Wednesday, 1 June 2016

2016 SACBA Week 8 Reults

The stats are up to date

Training turnout was very poor last night - come on guys ... get to training!

G's - note you are at PAC this week.

After the week off next week - there will be changes to the schedule with some games either moving times or moving to Mars. We will let you know.

To the reports: A's v Gateway A - With only 5 players, PAC faced up against a large and full Gateway. We came out of the gates strongly with Orken scoring 6 straight points inside and our team D held fast, holding Gateway at bay. Everyone worked well together inside but we missed a bunch of close shots. The refs were really making their mark on the game, slowing  the tempo down drastically with constant calls. The game was a grind in the first half, with PAC leading 19-14 at the break. In the second half, Jack displayed some of his former vigour with athletic defence and great ball distribution.  Liam and Phil both hit 3s to give PAC a strong second half start Gateway regrouped with a time out and came out  firing (the ball) and brought the game back within a few points. Mike stepped up to keep us together through this period and was great inside, both scoring and distributing. The remaining minutes of the game were a tight back and forth between the two teams, with Gateway hitting a number of 3's to tighten the margin. Liam hit a crucial 3 to push out the score and combined with PAC's bulldog like resolve, proving too much in the end as we held on for a 4 point victory. A well-earned victory. Win 40-35 – Orken and Liam 12, Jack 8

B's v SPOC A - B's v SPOC A - Written by Jono - This week the B's came out aggressive and we held our aggression against Saints the whole game, saints got a few baskets early but we were right behind them with Angus hitting a couple shots and Phill being a big presents in side and getting some easy shots in the basket and Mitch drained a 3 to keep up close at the half 26-32. BB filled in for us on the weekend as we only had 5, he brought good tempo into the court when playing the point, creating great scoring opportunities from his movement around the three. The second half was still just as aggressive in both offence and defence for us and we were playing good basketball, we kept scoring and getting stops on D but unfortunately for us Saints just weren't missing. The game was still fairly close until the last few minutes where Saints big guys even decided to hit a couple 3s and the final score was 46-59. Unfortunately for us Saints had a better day shooting then us, but we are starting to play really good basketball as a team and we are only getting stronger, the scoresheet didn't accurately depict the game on Saturday. Loss 46-59. Phill 12, Gus 10, Jono 8.

C's v Unley Park A - Written by Jay -  Without Lachy, Jamie and Ned we got off to a terrible start against Unley, falling behind by 10 or so after a couple of minutes. Some bad calls didn’t help, but we were flat and turning the ball over too much. We righted the ship late in the first half to cut most of their lead down, but Unley responded and was back up by 11 at halftime. In the second half we were mostly back to playing to our usual standard with Goody and Krantz scoring well down low, and we tied the game going into the final minutes. Some open looks didn’t drop, a few more interesting calls went against us, and it was still tied within 30 seconds to go. Unley was in possession and so we played solid D to force the draw. But wait! Following a scoresheet review it was discovered that the scoreboard was wrong, and Unley was 1 point up for the final minute or so, and so we actually lost by 1… 38-37  Goody 13, Krantz 7, Jay 6.

D's v SPOC B - With Foo out and Stu a late withdrawal - The D's were up against Unley without a significant scoring punch. No matter - Palk was on fire - hitting 4 threes and a weird one handed j scoring 14 of our first 16. After 17 minutes SPOC decided to what Palky thought was man ... but was actually a box and 1. The shortest, second oldest, unfittest, begoggled misfit on the court surely does not need a box and 1. D's up 21-10 at half time. The 2nd half was closer with Saints odd D confusing the Reds - without Dan or Stu it was hard to take advantage - SPOC were hitting their mid range and Reds were struggling to get good looks. A hit a jumper and then scored inside off a great pass, Purge found Roughie and Madman with a couple of great passes and hit his second three. Rough then got to the basket a couple of times and Purge hit a pull up 3 - COLD BLOODED! The Reds won by their halftime margin 39-28. Palk with 17, Purge and Rough 7.

E's v Big Sunday A - Written by Max - The E’s looked nothing like the team they were a week ago, with a dismal performance against Big Sunday A. Impatient offences, lackluster passing and poor defensive rotation meant we were never really in the game. Highlights for the E’s included some sharp early shooting from Miller and a strong rebounding performance by Hendo. In the end we went down 40-28. Miller had 8 and Max had 6. 


G's v Golden Grove A - NO REPORT. Loss 10-45. Late Player 3, Troy 3

Lady Reds v Unley Park A - NO REPORT. Loss 23-31. Alicia 9, Rachel 7.

Palky's Player of the Week - Week 8. For his four big 3's in what was a fiery affair, Liam Golding.

Week 9 Game Times:
A's v B's - 2.40pm @ Saints Court 1
C's v SPOC B - 1.50pm @ Saints Court 1
D's v Unley A - 1.00pm @ PAC
E's v Knightsbridge A - 4.20pm @ Saints Court 1 *Palky's Game of the Week
F's SPOC C - 3.30pm @ Saints Court 2
G's v SPOC D - 1.50pm @ PAC
Lady Reds v St Casmir - 4.20pm @ Wayville Court 1

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