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SACBA Week 11 Results - Can Everyone Says Reds Three Saints Nothing?

Reminder - Here is the Intercol Wrap-up if you didn't read it

Not much to report this week - the stats are up to date here.

In 2 weeks if the Captains can remember to get all the scoresheets and email them to me at - everyone in the team try and remind the Captains for me ... "Did you email Palky the scoresheet?"


Note 2 - THE A's,  B's, C's AND LADY REDS ARE AT THE POWERHOUSE ON AUGUST 10 and 17! These games were originally at Westminster but has been moved back to the Powerhouse.


To the reports:
A's (7-3) v SPOC A (8-1-2) - The A's were in a contest to get their instant revenge from Monday's Intercol loss. Saints bought out a completely different team - they were missing Scammell, Charles, Kong, Hautop and Good. The Reds and Saints only had 5 (with Hobbs missing due to cuddling, Foo admiring his guns and Tauny continues to be a man of mystery ... I think he is hanging out with Dale Begg-Smith). The game started well for the A's, they got up 18-4 - Phil, Orks and Liam were all getting inside for baskets. Orks got a massive dunk on the break, making him the most dunkiest player for the Old Reds*. Saints kept in the game - as they crashed the boards ... surprised? Reds up 24-14 at halftime. The A's were sharing the ball around in their equal opportunity offense (at one point every had exactly 6 points). Corey and Orks were getting inside for scores with good entry from the high post. Phil was getting inside and hit a tough lefty 'and 1'. The A's won 50-24. Orks 15, Phil 13 and Jack 10. Hopefully this will get the A's back on track and they have their double-header this weekend.  

*The only players to ever dunk for the Reds in a game - Donaldson, Caffeine Jimmy, Blair and Liam (sort of). Has anyone else ever dunked in a game?

B's (8-3) v The Corner B (5-6) - The Corner love to run and gun, they shoot more 3's than any team I have ever seen. They have a 6'7" shooting guard, a bunch of shooters and a solid centre. The B's jumped out super hard, playing stifling D and scoring in bunches - Darcy, Mike, Jamie and Palk all hit 3's and Lachy, Darcy and Jamie were all getting out on the break - Reds up 32-9 after 12 minutes. Then Corner got hot - one guard hit four 3's in 3 minutes and they hit 6 as a team. Halftime was 41-25 (Lachy hit a silly pull up 3 with 13 seconds left ... classic "NOOOO ... oh, good shot". The 2nd half continued as a shoot out - Palky made a couple more 3's and a layup on the break (the boys were shocked). Jamie made another crazy lefty layup (The Business II) and Darcy was getting around the basket for some baskets. The lead got out to 19 with 5 minutes to go when Palky twisted his ankle and the last minutes were a blur ... The big guy for Corner seemed to be scoring every time I looked up - hitting 3's, layups and FTs. Reds held on and won 67-60. Darcy had 20, Palky 14 and Jamie 12.

C's (10-1) v Coromandel Valley (1-10) - Written by Manners - Reds had booked this one in after opposition  had only 5 players, three of which could be left alone. After getting off to a relatively slow start Madman got us going with some patented 'left- baseline 15 foot lay-ups (eventually making 5 for the half). G-man also found range hitting a 3 and a couple of deep twos. Inexplicably Coromandel managed to hang around and scored 19 for the half. The 2nd half was reffed beyond tight, making it almost impossible to play any defence, but on offence Hendo got some lovely 2 man inside game looks with Phill, Hendo finishing with 17 for the game (and probably as many rebounds),with Phill also enjoying the lack of interior D and also finishing with 14. After one of their players fouled out, the game became a fast break drill with G-Man (who also made two 3's and finished with a game high 23) and BB both getting some buckets on the break. Reds win easily 77-32. We will welcome back Kobe (illness) and Thommo (holidays) next week.both were missed.

D's (5-1-5) v Oakden A - With no power at Cedar College on arrival, the D’s jumped from the shadows at the start of their game against league leaders Oakden.  With Mitch controlling the point, the D’s hussled in the D to cause turnovers and ran the ball like Monty Burns had just released the hounds on them.  Wildy, Crawf, Krantz & Jono got in the scoring early, opening up an 8 – 2 lead. It was our best start to a game this year. After an Oakden time out, they started to find their game with a little drive and dish.  Even without Garfoot, Oakden have some talent and they began to eat into our margin as the game settled down. Mitch, Crawf & Jono continued to score, and the game evened up as Oakden got on the break a few times, found little passes inside and drove past us because too often we didn’t get a body in front.  Kirkham hit an early shot but unfortunately had a quieter week by his high standards.  At half time we held a slender lead at 21-19, Wildy was finding his mojo on the drive & he and Crawf had 6 each.  The 2nd half was much of the same, with the D’s using their big guys more than most games, and some good heads up play to keep the scoreboard ticking, Pritch running well.  We stopped Oakden’s fast break, but Luke George tucked the ball under the arm and drove past us time after time without enough contact for a 15pt half.  Oakden are a very good finishing team, even after getting half a block on shots they find a way to get the shot to drop.  Reggie put his ageing body on the line to draw 3 charges & cause a couple of travels by blocking their run and overall we moved well, we just need to work on stopping the drive.  With only a minute to go we were down by just 2, but Oakden scored a couple of cheap baskets at the end to take a 6 point win, 44-38.   It was a really good game and we took it right up to Oakden.  Jono had a big 2nd half to top score with 14, and was unlucky not to have a few more free throws, he drew a lot of contact on the drive that was let go.  Crawf had 8 in his last game for the year and Wildy had his best game of the season for his 6 points in the 1st half.  Big thanks to Lenny for scoring and Purge for coming out to watch us play, despite the loss it was a more consistent game and a lot more fun.

E's (6-5) v SPOC B - E's Win 36-26. Cam 10, Moorfoot 8, Brad D and Bubs 7. Great win against Saints B ... so when do our B's get to play Saints E's? The E's move into 4th place with this win.

F's (11-0) v SPOC E (3-8) - Written by Downtown - The F's came up against Saints E on Saturday and it became immediately clear that this wasn't going to be the most difficult game of the season. Our standard 3-2 defence was working a treat, intercepting passes and stealing the ball all around the top allowing Brad (who by this time was usually at about half court) to get the pass and go for an easy run to the other basket. D at the top was tight and when they did get it inside our big guys gave them no opportunity to get a second look. Jay got a very handy 8 for the half and Brad 15 (as well a couple of pretty sweet assists), giving us a comfortable 30-4 lead. Rather than coast in for an easy victory, we decided to try some new things in the second half and maintain pressure. The 2-2-1 trap we tried on was sensationally clumsy for the first 10 minutes but found shape and effectiveness in the last 10. Everyone got a bit of the action in the second: Phil had a super classy finish inside, Road Train made his defensive presence felt when their little guys tried to (unsuccessfully) move inside and Brad continued his scoring run. Udit was getting plenty of action inside with a few assists and 5 points for the game, Hanzolo got a few points on the run including two off the slowest fast break in basketball history and I hit a sweet triple near the end (redemption for the worst two foul shots you've ever seen). Saints started playing rough in the second and drew a couple of techs off the ball and well done to all the F's for not entertaining their antics.All up a good game despite only hitting 5/16 from the line, with high intensity throughout. Brad high scored with a whopping 25, followed by Jay on 8. Final score 52-14.

G's (5-6) v Northgate A (7-4) - Written by Hitman - This week G-Force faced the five-man squad of Ballers* from Northgate.  As this was a clash between the teams currently 4th and 5th on the ladder, it was an important game for both teams’ finals aspirations.  After an early exchange of baskets, Northgate surged out to a 12-6 lead** before calling a time-out.  A commitment was made during this break to re-focus.  “Six points is nothing” said Reid prophetically, and when action restarted supersub Troy proved him right with two straight threes.  Following his lead, G-Force lifted their game and went into the half up 21-17, what would be a normal full-time score in the competition reflecting the quality of the contest.  We had worked out their main avenue to goal was #8 and option 2 was #23, stopping them became out priority.  Alas, easier said than done.  The second half began with a flurry from Northgate as they re-took the lead, but G-Force answered to snatch back the lead, and from then on the margin was tight, never more than a basket or two either way and the lead changing hands several times.  With the clock counting down into the final minute and down by 4, Reid drove in and got a hoop and the harm, but the time taken for the extra shot**** worked against us, only time left for one final possession when the ball went through.  A desperate press trying for a steal was unsuccessful, Northgate getting through for a last-second lay-up to make the final score 42-39.  Once again we lost to a team that relied heavily on one player, #8 scored 22 and #23 backed him up with 14.  The scoring spread for G-Force was much more even, Sam scored 12 (including a banked 3), Brendan 10, Reid 9 and Troy 6.  Also worth noting we scored 4-4 free throws to give ourselves every opportunity.                                                                     

[* that’s what it says on their uniforms.]
[** so we were told - on Court 1 this week for a change, that scoreboard wasn’t
working, and we didn’t even have flip sheets this time.]
[*** the other court’s clock, that is.]
[**** not having our own clock, we couldn’t stop it for the shooting foul.]

Lady Reds (7-1-3) v Dunn A (5-6) - The Lady Reds lost to Dunn last time they played them and needed to jag this win to keep them in touch with the Top 2. Dunn are a lot better than their record, they clog the lane and make you shoot well to beat them. Emma made an early jumper and a 3, Megan made a 3 and Tracy scored on the break. Halftime Reds down 12-13. The 2nd half the Reds got out to a lead with Emma making another jumper, Loz making a 3 and Alicia making a jumper and a 3. They just couldn't get the stops when they needed them with Dunn getting inside time and time again making short jumpers - lost 28-33. Emma played her best game for the Lady Reds finishing with 9, Loz, Alicia and Megan all had 5.   

Palky's Super Top Trio - Week 11
3rd - Darcy Aistrope - B's, Brad Hughes - F's, Phil Harford - A's (tie)
2nd - Nathan Graham - C's
1st - Cam Smith - E's

Game Times - Week 12

July 27AHappy Valley A3.30 & 5.10Powerhouse1
July 27BKnightsbridge A5.10Cedar1
July 27CSouthwest A1.50Powerhouse2
July 27DKnightsbridge B3.30Cedar1
July 27ETaperoo A1.50Cedar1
July 27FSpicer A4.20Cedar2
July 27GEast All Stars A2.40Cedar2
July 27LREdwardstown A1.50Powerhouse1

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