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SACBA Week 13 Results

Players’ Player is set for Saturday August 30th @ The Seven Stars. This is the night where we award each Saturday Team’s Best Player according to his teammates. You can get there from 6pm for a quite pint, food orders (limited menu – parmy, burger, steak, fish and chips, S&P Squid and vego option) start from 6.30pm and the count will start at 7.00pm sharp … so your partners know – the “stupid count thingy” will be done by 10.00ish. There is no meal/drink package – just pay as you go.

You NEED TO RSVP – you can email me and I have just Facebook’d your team groups (and texted those not on Facebook) – so respond to one of them please – in your response let me know if you plan on having a meal (I need to let the venue know). You can bring as many guests as you like – everyone welcome – partners, friends, family etc. 

If you would like to MC please let me know – I will MC a bit and then we will get other guys too.

I'm getting a bit behind on the stats - I will do them this week.

To the reports:
A’s (12-1) v B’s (6-7) – The B’s welcomed back Lachie after a long injury layoff. The game started close with A’s and B’s trading baskets – for the B’s Manners and Mike made some long jumpers as did Phil for the A’s. The A’s were forcing some turnovers and getting easy scores. Lachie kept it close coming off the bench and making three 3’s – A’s up 31-20 at halftime. The 2nd half was an absolute clinic from the A’s – time and time again they forced turnovers and got out the break for easy baskets. They were raining 3’s from everywhere – they couldn’t miss – Phil and Liam hit 2 each and then Fooey, of all people, employed “Scorched Earth” – he hit four 3’s … he had not hit one in 3 seasons before this game. All the A’s got into double figures – Foo had 20 (18 in the 2nd half), Phil 19, Jack 16, Liam 13 and Orks 11. Thing is … the B’s played well – they were super intense the whole game – they just couldn’t stop the A’s … it is the best half of basketball I have ever seen from a Reds team. Lachie was incredible for the B’s – he hit two more 3’s and finished with 17. A’s won 79-40 and scored 48 in the 2nd half. Gus hit a 3! 3 weeks to go and the A’s have the opportunity to record the best regular season record for the A’s by only losing 1 game.

*For the B’s – they are guaranteed finals – they will likely play Gateway or Saints A in an Elimination Final.

Games Remaining:
Week 14 – SPOC A (10-3)
Week 15 – Gateway A (9-4)
Week 16 – Knightsbridge A (2-11)

Week 14 – Oakden A (2-11)
Week 15 – SPOC A (10-3)
Week 16 – Gateway A (9-4)

C’s (10-3) v D’s (8-5) – Another installment of the C’s beating up on the D’s. The game was 17-17 – Jay for the C’s and Sime for the D’s both hit some early 3’s, G hit a tough turnaround j, a 3 and some FTs and Ned was getting to the basket for the D’s. The 2nd half was close but the C’s got away with G hitting some mid-range, Jay and Goody scoring inside. The D’s went too “one pass and shoot” offense and let it slip away. C’s won 36-27. G and J had 12 and Goody 6 for the C’s , Ned 7, Sime 6 and Kobe and Jon 5 for the D’s. 

Games Remaining:
Week 14 – Taperoo A (5-8)
Week 15 – SPOC B (5-8)
Week 16 – Southwest A (3-10)

Week 14 – SPOC B (5-8)
Week 15 – Unley Park A (9-4)
Week 16 – Taperoo A (5-8)

E’s (10-3) v Golden Grove A (5-7) – Written by Max - On paper this should have been an easy game for the top of the ladder E’s against Golden Grove. But with Brad out with another ankle injury, and Rough Justice still recovering from a nasty case of man flu there was potential for upset. However the E’s started strongly and never relented. Bubs was weaving around and through the defence to get to the hoop for 8 first half points. Max knocked down a pair of 3’s from the corner, and Cam was finishing inside. The zone defence was working well with the guards running hard to rotate and good help defence. E’s up 22-9 at the half. The second half was more of the same. Foo and Pritch were taking charge running the floor, pushing the transition game and also spotting up from downtown. Golden Grove continued to cause us problems on their offensive glass with their poor shooting throwing up long rebounds. They were getting multiple 2nd and 3rd chance shot opportunities around the basket and getting to the free throw line which could have caused us problems if it weren’t for their woeful 2 of 14 shooting. In the end the E’s ran out 42-16. Bubner finished with 16 and Max with10. 

The E’s are now guaranteed Top 2 and the double chance – well done lads.

Games Remaining:
Week 14 – Saint Peters A (1-11)
Week 15 – PAOC F (7-5)
Week 16 – Hope A (7-6)

F’s (7-5) v Hope A (7-6) v Written by Lenny – “The game has been best summarised as ‘They turned up; we didn’t!’. In a battle for 3rd or 4th spot, the reds didn’t start, didn’t finish and didn’t do much on the score sheet in the middle. Hope A’s #9 Suresh (say that with attitude!) got out with 2 three pointers in the first few minutes. And then with a couple of runners, we were looking at 10 / 2 down. The F’s switched to man and started to claw our way back but just couldn’t finish at the hole. Strange umpiring calls abounded and although we were getting inside, we were being smashed with charging calls – never seen so many charges in a game – a couple were legit but a few were just strange. Tone’s energy was great and he was getting steals and defending really well. Bjork was trying to be a presence inside but with 3 early fouls was always in trouble – but he didn’t earn the wrath with a tech this week. At the half we were down 14 – 11 (equalised by them having no scorer to 14 – 13). The first 10 minutes of the second half were an arm wrestle and our man was still working. They got cross and tempers frayed and there was pushing and shoving and then their #00 got inside for 2 tough aggressive baskets and we were down 6. As we are coming back with some momentum, Tim gets the ball on the break, charges down court and Hanzo running behind him slows and Hope Suresh (say that with attitude again!) runs into the back of him and Hanzo is called for a moving screen because as he nosedives with his arms out, apparently he had his wings spread all the way along (needless to say that was not our version of events!). But who can doubt the Pear! That burst the bubble; Suresh hit 2 more threes late and the final score 30 – 22 showed that.  We had let 3rd spot get away. We will be wiser when we see them in a final; scores were evenly spread with Toma and Tim getting 5 pts and Bjork and GW2 (Phil) 4 pts each. Thanks to Jimmy and Karo for scoring”

Games Remaining:
Week 14 – Spicer A (1-11)
Week 15 – PAOC E (10-3)
Week 16 – Saint Peters A (1-12)

G’s (4-7) – Spicer B (1-10) NO REPORT
. Win 35-18. Charlie 9, Dillon 8, Jimmy 7

Games Remaining:

Week 14 – SPOC E (8-4)
Week 15 – SPOC D (4-7)
Week 16 - BYE

Lady Reds (8-5) v Dunn A (7-6) – This was must win for the Lady Reds. They were playing Dunn who were on equal record with the Reds and they were playing to establish 3rd place. The Lady Reds are in a weird league – there are 11 teams – they play the best 2 teams (Unley and Adelaide) 6 times for the season (out of 16 games) but don’t actually play the 5th, 6th, 10th and 11th team once. The team that is 5th they don’t get the opportunity to play and because they are always playing the best team they are in a dog fight* for 4th place. Does that make sense? Anyway – they are playing Dunn in a must win. The Reds started well - Alicia made a short jumper, Megan did some "nice leg work" on the fast break for a layup and Tracey was scoring on the break. Megan hit a 3 which was quickly answered by Dunn's best player and the Reds went in up 17-11. The 2nd half the Reds were dominating on the defensive end - they were making Dunn take tough shots and Wans, Claire and Georgie were getting all the boards. Claire scored inside, Jordy banked a 3 and Tracey hit a scooping layup. The Reds held Dunn to 5 points and Won 29-16. Tracey had 11 and was made 4 amazing passes (was her best game I think I have seen her play) and Megan, Jordy and Claire had 5. Reds made their FT's too 10 of 14 ... if they go 2 of 14 (like happens) then an easy win becomes a tight contest.

*Cos it is girls is it a cat fight?

Games Remaining:
Lady Reds
Week 14 – Adelaide A
Week 15 – St Casmir A
Week 16 – Taperoo A

Palky’s Super Top Trio – Week 13
3rd – Jay Nguyen
2nd – Lachie Campbell
1st – Jon Foo

Game Times – Week 14:
*All games at Adelaide Arena
A’s v SPOC A – 1.00pm (1st v 2nd) – guaranteed top spot if win.
B’s v Oakden A – 1.50pm
C’s v Taperoo A – 2.40pm
D’s v SPOC B – 2.40pm - big game 
E’s v Saint Peters A – 1.00pm
F’s v Spicer A – 5.10pm
G’s v SPOC E – 5.10pm
Lady Reds v Adelaide A @ 5.10pm - be nice to get this win

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