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2016 SACBA Week 9 Results


Game 4 of the NBA Finals is this Saturday June 11 starting at 10.30am. So we are going to move the $2 beers from 7pm to 10.30am. Come down, watch the game, settle in for some lunch and cheap drinks. Port v Bulldogs will be on TV at 1pm (Go Dogs!) If you are keen please let me know ASAP - I need to know by tomorrow. Just like the post or comment below - we have to let 7 Stars know.

Now we are at the halfway mark - unlike the last few seasons we are not at the top of all the ladders and there are clearly some non-PAOC favourites in each league.
  • The A's are looking good in A Grade but Gateway A are very good - if they have their full team they will be strong.
  • You would think that the C's and D's should take out Central 1 but Unley Park have beaten both of these teams.
  • Central 2/3 is crazy close 4 points is separating 4th through 8th - and all teams below the E's and F's have beaten one of them. Taperoo are looking solid this year and Knightsbridge are super balanced ... even SPOC are pretty decent on their day.
  • The G's are 3rd and 1 point away from being 7th. Golden Grove and Burnside are strong - the G's will need their full team come finals if they are a hope.  
  • Lady Reds are a tier below the top 2 teams - Unley are looking strong ... but I don't worry about the Reds - when it is time to win ... they know how to get it done.
I haven't had any cool videos this year in the blog (other than the Nicholas Cage one) - if there is anything funny that you want me to add in, email me a link and I will try and add them in.

I'll start with an interesting one. Read this morning  that one of my favourite songs ever, Antichrist Television Blues by Arcade Fire is about Jessica's Simpsons' Dad being a maniac. "An exploitative father begs God to make his 13-year-old daughter famous so he can spread the Good Lord's word and also, total coincidence here, make the dad filthy rich so he'll never have to work again". Anyway - I thought it was interesting - listen to the song and read the lyrics ... amazing.

As always - the stats are up to date. 

To the reports:
A's (8-1-0) v B's (1-8) - Written by Mick - Last time these teams met the game was kept close by some early shooting, tight passing and strong defence of the B's. The A's had no intention of letting this be the case this week. The A's came out hard and fast, making the most of their size, speed and strength cutting off passes, attacking with numbers and scoring on the break. Before anyone noticed the score had blown out to double digits before the first sub of the game. The rest of the game played out as could be expected, with the joke of refereeing only bested by Jono's attempt at coaching that morning*. A's runaway winners. A's won 85-35 - Foo and Orks 19, Jack 16 (all 6 in double figures), for the B's Phill 14, Gus 12, Jono 7.

Both teams then headed to the Hackney for a social chat some nibbles and beverages. Personally these interactions are why I am so fond of the basketball club, and we should all take ownership of the social interactions we take part in. Though I'm away this long weekend I suggest you all make it to $2 beer night even if you don't drink. These occasions are what spectate us from other basketball clubs, and makes us great. Get around it.

*Jono's coaching role starts at 11:00am with a game at 11:30. He woke up at 12:30.

C's (7-2) v SPOC C  (3-6) - Written by Jay - Saints trotted out a lineup essentially of 5 guards. We were still missing Jamie and Ned, but knew we had a distinct size advantage with Goody, Krantz and Lachy. It took a few minutes to get rolling, but soon Lachy was driving through their D, both scoring himself and hitting Krantz for some good finishes. On the other end, they couldn’t get much going against us, while Jay was getting to the rim and the foul line and at the half it was 22-6. The game opened up in the 2nd with Saints hitting a few more shots and PAC turning it over a few too many times. We kept up our effort though, and everybody hit the scoresheet in the half - Lachy pushing the pace with some nice moves, Krantz and Goody scoring inside, Manners and Jay finishing on the break, and Alex nailing a couple of threes. Final score 44-20. Jay 15, Lachy 10, Krantz 7.

D's (5-4) v Unley Park A (3-6) - With no Stu and Foo - it was just the injured old men vs the very plucky Unley. Unley got off to a good start with their 2 guards causing all sorts of problems. Palk hit a couple of 3's and Thommo was having his best scoring game inside. Madman hit a couple of jumpers and Rough scored a couple of baskets and got to the line - Reds down 1 at halftime. The 2nd half was a grind - Palk was not shooting well and Thommo was keeping the Reds in it. Unley were making all their open j's with #40 making 2 tough jumpers and two 3's. Down 7 with a minute to go - Unley's centre fouled out leaving them with 4. Thommo scored inside, got a stop, Palk hit a 3, got a stop down 2 with 20 seconds left. The D's chose not to get the ball inside and go for the 3 - two dudes jumped out on Palk, kicked the ball to Purge, back to Palk, back to Purge ... could not get a shot off and the D's lost - to a team they have been by an average of 35 the other 2 times they have played them. Shows me the Cavs aren't out of it. Loss 36-38. Thommo and Palk 12, Rough 6.

E's (4-5) v Knightsbridge A (7-1) - NO REPORT. Loss 26-38. Hendo and Max 7, Sime 5.

F's (6-2) v SPOC C (3-1-5) - NO REPORT. G 7, Charlie 6, JT 5.

G's (5-4) v SPOC D (4-1-4) - The G's were a bit short handed with no Rhys, Reid, Cale and Nelly. SPOC D have a decent player and he was on fire early - and didn't we all know about it ... everytime he hit a shot he did a little dance, gun fingers into holsters, 3 symbols, that's 2, "I'm not subbing ... I'm on fire", lots of wooing. Reds got off to a slow start down 13-2 before they started to get into the contest. Todd was getting out on the break and Matt was scoring down low. 15-26 at halftime. The 2nd half the G's came back with Caldy able to get in the lane time and time again - either making little jumpers or hitting Matt inside. Reds got back to 6 before they let Mr On Fire hit another couple of 3's and scored a couple of very nice drives*. Trev and Nige hit a couple of late 3's to keep some
respectability in the game. Save a bad start and a 5 minute patch in the 2nd half the G's showed some good fight. G's lost 37-49. Matt with 18, Todd 6 and Caldy 4.

*He is a quite a good player - he should at least be in their C's if not their main scorer in the B's. 

Lady Reds (6-3) v St Casmir A (4-5) - Lady Reds were down Rachel and then quickly went down O'Buckets as she copped a ball in the face and broke her nose*. With a smaller lineup against the feisty St Casmir it would be a hard contest. Alicia hit an early 3, Randall banked a 3 and Tracey scored on the break - Reds up 2 at halftime. The 2nd half the Reds talked about getting Hannah the ball in the high post, when that happened the ball moved more and they were able to get good shots. Hannah was scoring inside and Alicia got hot from the outside with four 2nd half 3's. The D (which has always been the girl's strength) tightened up, getting to the outside shots and battling super hard on the glass. Reds ran away with it 39-17. Alicia 15, Hannah 10, Tracey 5.

*It is with a heavy heart that the Lady Reds have lost O'Buckets - she is calling it a day. She was an intergral part for the team winning the title last year and she will be missed by all. 

Palky's Player of the Week - Week 9: For his fighting spirit in a losing battle with 18 points, Matt Lawson.

No Games this Week.

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