Monday, 8 July 2013

A Grade Stats Review after Week 9

Below are the ladders for all the Old Reds Grades.  

SPOC A97112461.31-
Gateway A97022352.79-
PAOC B96032156.03-
PAOC A86022056.37-
Corner B95041960.24-
Happy Valley A84041650.73-
Knightsbridge A93151649.30-
Brighton A91081139.64-
PAOC C98012558.60-
Holdfast A96032154.16-
Unley Park A95041950.00-
Southwest A94051747.54+1
Corner A93061545.98-1
Cherry Saints A93061544.22+1
Holdfast B92071336.55-1
Coromandel A9009936.16-
SACBA North East Division 1
Oakden A98012565.26-1
Dunn A96122252.28+1
SPOC B96032153.60-
PAOC D95132051.74-
PAOC E94051749.24-
Knightsbridge B92161439.57-
SPOC C92071341.67-
Taperoo A91171243.91-
SACBA North East Division 2
PAOC F99002765.84-
East All Star A96032155.00-
Golden Grove A95041955.93+1
PAOC G95041947.18+1
Northgate A95041946.25-2
SPOC E93061551.73 
SPOC D92071343.22 
Spicer A91081130.30-
SACBA Women's A Grade
Unley Park A98012570.78-
Adelaide A97022364.26-
PAOC WA96122258.78-
Edwardstown A95041946.61-
Dunn A94051750.87-
Unley Park B92161438.12-
Cherry Saints A92071338.43-
Trinity B91081130.74-

Below is a breakdown of the Points For, Against and Point Difference and the rank in the A Grade.

Team PF PF Avg PF Rank PA PA Avg PA Rank Pts Diff Pts Diff Rank
SPOC A 420 46.7 2nd 265 29.4 2nd 17.2 1st
PAOCBC A 316 45.1 3rd 243 34.7 3rd 10.4 2nd
PAOCBC B 325 36.1 5th 255 28.3 1st 7.8 3rd
Gateway A 396 44.0 4th 357 39.7 5th 4.3 4th
The Corner B 142 47.3 1st 137 45.7 6th 1.7 5th
Knightsbridge A 315 35.0 6th 324 36.0 4th-1.0 6th
Brighton A 263 32.9 7th 381 47.6 7th -14.8 7th
Happy Valley A 95 23.8 8th 192 48.0 8th -24.3 8th

The Points Difference is the telling stat - looking at that it clearly shows the Top 4 teams and the Bottom 4 teams. The Top 4 teams is actually how I see the league. I think Gateway have been playing above themselves this season and I would not be surprised to see them come back to the pack a bit - no team can shoot that well all season ... but I could be wrong. The A's still have the catch up game against Happy Valley and I think that will help them greatly in the stats. For me the B's defence is the shock after being pumped by the A's and looking incredibly porous.

Top 10 Stats
Points Average *Min 4 games

50Cale MatthewsBrighton A14.5
9Josip VuceticGateway A13.0
9Will GoodSPOC A12.1
9Darcy AistropePAOCBC B11.7
22Matt de CureSPOC A10.6
33Scott ForemanKnightsbridge A10.5
54Charles NewlandSPOC A10.2
45Jon FooPAOCBC A10.2
5Kerwin PennGateway A10.0
5Tom HobbsPAOCBC A9.6
Points Total
50Cale MatthewsBrighton A87
9Will GoodSPOC A85
22Matt de CureSPOC A85
33Scott ForemanKnightsbridge A84
9Darcy AistropePAOCBC B82
8Daniel MeyerGateway A71
10James SmithGateway A68
5Tom HobbsPAOCBC A67
12Chris McMichaelSPOC A57
34Cameron MeredithKnightsbridge A57

Three Point Makes
9Will GoodSPOC A18
50Cale MatthewsBrighton A17
34Cameron MeredithKnightsbridge A13
5Tom HobbsPAOCBC A10
5Kerwin PennGateway A8
33Geoff WhitfordBrighton A8
20Sam ScammellSPOC A7
31Ned YoungPAOCBC B7
20Phil HarfordPAOCBC A6
8Daniel MeyerGateway A6
22Ben PalkPAOCBC B6
7Mike HillPAOCBC B6
12Cal McKinnonGateway A6
Free Throw Makes

8Daniel MeyerGateway A15
10James SmithGateway A14
12Chris McMichaelSPOC A14
9Josip VuceticGateway A14
22Matt de CureSPOC A13
30Jack HarfordPAOCBC A12
30Lucas KhawahCherry Saints A11
5Tom HobbsPAOCBC A11
44Bill MouldersBrighton A11
9Darcy AistropePAOCBC B10

Free Throw Attempts

8Daniel MeyerGateway A37
55Lachy CampbellPAOCBC B28
5Tom HobbsPAOCBC A25
12Chris McMichaelSPOC A24
4Mark ProctorSPOC A23
30Jack HarfordPAOCBC A22
9Darcy AistropePAOCBC B21
30Lucas KhawahCherry Saints A20
7Mike HillPAOCBC B19
22Matt de CureSPOC A18
9Josip VuceticGateway A18

Free Throw % *min 8 FTA

10James SmithGateway A82.4%
33Scott ForemanKnightsbridge A81.8%
9Josip VuceticGateway A77.8%
31Ned YoungPAOCBC B75.0%
22Matt de CureSPOC A72.2%
54Charles NewlandSPOC A69.2%
44Bill MouldersBrighton A64.7%
5Peter MatthewsBrighton A62.5%
6Joel HorskinsGateway A62.5%
12Chris McMichaelSPOC A58.3%
9Will GoodSPOC A58.3%

Fouls Committed

25Mark ColemanKnightsbridge A30
25Andrew GoodPAOCBC B28
4Mark ProctorSPOC A24
14Jason StephensonGateway A21
4Jamie DollardPAOCBC B20
55Lachy CampbellPAOCBC B19
34Cameron MeredithKnightsbridge A19
9Darcy AistropePAOCBC B18
30Jack HarfordPAOCBC A17
31Ned YoungPAOCBC B15

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