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SACBA Week 14 Results

MILESTONE: With a late 3, "Captain" Jack Harford scored his 19th point on Saturday and his 1000th point for the Old Reds Basketball Club. To put it simply, Jack is pretty good at basketball - he is incredibly skilled, deceivingly athletic (although I doubt his ability to dunk), a great ball-handler* and shooter - but above all an unselfish teammate and leader. Jack joined in 2008, I highlighted in the 2008 C Train blog I wrote earlier in the year, that he started with the C's due to injury and lead them to an amazing season. He joined the A's in 2009 and has won a title with them every year ... think about that ... 6 years - 5 in the A's ... and 6 titles. He was awarded Club Champion in 2011, A's MVP in 2011 and 2013, A's Best Team Man in 2012 and Rookie of the Year in 2008 (with Orks). He is the only player to win 4 Players' Players Awards (3 in the A's and 1 in the C's). At the 20 Year Dinner he was named one of the 12 Best Players of the 1st 20 years - he was unanimously selected (along with Big A, Blair, Wildman, Liam and Dangerous Stu) ... pretty good company. In 2 weeks, he starts his campaign to win 7 straight titles - an honour he will share with Liam if they manage to do it. Congrats mate.    

I still need Players' Player RSVPs (Seven Stars on Saturday August 30) - either Facebook, text or email. I don't mind if you tell me no ... I just need you to tell me. If I have to message you again my text will have annoyed undertones. I have had 42 replies out of 61 so that is not bad but I need more - I am looking at you the E's of all teams (only 2 RSVPs so far) ... and Ned! 

Before we start the reports - I just want to note how important it is to rock up 15-20 minutes before the games ... something that we do but just want to highlight the importance. It is little things like this that help set us apart. We all catch up before the game, create a relaxed atmosphere, talk about things that we need to do in the game, warm up together, the Captain can get the tickets, fill in the scoresheet etc. All these things really help. We saw on Saturday with Saints A's and B's that they were still getting their sh*t together when they stepped on the court - their focus wasn't on the game - and we jumped them. We got out to massive leads in both games and then by the time they are ready to start playing the game is over.

To the reports:
A's v SPOC A - An important game in the make up of the rest of the season for the A's - Saints were missing McMichael and Kong but had Hautop back. As I said above, the A's absolutely jumped Saints - they couldn't handle the extended pressure and were down 11-2 after 3 minutes and had to call an early timeout. Didn't help - the A's kept the pressure up and Jack, Phil, Liam and Foo were all getting steals, scoring on the break or getting fouled and making their free throws - they were playing super unselfish and Phil made a couple of great passes. Unbelievably the A's were up 28-4 at half time. The 2nd half was a closer contest - with the pressure off Will Good started scoring (a very Will Good thing to do) and Bobo was making his mid range j. The game became free flowing with 3 Reds scoring 10+ in the 2nd half - Phil was, as he has done all year, scoring in bunches, Orks was unstoppable inside and Jack was getting out on the break (and was accused of being hungry) and hit the late 3 to bring up his 1000th point. Reds won 70-38 as Josh "Hawk" Orken scored on a late layup. Jack 19, Phil and Hawk 18. It was great to see Tauny back.

*Bill and I were arguing (as we always do) about all things Reds and Saints. He was putting forward the argument that we were not the best team this year and our A's aren't the best team ever (over the last 20 years). I put forward the argument - that they have made the Grand Final over the last 9 years, won the last 6 and the 3 Intercol trophies look really great in my house. When then turned to Orken when he made a great move in the post for the lefty finish - Palk stated he was the best player in the league - to which the retort was "he is just tall". There is no winning with some people.  

B's v Oakden A - Short Report - B's came out hard - with Jono, Mike and Crawf all scoring freely. The B's were working harder than Oakden and went in up 21-7 at half time (aided then by an additional 6 points for no scorer and late player). 2nd half was awful - Reds only scored 7 points but held Oakden to 14. B's went 0/9 from them line in the 2nd half ... pathetic. Win 34-21. Jono 11, Crawf 6, Mike 5. 

C's v Taperoo A - NO REPORT. Win 34-24. G 18, Madman 10.

D's v SPOC B
- A danger game for the D's - the only other team to beat the D's this year other than the C's. SPOC B's were missing the 2 players that caused the D's trouble in their first meeting and they had to fill in with 2 of their D's players. The D's defense in the first half was good - jumping out on all 3 point shooters and keeping Saints off the glass. Ned and Frangers did the bulk of the scoring in the 1st half - getting to the hoops and Ned hit a tough 3. Reds up 14-3 at halftime. The 2nd half became more free flowing - Saints started to hit jumpers that they were missing in the 1st half but they couldn't stop the Reds scoring - Palky finally found some shooting form and hit three 3's, Frangers and Kobe were getting inside and scoring and Stu was getting to the line and converting. A solid performance without being spectacular (said the girlfriends and wives of the Old Reds). Win 43-27. Frangers had 11, Ned and Palk 9.   

E's v Saint Peters A - Forfeit Win ... again!

F's vs Spicer A - Written by Lenny - Today the F's turned up to play. They played as a team; they won as a team. In contrast to the previous few weeks where all sorts of distractions got in the way, the F's took their lessons from a good session on the training track into Saturday. Playing man, the F's got on the board with Hanzo & Lenny making some 12 footers & Toma going strong inside Pretty quickly, we were with a 10 - 2 advantage but their #12 (young Hamish) was causing some problems with some accurate shooting. Tim and Bjork came off the bench and had immediate impact with Tim hitting a couple of 3's for the half and Bjork hoovering up the boards at both ends of the court. Went into the half 30 - 18 up with Tim on 10, Toma 8, Bjork 6 and Hanzo 4   The second half was more of an arm wrestle - they were sent to the line a bit but to the F's credit they did not question an ump's call all game and stayed totally focussed upon the basketball and the ring It split 19 - 14 (21 - 14 on our score sheet - thanks Sarah??); Bjork went ballistic inside and Tim got some nice lay-ins on transition and Toma and Hanzo kept mopping up Final official score 49 - 32 with a good even spread of scoring - the F's proved that they could play a good brand of team basketball and will keep on coming; Bjork 15 points - no fouls; Tim 14; Toma - 12; Hanzo 8. And thanks to Sarah for scoring.

G's v SPOC E - Written by Hitman - After three weeks of unspeakable basketball, G-Force return to the Old Reds’ blog with yet another game against the Auld Enemy, this time the E-type, the better of the two SPOC teams in the ‘E’ Grade.  In fact they went into the game at the top of the ladder, while SPOC ‘D’ languish at the other end of the standings.  The game plan for SPOC was as expected, and in the first half they scored mainly on the break, with a couple of lucky tip-ins virtually their only scores in the half-court.  At the other end G-Force were moving the ball well and getting good looks, but as usual the shots refused to drop.  At the half the Redmen trailled 13-4 with only a single made basket on the scoresheet.  The second half began with quick scores from both teams but it was the Redmen who maintained the momentum, continuing to close the gap throughout the half, and making the shots they were missing in the first half.  In fact it was SPOC who called the first time-out to regroup, but it did little to slow the rampaging Redmen, particularly Charlie who continued to run the break throughout the game.  Unfortunately SPOC were able to sneak a bucket here and there and this was just enough to stop G-Force catching them, the final scoreboard showing 21-20 (adjusted to 23-20 post-game for No Scorer), a 16-8 second-half advantage.  A fantastic effort considering we were undermanned and facing the league leader.  Charlie Baker lead the scoring with 8 and Dillon added 6. 

Lady Reds v Adelaide A - The Lady Reds were once again up against Adelaide. Missing Jordy, Claire, Megan and Emma - they welcomed back Loz and Clare (another Clare ... different spelling) filled in. The Reds started in a 3-2 to try something different before heading into Finals. The D worked well and they were able to cause some problems with Adelaide - but without a couple of their main scorers, Reds struggled to get baskets. Alicia hit a couple of jumpers and Clare scored. Reds down 7-14 at halftime. The 2nd half - #34 for Adelaide (the best player in the league) got away a bit and was able to get inside for basket after basket. The Reds stayed close with Clare, Loz and Alicia all hitting 3's. Wans and Georgie battled hard inside but they were exhausted by the end ... Wans made 2 of 2 from the line. The Lady Reds lost by 12 - 23-35 ... but they showed signs and if they can keep Adelaide in that 30-35 range come Finals they might have a chance at beating them. Alicia had 7 and Clare 6.

Palky's Super Top Trio - Week 14:
3rd - Brendon Francesca
2nd - Nathan Graham
1st - Jack Harford

Game Times - Week 15:
*All games at Adelaide Arena

A's v Gateway A - 5.10pm
B's v SPOC A - 2.40pm
C's v SPOC B - 1.50pm
D's v Unley Park A - 2.40pm
E's v F's - 2.40pm (Palky to bring the whites)
G's v SPOC D - 1.00pm
Lady Reds v St Casmir - 4.20pm

Week 15 Previews:
Some massive games this week - probably the biggest week of the season with the A's, D's and E's/F's result having major ramifications for the final make up of the ladder:

A's v Gateway A - a win against Gateway would pretty much mean they play Saints in the 1st week of finals. This is the most important game of the season for the A's.

B's v SPOC A - of course, if the B's win (which they could well do) the A's will play Gateway even if they beat them. Does that make sense?

C's v SPOC B - if the C's win it pretty much knocks Saints B's out of the finals

D's v Unley Park A - playing for 2nd spot. A win would mean they are 2nd ... a loss means they are 3rd.

E's v F's - the F's need the win ... a loss will push them equal to Golden Grove.

G's v SPOC D - this is the last week for the G's. Some results didn't go their way but they battled and that is all we can ask. They have finals off to enjoy watching some games and having some drinks.

Lady Reds v St Casmir A - need to win the last 2 games to ensure they make the Top 4.

Ladder after Week 14
*note the % are Week 13 %

A Grade Games Wins Draws Loss Points %
Prince Alfred Old Collegians A 14 13 0 1 40 60.98
Gateway Baptist A 14 10 0 4 34 58.00
St Peters Old Collegians A 14 10 0 4 34 57.30
Prince Alfred Old Collegians B 14 7 0 7 28 52.80
Oakden Baptist A 14 2 0 12 18 40.60
Knightsbridge Baptist 14 2 0 12 18 35.90

B Grade Games Wins Draws Loss Points %
Prince Alfred Old Collegians C 14 12 0 2 38 58.01
Prince Alfred Old Collegians D 14 10 0 4 34 59.68
Unley Pk Baptist A 14 10 0 4 34 55.44
Taperoo Uniting A 14 5 0 9 24 46.07
St Peters Old Collegians B 14 4 0 10 22 49.34
Southwest Baptist (Seahawks) A 14 4 0 10 22 40.77

C/D Grade Games Wins Draws Loss Points %
Prince Alfred Old Collegians E 14 11 0 3 36 62.28
St Peters Old Collegians C 14 11 0 3 36 59.03
Prince Alfred Old Collegians F 13 8 0 5 29 53.01
Hope Church A 14 7 0 7 28 52.23
Golden Grove Baptist A 13 7 0 6 27 48.55
St Casimir Catholic A 14 3 0 11 20 39.79
St Peters Anglican A 14 2 0 12 18 33.52
Spicer Uniting A 14 1 0 13 16 27.15

E Grade Games Wins Draws Loss Points %
St Peters Old Collegians E 14 10 0 4 34 63.40
East All Stars A 12 9 0 3 30 58.30
Northgate A 11 9 0 2 29 69.00
Knightsbridge Baptist B 12 6 0 6 24 45.80
Prince Alfred Old Collegians G 12 4 0 8 20 44.60
St Peters Old Collegians D 12 5 0 7 22 41.50
Spicer Uniting B 12 1 0 11 14 26.19

WA Grade Games Wins Draws Loss Points % *After Week 13 
Adelaide Christian Centre A 14 13 0 1 40 69.12 *Week 14 entered
Unley Pk Baptist A 13 10 0 3 33 58.01  
Prince Alfred Old Collegians A 14 8 0 6 30 52.95 *Week 14 entered
Happy Valley Church of Christ A 13 8 0 5 29 46.55
Dunn Memorial Uniting A 13 7 0 6 27 54.31  
Unley Pk Baptist B 13 7 0 6 27 50.00
Taperoo Uniting A 13 4 0 9 21 43.30
St Casimir Catholic A 13 3 0 10 19 47.96
Hawthorn Church of Christ A 13 3 0 10 19 38.18
Trinity Baptist A 13 2 0 11 17 37.21

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