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Palk's Players' Player Preview

Players' Player is this Saturday August 30 @ The Seven Stars. Can get there from 6-6.30 - find a table, order food and drink, place your wagers. Count starts at 7pm. If you haven't RSVP'd please do.

So these are my thought on who is going to win the Players' Player Awards - I circulated my picks earlier in the week but here are my picks for each team. There are 3 or 4 guys in most teams who will poll well. This is my guide - I haven't listed everyone and I have been wrong in the past.

Palky's Pick - Jack Harford
Jack will poll well - he does ever year ... that is a fact. The only 4 time winner. Jack is not a clear favourite but who I am backing.

Other picks:
Phil Harford - Phil is leading the team in total points and average, he has the highest points average of any A's player since Nic Blair. Played 1 more game than Jack.
Josh Orken - Orks is just tall so he will poll well based on that alone. Orks is averaging 12+ a game, would lead the team in boards, blocks, dunks and quips. Played 2 more games than Jack.

Dark Horse:
Jon Foo - Fooey has had some huge games this year and will have his best year in the polls.

Palky's Pick - Jono Self
Jono had a massive start to the year - he top scored in 5 of the first 6 games. He has played the most games (along with Mike and Gus) and is leading the team in scoring.

Other picks:
Angus Crawford - Gus has had a huge 2nd half of the year and has been the team's best player. It took him a little while to get settled - when Lachie went out with injury he really took over.
Mike Hill - Mike hasn't had a big scoring year but does a lot of the little things that get votes.

Dark Horse:
Phill Farrer - Phill has started every game - gets loads of boards, has some big scoring games, plays great D and works so hard. Those things get votes.

Palky's Pick - Andrew Good
Goody has played 1 less game than G (and he isn't playing this Saturday) but don't think that will matter. He is the rock in the middle, gets all the D boards and is the team's 2nd leading scorer. Historically Goody polls poorly in these things, think that will change this year.

Other picks:
Nathan Graham - G has had some massive games and some quiet games this year but he gets votes (he has won 3 of things before). Played the most games - can't count him out.
Brad Hughes - Brad has been the best player on court in a few games I have watched this year - he has played a decent amount of games and will poll well.

Dark Horse:
Tim Wong - BB has had a great year - he is the heart and soul of the team. Will get a lot of people's "1 votes" which could see him at the top of the leader board at the end of the night.

Palky's Pick - Stu MacDonald
This is the hardest one to pick - with 5 guys in contention and the other 3 able to steal some votes in key weeks. Stu has had some ridiculous games this year - 20 and 30 against Unley and has been the most consistent throughout the season. He has played the 2nd most games which is vital.

Other Picks:
Brendon Francesca - Brenno will poll very well - he gets you 6-12 points every game. He rebounds well, runs the break hard and hustles. He has played all games and will be there abouts at the end of the season.
Ned Young - Ned has the best average and will poll well in the 12 games he plays. Just depends if he gets lots of votes in the games he has played with Stu and Brendon.
Jon Read - The Road Train is the key to the team's defence. With guards and forwards forcing tough shots, Jon gets all the defensive boards. Will depend how his team mates value his defence compared to Stu, Brendon and Ned's offense.

Dark Horse:
Chris Woodrow - Kobe has been consistent all year, pounds the glass, finishes inside and on the break ... he's won one of the before so he does get votes.

Palk's Pick - Alex Bubner
Bubs would have to be the clear favourite - leads the team in scoring, has become a much improved FT shooter and can score when the offense is struggling. Only thing that might hurt Bubs is in easy wins where he scores lots - people tend to vote for the guys who play D to set up the scorer (Donaldson Effect) so he might not get votes in some wins that were easy. Bubs has played the most games (along with Rough and Max)

Other Picks:
Brad Daniel - Brad is the team's best rebounder, the team's 2nd leading scorer ... he is the scoring option when the game slows to a half court. He will poll well.
Matt Just - Roughie doesn't score a lot but he leads the team defensively and is a willing passer on offence - that gets votes. As good as Bubs is in O, Matt is in D - so wouldn't be surprised if he won.

Dark Horse: Dan Foo - wow ... didn't see that coming did you? Foo has had some cracking games this year. He will get some 3 vote games ... he is quiet and unassuming ... guys like that get votes*.

Palk's Pick
- Tim Corbel
This is my lock - Tim will win ... there is no two ways about it. Best player in the team, best scorer, best defender, best passer - good leader, likeable ... he will win. Only thing that could stop him is he played 2-4 less games than the other guys. 

Other Picks:
Ben Orken: Bjork is a freak athlete - works hard, can score and rebound ... he will have some 3 vote games this year.
Toma Lulgjurad: The most confusing name to spell since Purgacz ... there are "l's" in the there followed by a "gj" combination. Toma is a pounder inside, he can score and works super hard - this will get him votes.

Dark Horse:
Phil Walker - Phil is a banger - will get boards he shouldn't, is one the leaders, can finish inside. Wouldn't be surprised to see him sneak in and get votes on a consistent basis.

Palk's Pick - Dillon Haydon
If Tim is my lock then Dillon is my 1a lock. Dillon is the team's best player, leads the team in scoring and at times the only one who was not overawed. This is an easy one.

Other Picks:
Reid Amos - Reid plays way bigger than his small frame - he can get inside in offense and works hard in D - he will be there abouts. Played too few games though.
James Townsend - Jimmy was the best shooter in the team and will get some votes.

Dark Horse:
Will Harmer - Charmer played the 2nd most games - was the team's center and best rebounder ... he will get some votes. Wouldn't be surprised if he finished 2nd.

*3 of my Dark Horse picks are Asian ... that's not racist is it? Is me pointing it out racist? 2 of the guys who are Dark Horse picks are married to Asian girls ... come on Palky time to have a long hard look at yourself mate.  


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