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SACBA Week 15 Results

Players' Player Night is this Saturday night - August 30. It is at the Seven Stars Hotel - in the beer garden. We have had 39 RSVPs (and 8 guests) - so I will book for 50. There are 10 guys despite my best efforts that have yet to RSVP ... you know who you are!

You can get there from 6 - 6.30 - you can order food then. The count will be starting at 7pm sharp.

I will be doing my Players' Player Preview later in the week but in short my 7 picks are - Jack, Gus, Goody, Stu, Bubs, Tim and Dillon.

Also - pencil in the dates for the next 2 functions - Club Lunch on Saturday October 11 and Microbrewry Bus Tour to McLaren Vale on Saturday November 22.

The Final Schedule should be being released this week - please note - games could be at night (from 6pm - 10pm) so please don't book anything (like a trip overseas). Finals are September 6, 13 and 20.

Before we get the reports - Liam noted there may have been an incident during the final game of the day on Saturday - he has written the following:

It has been great to have all our teams at the one stadium together again this year and the additional support that we have given each other has been excellent. But on Saturday, for the first time that I am aware this year, we received a complaint about the behaviour of some of our supporters. It is particularly concerning that the behaviour happened with children present. This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated by this club.

Many club members have been bringing their own children to games this year and personally I like the family atmosphere. I would be upset if other teams were inappropriate around my daughter and as such I think we need to change our behaviour to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

In response, I would firstly like to ask that senior club members display off-court leadership as well as on court to keep us all in line, but we are all adults and we should hold ourselves to the highest standards on and off the court. On court we have been pretty good this year but can always strive to do better, off court we should place more attention on supporting our team strongly, while not commenting on the opposition or the refs. We’ll have more of a discussion about this at training Tuesday and if you have any questions please see me, Palky or G and we’ll be happy to tell you how it will be for the rest of the year and into the future.

This is Palky again ... I agree with everything Liam has said ... even if I am not there imagine I am there and then think "would Palky yell at me if I did this" ... if the answer is yes, don't do it.

To the reports:
A's (14-1) v Gateway A (10-5) - NO REPORT (can usually reply on a Gateway report but they had little say about the 4th installment this year). This will be the lost Gateway v Old Reds contest where teh Reds won 51-36 and where Jack scored 23, Phil 12, Orks 8.

B's (7-8) v SPOC B (11-4) - NO REPORT. The B's battled but fell short against an almost full strength Saints. Loss 29-31 - Gus 14, Jono 7, Lachie 6.

*The win against Gateway and the loss against Saints pretty much means the A's are playing Saints to get into the GF and the B's are playing Gateway in an Elimination Final.

C's (13-2) v SPOC B (5-10) - Written by G - This week we were up against SPOC Bs. Last time we play we weren’t great and only won by 4. This time, leading up to finals, we wanted to show ourselves how we could play. Scoring was slow early on, with us getting up 6-5 after about 10 mins. Our defence was strong, not allowing them any SPOCTM offensive rebounds and 2nd chance shots. We were getting some good looks and getting to the line quite a lot but 4/12 for the half left us with an unflattering lead of 10-5 at half time. In the 2nd half our offense flowed much better, getting many open looks and some passes to Goody that looked like shots. We were able to get to the line again in the 2nd half this time going 9/12. The star of the show however was our defence. Again they only scored 5 for the half, with the Cs not allowing any easy baskets, SPOC went an uncharacteristic 2/12 from the line. It was a great show of team defence to keep SPOC to 10 points for a whole game. Hendo, G and Jay had 8, Goody had 7, and BB and a MASSIVE offensive rebound in the 2nd half. A great team win.

D's (11-4) v Unley Park A (10-5) - Written by Sime - The D’s knew the double chance was on the line in the matchup against Unley Park.  But with 2 victories against them this year, the Reds were confident they could take home the chocolates.  Expecting Unley to get a quick start, it was the Reds who jumped out the blocks, energetic in getting out to the shots to limit UP’s scoring opportunities.  Unfortunately some were a little too energetic, with Reggie picking up 3 cheap fouls in 5 minutes of play.  The Reds were getting good looks, with Palky dropping 3 sweet treys for the half, Stu driving and reaping the benefits at the bucket or the stripe, the Road Train and Josh finding some nice space inside the key and Brendon being the ‘everywhere man’ inside and outside the key and under the basket.  In what Palk described as ‘vintage’, Reggie hit the passing lane for a steal and layup and the Reds gave Unley a dose of intensity for the last few minutes of the half, forcing turnovers and converting shots = including a nice finish by Frangers with only a few seconds to go - pushing out to a 28-19 lead at half time (Palk 9, Stu 8, Frangars 6).  Again we started off the half well, further stretching the lead on the back of buckets by Kobe, Frangars and 3’s to Reggie.  But UP started to eat away at our 15+ point lead, their #32 hard to stop on the drive and although we were taking the same good shots from the 1st half, they weren’t dropping.  With 3 minutes to go we were only up by 3 until Unley scored.  Stu drew a foul and hit 1 of 2 to give us a 2 point buffer, and with some strong D, we repelled UP and Kool Kalm Kobe klosed out the game with a nice finish for a 4 point win.  Hats off for the strong rebounding effort against a couple of springy opposition, particularly Road Train who did a great job on the O-boards and keeping them alive.   Final score 45-41, Frangars 12, Palky & Stu 9.  (Foul shooting wasn’t our best at 5/14 – but we still want to finish 2nd in the club!) Thanks to JT for another great effort on the scoresheet, and for being wise enough to hide his bag of tortilla chips before we got out to the carpark and they disappeared. Thanks also to everyone who brought beers (3 eskies in all) & hung around after the game, was a great club atmosphere and augurs well for support for the finals and our last couple of club events.

This win puts the C's and D's 1st and 2nd. The C's are guaranteed top and unless the D's lose to Taperoo they will finish 2nd.

E's (12-3) v F's (8-6) - Written by Lenny - The F's came out determined to keep on building respect and show that they had the capacity to mix it. The first half went shot for shot; the F's were strong in a man defence and were getting some good looks at the other end. As the half wore on and the F's match-ups got a bit ragged, B-rad & Cam stepped up for some easier buckets to bring the E's back into the game. The scores broke 17 - 16 at half time (F's up by 1).  The second half showed that the F's still need to put together a full 40 minutes of basketball. The game demonstrated what the F's can do when they come to play and they just need to put it together more consistently. The E's went on a 12 - 0 run and the game was out to 28 - 17; that 5 minutes was the death knell of the F's and the rest of the half broke 9 - 3. Final score 37 - 20 - Bjork was huge on the boards at both ends but the second half the putbacks just didn't drop. Tim 11 after a great first half; Bjork - 4; Trimmy hitting a vintage 2. For the E's Bubs had 15, Brad 11 and Cam 4. Thanks to G for taking the scoring responsibilities for both teams.

G's (4-1-9) v SPOC D (5-1-8) - With no chance of making finals and a bye next week, G-Force’s season came to a close this week the same way it began, with a match-up against St Peters ‘D’.  This required the special extended version of the scoresheet to fit in names like Freddie Fruit-Tingle, Richard Pine-Coffin, Rusty Pye-Carte, and Reginald Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax*. Pre-game we engaged in speculation over what their game plan would be, but we failed to come up with an alternative to throw up rubbish and crash the boards, and as it turned out, neither could they. This game was a close contest from the opening tip, the lead changing hands several times but never more than a basket either way. The first half closed with the Redmen in front 13-11. The second half was more of the same, and with G-Force holding a slender lead late in the game, the referees decided to get involved and blow their whistle on the Reds regularly and often, and whether or not it was warranted.  After a succession of attempts from the line, St Peters final made a free throw to tie the game with just under half a minute left. The Reds had a chance to hold the ball and take the last shot, but Captain James T Kirk had a brain-fade and jacked up a contested corner three with plenty of time left, something that earned him a stern rebuke post-game from a veteran player**. Saints grabbed the rebound and raced to the other end, but the refs weren’t done, calling their point guard for a fend-off as he whirled to the basket.  The Reds called a time-out with 0.2 seconds left, barely enough time to inbound but not enough get off a shot.  Final score 25-all – remarkably, the three games between us and SPOC D this season were a one-point loss, a one-point win, and a tie. Reid top scored with 11 and James supported him with 9.  Thanks to Palky for scoring.

[* not names of actual Saints players, but some of these are real names.  Guess which ones.]
[** I smacked him on the back of the head.  He’s just lucky I didn’t have a baseball bat handy.]

Lady Reds (8-6) v St Casmir A (3-11) - NO REPORT - Win 28-14. Tracey and Alicia 7, Claire and Georgie 4.

Palky's Super Top Trio - Week 15:
3rd - Reid Amos
2nd - Angus Crawford
1st - Jack Harford ... is that back to back weeks?

Game Time - Week 16
*NOTE - we are not at Adelaide Arena so make sure of the venues.
A's v Knightsbridge A @ 4.20 - Cedar
B's v Gateway A @ 1.00 - Cedar ... Great tune up for Finals
C's v Southwest A @ 4.20 - Hillcrest
D's v Taperoo A @ 1.00 - Hillcrest
E's v Hope A @ 5.10 - Hillcrest
F's v St Peters A @ 3.30 - Hillcrest
G's v BYE
Lady Reds v Taperoo WA @ 5.10 - Cedar

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