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2016 SACBA Week 10 Results

MILESTONE: Last Wednesday, Lachlan Campbell played his 200th game for the Old Reds. Lachie joined the club in 2011 - endearing himself to everyone by asking a lot of questions. Highlights of his time in the club - He won an A Grade title in the A's in 2015 and a Thursday A Grade title in 2011. He was named Best Team Man in the B's in 2011 and 2013, and MVP for Monday in 2012. He was also awarded he Best Club Man in 2012, which is also the year he has the record for most games in a season with 59. A great team mate - he plays hard D and rebounds, he is a great passer from the high post and his unorthodox driving/post up game combined with his consistent outside jumper makes him tough to stop. He has been one of the top 10 players in the club for the last 5 years. Lachie is in the top 20 of all time scorers, the top 25 in games played, top 10 in FTs attempted and made and top 20 in fouls. Good work Lach.

FROM THE SOCIAL COORDINATOR: A reminder of our upcoming Adelaide craft-beer tour. Please advise if you are attending as we are finalising numbers to book the bus, would be good to get a few more along.

The PAOCBC will be engaging in a craft brewery bus tour around metropolitan Adelaide on the 16th of July twenty sixteen. We have done this a couple of times with great success and hereby invite expressions of interest for the upcoming tour.

The itinerary, larger than previous years, is approximately as follows:
1130 Meet at 7 Stars
 1200 Wheaty Brewing Corps
 1300 Pirate Life
 1400 Big Shed Brewing
 1500 Brew Boys
 1600 Little Bang
 1700 Lady Burra
 ???? HQ, Red Square, The Firm, The Palace, Pole Position, Crazy Horse, Chianti Classico

Please advise either below or via some other means of your intention to attend.

Regards, J. J. Orken, Esq.

Post Script: There will be a cost associated with hiring the bus, ranging between $20-50 per person, depending on the number of people we get

To the reports:
A's (9-1-0) v SPOC A (2-8) - Written by Mike - Mike* scored the first basket of the game and had 5 of the first 9... If you are letting him score, then your defence sucks. Phil, Jack and Orken had no issue making it to the rack. And Foo and Liam ... Well no one can stop them at the best of time... And now was the best of time! A's win against an [ed change] an opposition that is struggling at the moment. Orken with a dunk followed by a tech. "Which was totally worth it."

*Ed note - I like that the first word of a report by Mike is Mike

B's (2-8) v Gateway A (6-1-3) - Written by Lenny - I thought that it was one of the greatest “character” wins of the club. Almost going alongside the A’s win against Saints when only having 5 and needing a win to keep going in the finals. Jono grew a leg and kept his head and “generalled” everything – he started out of the blocks like he meant to play and never stopped – and his belief was enormous. Phill just kept banging away inside against huge opposition – often 3 against 1 – and the way the B’s played against those 3 guys much bigger than them was awesome. Tim was always an offensive and defensive threat. Brendon started to take it to the hole and always had good free inside looks – it was almost like Gateway refused to rate him and so didn’t guard him. And Manners, buttering up from the earlier disappointing game and making up the 5 just ran his heart out and defensively was on to everything – even when he started to stack up the fouls to get to 3. Once he switched to #9, that guy’s influence went out of the game (he had scored 11 of their 16 points – 3 X 3, one little running 2) and Gateway were beaten. Coming down into the last 5, the B’s just kept playing disciplined ball and controlled their tempo perfectly. And Gateway were almost full strength – and they were the ones who lost their cool and got snippy with the umps – we never did. I can’t quite remember but I think that at one point we led by 20 – we certainly were in front by 17 for long minutes – and that got even more into Gateway’s heads. I told the boys at the end that I couldn’t have been more proud of them and I meant it. Win 45-28. Jono 19, Brendon 12 Phill 8.

C's (7-3) v D's (6-4) - In the previous contests, the C's have owned the D's much like the Johnny Lawrence owns Daniel LaRusso* on the beach in sunny California. The game started well for the D's with Purge setting the tone hitting 3 straight mid range jumpers - Palky then hit a 3, Stu hit a crafty runner off a nice pass from Purge, Thommo finished inside and then Stu hit a crazy layup. D's up 2-16 after 10 minutes (which was pretty good considering they only scored 17 in the whole game last time they played them). Krantz scored inside, Jamie hit a tough runner and Lachie made 2 FTs - D's up 19-7 at halftime. The C's then closed the gap to 2 (21-23) - the D's had good looks but were not making their shots. Ned hit a wide open 3 because Palk made a stupid defensive error, Jay got out on the break and made a couple of layups, Jamie made another tough shot and Lachie scored inside and 1. The D's settled when Foo was fouled on a 3 and he made all 3 free throws and Stu hit back to back 3's late. D's D held up all game and they won by 10 - 21-31. Jamie, Lachie and Jay 4 points for the C's and Stu 10, Purge 6 and Thommo 5 for the D's.

*My monthly Karate Kid reference

E's (5-5) v F's (6-3) - Written by Sime - With schedule changes we’d waited a while for the Central 2/3 derby between Max’s E’s & G’s F’s (confused much?). The game almost failed to launch with a scheduling issue keeping Charlie ‘Pony’ Baker stuck in the gate – big thanks to Ned for running a 2nd game to ensure the G’s had 5. The G’s were therefore without a sub and started with 4 while a complicated deal was negotiated with Ned, and they were also missing JT and B-Rad (and the E’s were still missing Kobe). After a couple of trots up & down the court, G zeroed in on the ring and fired at will, dropping 3 treys for the half and a deuce, while Cam was lively under the ring, getting to the line a couple of times including an and-one. For the E’s, Max also found range downtown while the Silver Fox settled in around midtown, hitting 3 nice shots. Reggie chipped in from Mike’s place and one under the hoop. It was overall a close battle, the E’s eking out a 2 point half time lead, 18-16, with G leading all scorers with 11. The lack of a sub took its toll in the 2nd, with the E’s rotating fresh legs, turning up the D at one end & finding their shooters at the other. The D was set up by The Road Train, who built an impressive wall to make the F’s inside game a lot more difficult and Hendo who threw another block party (all invited), including 3 in one play. Kara went Hulk style and ripped open his singlet on the way to the bucket and a 10 point half. Ned had asked Reggie in the 1st half why he didn’t shoot any more – perhaps it was old age that he forgot how much he liked a 3 and went for 3 of them in the 2nd (appreciate the encouragement Ned). The Silver Fox also stepped it up with another 9 in the 2nd, while Morgan was active under the ring and rewarded by trips to the line. For the F’s 2nd half, Ned also got going on the offence with 8 of his own, and Tone became a livewire, looking from inside and outside, eating up a couple of tasty dishes from G for his own 8 point half. But it was the E’s day, their shooting came at a (guessed) decent percentage by finding the guy with the best look for much of the day and they outlasted the F’s to build a lead through the second half. Final score was 54-38, Mike and Simon with 15 for the E’s, Kara 10, while G had 11 and Ned 9 for the F’s. Big thanks to Sean & Lenny for dutifully manning the scoresheet and scoreboard, your efforts are really appreciated.

G's (5-5) v Big Sunday B (5-1-4) - NO REPORT. Loss 36-42, Reid 13, Caldy and Matt 6.

Lady Reds (6-4) v CityReach A (8-2) - The Lady Reds will miss the height and scoring of O'Buckets - so Rachel recruited Karen English*. Hannah scored the first basket off a great pass and cut from Karen. It was a back and forth contest - Alicia and Rachel hit 3s and City Reach hit 2 of their own, Karen scored 8 points from foul line jumpers and City Reach did the same through #7. Tied at 18 at half time. The 2nd half Karen kept the Reds in it - making 4 shots - she has some crafty post moves, soft touch around the basket and mid range jumpers - I am calling it now - she is the best player in the league. Alicia scored on the break and hit a 3 - but CityReach just kept making inprobable shot after inprobable shot - they made 6 shots in the 2nd half and 5 of them had no right to go in. Down 2 with 45 seconds left - Megan missed a 3, CityReach got the ball, they turned it over with 10 seconds to go and Alicia had a great look for 3 for the win but missed it. Lost 35-37. Karen had 17, Alicia 8, Rachel 6. The Lady Reds are struggling a bit at the moment but they have 9 weeks to get Karen into the mix and start clicking. I still think they have a great chance to win the title but it won't be easy.

*When I heard of her last name I thought of this clip. D'oh-eth

Palk's Player of the Week - Week 10: Some great performance this week, but for his inside, outside game and his leadership, Jono Self, for leading the B's to their first win in atleast 4 years over Gateway. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come from Jono - talent to burn, just need to get that effort every week.

Week 11 Game Times:
A's v Gateway A - 5.10 @ Saints Crt 1
B's v SPOC A - 3.30 @ Saints Crt 1 *Palky's Game of the Week
C's v Unley - 4.20 @ Saints Crt 1
D's v SPOC B - 2.40 @ Saints Crt 1
F's v Taperoo A - 3.30 @ Mars Crt 1
G's v Burnside A - 2.40 @ Saints Crt 2
Lady Reds v Trinity A - 1.00 @ Wayville Crt 1

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