Some positive signs with Tracey having a big game but there were a few too many missed layups. Win 44-19.Tracey 20, Megan 8, Rachel & Alicia 6.

Palky's Player of the Week - Week 11: With only a handful of wins this week it is an easy one. The ageless wonder who has been in the A's for 16 seasons, had his best shooting game for quite some time - hit four 3's in the first half and finishing with 20 - his highest points total since 2011, Liam Golding. He's kind of like Tony Hawk.

Week 12 Game Times:
A's v B's @ 2.40 - Saints Court 1
C's v SPOC B @ 1.50 - Saints Court 1
D's v Unley A @ 1.50 - Saints Court 2 *Palky's Game of the Week
E's v SPOC C @ 2.40 - Saints Court 2
F's v Blackwood A @ 4.20 - Saints Court 1
G's v Spicer A @ 4.20 - Saints Court 2
Lady Reds v Happy Valley A @ 4.20 - Wayville Court 1

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